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Boss Lady Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

“D**key, although you are our biological daughter, but we have raised Xiao Xuan for fifteen years, we are very affectionate with her, she was raised rich, unlike you have been in the countryside so can suffer, so the Ying family’s Missy or Xiao Xuan, it is a little bit wrong to you, but you are so kind, mum knows you will definitely not mind, don’t worry, you should have the same thing will not be missing. ”

“What? You’re going too, are you kidding me? People want famous women, you can’t even play a single piano piece, what are you going to go for, you’ll only lose face.”

The dream was a tumult of people and the disgusted contemptuous glances they cast.

It took a few seconds before Ying woke up fully.

Her long, fluttering eyelashes twitched and her eyes opened to a white hospital room, the smell of sterile water filling her nostrils.

“Yo, awake?” There was a sarcastic voice coming from above her head, “Thought you were dead, don’t move, what are you moving for? You responsible for the needle getting away?”

A hand held her down, seemingly fixing the needle, but in reality pinching her wound hard, and using her nails, pinching into the flesh.

However, there was not a hint of pain on the girl’s face, and with a flick of her wrist, she pressed the hand back against the bedside table.

The man was in pain and screamed, “What’s wrong with you?!”

“Little D**key!” There was another young woman in the ward, who was taken aback and rushed forward, “This is Dr. Lu, not here to harm you.”

The girl turned her head and a face so pale as to be bloodless was exposed, sickly and with little energy.

But a closer look at the features was exquisite, a rare phoenix eye, with a slight turn, and a pale light sweeping across it, floating emerald and flowing dan, bright and dull.

It has a powerful compelling power to make people lose their minds.

The woman’s eyes flickered with concern, “Little Belt, are you still uncomfortable anywhere?”

The girl did not speak, but her hand loosened.

Doctor Lu rubbed her wrist and stepped back, reprimanding, “Indeed, you are an uneducated white-eyed wolf.”

Ying Zidian raised her eyes, her long, narrow phoenix eyes still stained with watery dew.

Her voice was muffled and cold with a haze, “Sorry, I just woke up, I thought a dog had bitten me.”

Dr. Lu’s face paled, “You!”

“Well, D**ky has apologised, don’t argue.” The woman persuaded and softened her voice again, she pursed her lips, her face full of remorse, “D**key, I’m sorry, if it wasn’t for my illness, you wouldn’t have had to give me a blood transfusion, I didn’t think it would cause you to faint this time.”

“That’s what she deserved!” Dr Lu looked disgusted, “Isn’t she just the daughter your Ying family adopted out of pity? Why did you need to call me to help her get well? You’re not that good to your real niece, are you?”

The woman sighed, “Little D**key has suffered too much, how can she compare with Little Xuan?”

“It’s not comparable.” Dr Lu laughed now, in contempt, “I heard from my brother that she was second in her grade, unlike some white-eyed wolf who relied on money to get into a cla*s of excellence and was dropped over three hundred points by the bottom two, what a disgrace.”

The woman frowned, “Don’t say that, D**key was number one in her old secondary school.”

Dr. Lu snorted, “A number one in the county can’t even get into the second grade.”

However, their conversation did not affect Ying Ziji at all.

Ying Luwei.

Her sister-in-law, aged 25, was the first lady in Shanghai and a famous pianist in China.

Ying Luwei suffers from haemophilia, a disease in which wounds bleed profusely and are difficult to heal, and her blood type is the extremely rare rhnull, which is extremely difficult to match.

Ying Ziji looked at her slender wrist where even her veins were visible and looked weary and lazy: “Tch.”

She is not dead, this is the Earth she came from, and her name is still Ying Zidian, but she is no longer the divine fortune teller of the spirit world who can determine life and death with a single glance.

Now she is a nondescript adopted daughter of the Ying family, and she is also Ying Luwei’s mobile living blood bank, at her beck and call.

This time she fainted because she had been injured and her blood had been forcibly drawn for several days and she could not resist.

“What was going on at that time?” Dr. Lu looked at Ying Luwei, “Who pushed you down? You were on the sidelines, did you see?”

The last words were directed at the girl.

Seeing that she hadn’t moved, Dr. Lu’s anger flared up: “What are you asking me, are you dumb?”

“Noisy.” Ying Zigui’s eyebrows were distant, “Quiet.”

“What kind of attitude is that?” Dr. Lu slammed the folder in his hand on the table and smiled coldly, “Lu Wei, sorry, I won’t treat her now because of her attitude.”

Ying Ziji slowly gathered her lapels, “There’s the door.”

Dr. Lu wanted the girl to say something soft and beg her, but he didn’t expect a punch to hit her in the air.

