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Boss Lady Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

As he approached, his extremely demonic face was close at hand.

Lined with a pair of smiling peach blossom eyes, it was so aggressive that it was almost hard to resist.

“Cough cough cough!” Nie Chao choked, shocked at his shamelessness, “Crap, Younger Seven, you need to show some face.”

How can you molest someone’s little sister like that?

Ying Zidian had his hand on his chin, he raised his eyes at his words and looked bashful, “It’s quite pretty.”

Nie Chao: “……”

What could he say if one was willing to fight.

“Kids who tell the truth are just cute.” Fu Yunshen lazily stood up, “Then I’ll be a good guy to the end and take you home.”

Nie Chao just wanted to ask him what to do, but was blocked by a look: “……”

Fine, he’ll go by himself.

Boing, brothers have no human rights in front of women.

Nie Chao followed behind very sadly.

Ying Ziyi thought for a moment, “Don’t bother, the math is already in my debt.”

Fu Yunshen is a person who, apart from the obvious information such as age and name, is unable to calculate other important things, perhaps because her powers have not yet been restored, or perhaps ……

It’s better to stay away as much as possible.

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen took out the car keys, heard this but smiled, “How do you owe? You reminded Nie Chao, aren’t we fair trade?”

He paused and curled his lips, “Look, kid, if you really think you owe me, why don’t you tell me about the gossip in Shanghai.”

Ying Ziji looked at him and raised her eyebrows, “Gossip?”

She knew what gossip meant, it stood for anecdotes and gossip, and it wasn’t the same thing as trigrams.

It seemed that there was still a lot of new things she needed to learn about the twenty-first century.

“Haven’t you just returned?” Fu Yunshen’s hand rested on the car door, “How about satisfying my curiosity?”

He raised his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

Ying Zidian’s eyes fluttered.

When she first came to Earth, she had spent three hundred years on Continent O, during which time she had travelled all over Continent O in different capacities, so she knew all the various etiquettes of all the royal families on Continent O.

This gesture, which originated from the royal family of y, had been abandoned in the first half of the 16th century.

“If you don’t get in the car, your little aunt will be coming out later as well.” Fu Yunshen side-eyed, “You see I have no power, what if he arrests us both together?”

This sentence made the girl make a decisive choice and sit in the pa*senger seat.

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, “Is Jiang Mo Yuan such a deterrent? Little friend, you’ve broken my heart once again.”

Ying Ziyi was faint: “It’s just trouble.”

Fu Yunshen froze for a moment, obviously not expecting to hear such a reply, then his eyes lifted and he let out a low laugh.

The light brushed through the man’s fine black hair, and then limped down, colouring his eyebrows and eyes a light gold.

His scarlet lips contrasted with his naturally cold white skin to create a clear colour contrast, a half-heartedly demonic look.

He raised the window: “I heard that Jiang Moyuan brought you from Qing Shui County to Shanghai City?”

“Yes.” Ying Zigui recalled, “He said he wanted to send me to Qingzhi to study.”

Qingzhi High School was the top-ranked high school in Shanghai, and all the students from the elite cla*s were able to enter the imperial universities, and the rate of key students was over 98%, so parents wanted to send their children there.

Ying looked out of the window and narrowed her eyes, “I had a car accident on the way and went into hospital.”

The accident hadn’t caused any fatal injuries, but it had led the Ying family to discover her existence, as she was of the extremely rare rhnull blood type, exactly the same as Ying Luwei.

This blood, also known as golden blood, is a true universal blood that can be transfused to any other blood type, but can only be transfused with the same rhnull blood if one is short of blood.

The number of people with rhnull blood type in the world is less than a hundred, and even the Ying family cannot provide enough blood in time when Ying Luwei is injured.

She was just the right person for the job.

Fu Yunshen’s fingers pause slightly: “Because of this, the Ying family has adopted you?”

Ying Zidian propped her head on her hand and replied carelessly, as if it was none of her business: “Why wouldn’t I want a living blood bank that comes to me?”

Fu Yunshen looked sideways, his eyes fixed for two seconds, then suddenly lifted his hand and pinched the girl’s face.

At the tip of his fingers was a softness, like candyfloss.

His heart suddenly moved.

Ying Zidian slowly turned his head, his face expressionless, a murderous aura emerging from his eyes: “What are you doing?”

“I’m telling you not to think too much.” Fu Yunshen seemed to be in an extremely good mood, he hooked his lips, “Fasten your seat belt, it’s time to go.”


Thirty minutes later, the car stopped at the Mid-Levels villa area.

“Remember to rest early.” Fu Yunshen looked at the girl who stepped out of the car, “Drink more cinnamon and red dates soup.”

Ying Ziji’s eyelashes twitched slightly, “I know, thanks.”

“I’ve heard you say thank you so many times a day, my ears are getting calloused.” The man’s long arm rested on the car window and smiled lightly, “If you really want to thank me, tell me a fortune later.”