“Little D**ky!” Ying Luwei scolded, “Dr Lu is an expert healer, what will happen to your health if you make her leave?”

“Well, an expert in glucose infusion.” Ying Ziji faded, “Those who don’t know will think I’m going to have some kind of major surgery.”

Ying Luwei’s heart jumped, “D**key?”

Ying Ziyi sat up with her elbows on the bed, “But the expert has a point, I also want to know who pushed Xiao Gu down, those who do evil will always reveal themselves.”

She picked up the phone by the bed and looked at the woman, “Do you think so?”

She wrinkled her eyebrows in displeasure, “D**key, you really must stop being so capricious, I don’t care if you hurt me or not, but if you go on like this, how will my sister protect you if you run into someone big one day?”

“Then thank you in advance, Little Aunt, I heard that you chose this ward especially for me.” Ying Ziji looked up at the door sign and seemed to be smiling, “Nice numbers.”

After saying that, she didn’t look at the woman’s expression and went straight out of ward number 914.

Ying Lu Wei bit her lip, her eyes obscurely staring.

After thinking about it, she took out her mobile phone and pressed a number. When she got through, she said in a low voice: “Mo Yuan, Xiao Jian usually listens to you most, can you help me persuade her?”

The person on the other end of the line did not seem to expect to hear such a sentence, there was a moment of silence, very cold: “You take good care of your health, leave her alone, if she gets carried away again, I will send someone to send her away.”


The wind and snow were drifting, the silver dressing was blanketed.

The city of Shanghai is located along the coast and does not see snow in late winter, but this year the spring has pa*sed and the snow is falling in the middle of February, scattering in the night sky, cold and icy.

The streets were bustling with people at nine o’clock in the evening.

The girl was wearing a simple black shirt, her legs were long and straight, she was carrying a shoulder bag, her gait was slow, and she was extremely out of place in everything around her.

Her face is pale, but not overwhelmingly beautiful, and occasionally the light from the neon lights glances off her brow, as if the stars were slowly rippling away.

Across the street…

“Hey, Younger Seven.” Nie Chao’s eyes instantly settled on her and bumped the waist of the person beside her, “Guess who I saw?”

“Hmm?” The man looked diffident, “Seeing your old lover again?”

He leaned against the wall, his body long and languid, his posture languid and playful.

His bony fingers played with a trigger finger, but his hands were whiter than jade.

His eyes are hazy from the wind and snow, but they do not hide the beauty of the man’s face.

The man has naturally smiling peach blossom eyes, slightly curved, and he looks at everyone as if he is in love with them.

He was born to be a seductive demon.

Nie Chao thought to himself, no wonder those celebrities couldn’t see anyone else when they looked at such a face, and he, a man, wanted to kneel down when he looked at it.

“What old lover, I never eat back, I saw the girl the Ying family adopted a few months ago.”

The man hmmed absentmindedly, his right leg slightly bent, the slightly raised side of his face was just the right curve and line of perfection, causing pa*sers-by to turn around frequently.

Nie Chao knew he wasn’t interested, so he added, “You’ve only just returned, you don’t know that this Ying family’s adopted daughter is seducing her young aunt’s fiancé.”

The man raised his eyebrows slightly and finally reacted, “Jiang Moyuan?”

“It’s him.” Nie Chao gave a tsk, “She’s got a lot of nerve.”

Jiang Moyuan was a generation older than them, but only five or six years older, and before he reached thirty, he was already the head of the company, and everyone in Shanghai would respectfully call him ‘Master Jiang San’.

Jiang Moyuan and Ying Luwei are a match for each other. They are both from one of the four wealthy families, one is the number one woman in Shanghai and the other is the man the women most want to marry.

Nie Chao sighed: “Seventh young man, if you had a proper job, with a face like yours, you’d be the one they’d want to marry.”

Apart from Jiang Moyuan, the most famous person in Shanghai was Fu Yunshen, the seventh youngest member of the Fu family, who was in front of him.

The latter, however, did not have a good reputation, and it seemed that apart from his face and money, he could not find any other merits.

But Nie Chao felt that he had never been able to see through this fop.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes narrowed as he smiled carelessly, “I don’t want to be like him.”

“That’s right.” Nie Chao said, “It’s better to spend your days drinking, so free, thanks to the fact that I’m not the only one in my family, I won’t be caught by the old man to inherit the company.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything.

“You probably don’t know that the Ying family will adopt her just to provide blood for Ying Luwei, which is quite pathetic.” Nie Chao added, “But a poor person must be hated. I think the Ying family’s adopted daughter’s character is not good.”

He examined the girl and was inevitably amazed, “But she is really good looking, tsk, the ones in the imperial capital are no match for her.”

Fu Yunshen still didn’t respond, his peach blossom eyes slightly lowered, not knowing what he was thinking.

Just as he was about to ask the man if he wanted to go to the newly opened bar, he was suddenly surprised: “Hey, Younger Seven, this Ying family’s adopted daughter seems to be in trouble.”

Five street thugs appeared from nowhere, blocking the girl’s way, with unkind, dirty smiles on their faces and two of them with knives in their hands.

A number of people around saw them, but they only glanced at them indifferently before hurrying off again.

“I believe now that there is such a thing as retribution.” Nie Chao did not move, watching the show, “Look at her thin arms and legs, poor thing.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t look, but spoke up, “Go and help.”

“Help?” Nie Chao suspected he had misheard, “No, Seventh Younger, you’re actually asking me to help her? Do you know how bad her reputation is in Shanghai City? To go there is to get all fishy.”

“She’s just a little girl.” Fu Yunshen lifted his eyes, “You’re only hearing things from hearsay, the waters of the gentry are deep, black and white is the norm, how would you know what kind of person she really is?”

Nie Chao thought about it: “But why should I help?”

Fu Yunshen was lazy: “You know karate.”

“Fine, fine.” Nie Chao was helpless, “I’ll help, but if this Ying family’s adopted daughter gets on my back later, I’ll say it’s you.”

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen was faint, “It’s on me.”

Nie Chao walked forward somewhat reluctantly, but before he could reach him, an accident happened.

She saw the girl’s face expressionlessly clasp the arm of the gangster at the head of the group, and with a sudden lift, she backhanded him with an over-the-shoulder slam, moving hard and fast.

Within another ten seconds, she threw a punch, sent a leg, raised her leg and elbow, quickly taking down the remaining punks without even taking a breath.

It was so fast that everyone was caught off guard and the pa*sers-by around her were stunned.

Nie Chao was dumbfounded: “……”


Fu Yunshen’s eyes narrowed as he slowly stood up straight, his peach blossom eyes lifted, and he suddenly smiled.


Chapter 2

Ying withdrew her hand, not caring at all about the strange looks of the people around her, and rolled up her sleeves before continuing to walk.

Shanghai was the second largest international city in China, with a rapidly developing economy and technology, but it was also extremely chaotic, with many grey areas and even underground gangs, so this kind of thing had long been uncommon.

“Younger Seven, did you see that?” Nie Chao took a long time to come back to his senses, he pinched his thigh and hissed, “I can remember clearly, this little sister just entered the hospital the day before yesterday, and she can fight five to one here?”

“Well, see.” Fu Yunshen put one hand in his pocket and looked at the girl’s back, “But I can’t tell what kind of skills she has, it’s a bit like Muay Thai, and a bit like Judo.”

Nie Chao was stunned, “How so?”

“Every move she attacks is very clever.” Fu Yunshen laughed lowly, “If she had used a little more force, those five people would not have simply fallen to the ground.”

Nie Chao was in a cold sweat, “Impossible, right? Is it possible that this little sister still knows ancient martial arts?”

A martial artist is an ancient martial artist who uses ancient training methods and combines them with modern science, and an ancient martial artist is many times stronger than someone like him who knows karate.

There were ancient martial artists in China, but there were not many of them, and some of the ancient martial arts families had faded away after the 21st century, and even the powerful families in the imperial capital were looking for real ancient martial artists, not to mention Shanghai.

Even the powerful families in the imperial capital are looking for real ancient martial artists, not to mention Shanghai. If a powerful family can hire a real ancient martial artist to sit in their family, they will be able to compete with the ancient wealthy families in O-continent.

If this Ying family’s adopted daughter knew ancient martial arts, would the Ying family treat her as a living blood bank?

The whole family would have been too happy to pay for her.

“Ancient martial arts? ……” Fu Yunshen’s eyes strayed and fixed.

Ahead of them, the girl suddenly went and returned, still walking in their direction.

The girl’s eyes were narrowed and she turned slightly sideways.

The street lights waved, reflecting in his narrow peach blossom eyes, gilded with a touch of scarlet, tinged with a few gentle hues.

It’s hard for anyone to resist his gaze.

When he got closer, Fu Yunshen could clearly see the blue veins under the girl’s white skin, so weak that it was alarming, and his eyebrows twitched slightly.

Nie Chao’s cold sweat was getting worse.

Could it be that he had spoken ill of others behind their backs and had been overheard?

Even though he was a ninth-degree karateka and a big man, just looking at this little sister’s stance just now, he wouldn’t need two hands to beat up a hundred of them.

At that moment, the girl stood still in front of him, she raised her head, a hazy mist still floating at the bottom of her eyes, and spoke, “You…”

Nie Chao’s legs went limp and he fell to his knees: “I’m just a gossip with a bad mouth, but I don’t mean any harm, so be merciful!”

Fu Yunshen was interested: “Kneeling on one knee in a pious posture, are you proposing marriage?”

Nie Chao: “……”

His indisputable leg!

Ying Ziji looked at Nie Chao who was standing up again, raised his eyebrows slightly and said without a hitch, “Three days later at 7pm sharp, in One Huangpu Road Tavern, you will have a bloodbath, but it’s not serious, seven days later from 12 noon, I suggest you avoid the area of Puanan, otherwise your life is in danger.”

Nie Chao was confused.

When Fu Yunshen heard what he said, his long, slender fingers playing with the jade stone abruptly clenched, his peach blossom eyes raised, his voice was low and contained a smile: “Little friend, you know how to tell fortunes?”

Ying Zidian didn’t answer, he just said, “Thank you.”

The thank you was just a pretext, it didn’t matter to her whether anyone helped her or not, she just wanted to test how much of her divine fortune telling ability was left.

It seemed that it would be a long time before she could recover, but for now it was enough.

Nie Chao was even more confused: “Huh?”

Fu Yunshen glanced at Nie Chao and then back at the girl, his pupils a light amber colour, with a compelling gentleness: “Little friend, isn’t it too much of a bully to just give him a thank you? Hmm?”

Ying Zidian looked startled.

Nie Chao was dumbfounded: “Seventh young man, you’re not, it’s obviously you who bullies other people’s little sisters, have you taken the wrong medicine today?”

He knew that Fu Yunshen was very flirtatious, he heard that he often disappeared at night, so a group of people from the Fu family went out to look for him, and finally found the young master drunk in a place of prostitution without exception.

This is how he came to be known as the number one flirt in Shanghai.

But he had never seen this young master flirting directly, and he was flirting with a young lady from one of the four big families, although it was a fake, really not afraid of being pestered?

Fu Yunshen ignored him, his peach blossom eyes were deeply lidded, staring straight at the girl as if he was discharging his energy: “Little friend, you have done a fortune telling for him, why don’t you do the same for me?”

Ying Ziji’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Little sister, don’t pay any attention to him.” Nie Chao felt that Fu Yunshen was sick today, so he rounded up the situation, “Where are you going, shall we give you a lift?”

“No need.” Ying shook his head and was leaving.

But when she turned away, her body swayed slightly, obviously the after-effects of losing too much blood.

Just then, behind him, a lazy voice rang out.

“Little friend.”

Ying Ziji stopped and looked back.

The man was leaning against the gla*s door, still with the same foppish look, “Your benefactor said he’s treating you to dinner tonight as a thank you for reminding him.”


Han Court.

Until after the waiter had laid out the cutlery, Nie Chao still couldn’t understand it, and he looked at the girl with scattered eyebrows, “And you really agreed? Aren’t you afraid of being sold out? What if we’re bad people poisoning you?”

And the seventh young man also wondered when he had even taken the initiative to invite the girl.

Ying Ziji half closed her eyes as she recuperated, “Because I’m really hungry.”

Nie Chao: “……”

“Well, that’s it, and a plate of fried pork liver.” Fu Yunshen closed the menu and raised his eyes to smile, “The little friend is too skinny, he needs to replenish some blood.”

The waiter owed and went down to prepare.

Han Court was the only restaurant in China that refused the three-Michelin-star rating, and only took ten tables a day, and had to be booked three months in advance.

Nie Chao looked around: “Younger Seven, you wouldn’t know the owner of Han Court, would you? This restaurant, even my old man would have to make a reservation if he came.”

“Don’t know each other.” Fu Yunshen rested his arm on the back of his chair, his tone was casual, “Maybe it depends on the face.”

“Miss Ying, you’ve heard it, Younger Seven likes to talk nonsense, don’t believe a word he says.” Nie Chao didn’t care, he waved his hand, “But today is a rare occasion when Younger Seven treats you to a meal, so feel free to eat, he’s short of everything but money.”

“Quite a coincidence.” Ying Zidian said casually, “I’m only short of money.”

Fu Yunshen looked up.

“You’re short of money?” Nie Chao froze, “The Ying family doesn’t pay you?”

Even the servants of the Ying family were paid, let alone taking in an adopted daughter.

“I am poor in studies and have never learnt manners, let alone flower arranging and tea ceremony.” The girl blandly said, “Why should I be paid if you are so humiliated?”

Nie Chao was choked.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched and the corners of his lips curved up, “Little friend, that’s what they have eyes for, this pre-dinner etiquette of yours is all along the lines of the royal family over in the ancient o continent.”