Ying Ziji rubbed his head unprecedentedly, slightly helpless, “Okay.”

Fu Yunshen smiled, not knowing what had occurred to him, and thought for a few moments.

He didn’t leave immediately and added lazily, “Well, go and rest, the night is too dark, I’ll watch you go.”

Ying nodded, “You too.”

After saying goodbye, she turned and walked towards the villa complex.

Before she could reach the villa, the door was opened and out came the butler of the old mansion.

His gaze was stern with scrutiny, “Second Miss has finally given up and returned?”

The girl stood at the bottom of the steps, her long, fluttering eyelashes tinged with a layer of frost and snow falling on the tips of her hair.

She looked extremely downcast.

Her wrists were thin and white, her veins clear, her body so thin that it seemed to fall over when the wind blew.

The steward frowned at this, but he had not forgotten the instructions given to him by the people in the house.

He spoke, “Madam has said that since the second young miss is so rebellious and willful in leaving the hospital, she should not go home tonight either.”

“When will Second Miss admit her mistake and when will she be allowed in the door.”

“Second Miss, please.”

The mockery was full of meaning.

The housekeeper’s expression was all dislike and a bit of boredom.

This Second Miss only knew how to cause trouble all day long, she deserved to suffer a little more.

He would like to see how long she could last in this snow.

But when he heard this, the girl didn’t even look at him, she turned and walked away without a second glance.

The butler was stunned.

How could she have left?

Shouldn’t he be crying and apologising, begging for forgiveness?

He knew that Madam’s intention was not really to punish the second young lady, but only to make her understand the respect of elders and youngsters and to make fewer mistakes.

If she really let her go, he would be the only one to be punished.

The steward quickly stepped forward and blocked the girl, his face showing dismay, “Second young miss, where do you want to go again?”

He added a warning, “Second young miss, stop being capricious, if you apologise to Madam and Miss Lu Wei, you won’t have to suffer this, what good will disobedience do you?”


Chapter 6

Still not sure who you are?

The butler was even more bored, not noticing the girl’s fingers moving at all.

He spoke again “Second young lady, you are really not going to win the lady’s heart in this state, I think you should ……”


In the night, there was a sudden laugh that fell with a bit of cynicism, but it was wrapped in a thin coolness when you listened carefully.

“I don’t even know until I come back, now the subordinates of the Ying family dare to order their masters, is this how Madam Ying disciplines them?”

The man’s body is long and straight, also wearing a black shirt with buttons scattered, and his complexion is colder and whiter in the snow, like soft porcelain.

When he stood under the tree, he was a sight to behold. The snow and the moon were no match for his charm.

Ying Zidian’s eyes narrowed and he let go of his hand, “You haven’t left yet?”

“Luckily, I haven’t left.” Fu Yunshen put one hand in his pocket and tilted his head, the corners of his lips curved, “If he leaves, our little friend will be bullied.”

The breeze lifted and blew open his lapel, revealing a small piece of his collarbone and emitting a faint emerald sunken fragrance.

Calm and gentle, a fatal temptation.

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment “Don’t bother.”

She didn’t like to talk, it was better to fight than to say one more word.

A person who was irrelevant was not worth her time.

“Well, I know.” Fu Yunshen patted her head, “So I’ll take care of it, you just watch from the sidelines.”

He turned his head and lifted his chin, still smiling, “Who are you asking to apologise?”

The butler was too afraid to breathe, his face was red, blue one moment and white the next, his legs were shaking and he was left on his knees.

He certainly did not fail to recognize this man who had appeared here–

The seventh young master of the Fu family, Fu Yunshen.

The most flamboyant and foppish young man in Shanghai, he only hangs around in the ladies’ houses and doesn’t seek advancement.

I heard that Fu Yunshen was so indulgent that he provoked the heir of a family in the imperial capital and was sent away to O Chau by the Fu family overnight.

How come he suddenly came back?

And so protective of the second young lady?

Had he gone mad?

But he was completely unaware that if Fu Yunshen hadn’t appeared, he would have fallen to the ground by now.

“I’m sorry, Second Miss.” The butler couldn’t stand the pressure and raised his hand, slapping himself, shivering, “I shouldn’t have disrespected you, it’s all my fault.”

Fu Yunshen ignored him, “Go, little friend, this time send you in yourself.”

The housekeeper dared to stop him, “Seventh young man, second young lady, this way please.”

At the same time, he was relieved that at least his wife would not blame him.

The door opened and cold air swept in, a layer of frost fell on the luxurious carpet.

On the ground floor of the old mansion, the living room was warm.

On the sofa sits a noblewoman who is flipping through a book, her posture elegant, her every move showing the style of a famous family.

This is Madam Ying, Zhong Manhua, from the Zhong family, one of the four great families.

Zhong Manhua heard the footsteps but didn’t look up, saying nonchalantly “Second Miss has given in?”

The old mansion was well soundproofed, so the people inside would not hear the commotion outside.

The housekeeper did not dare to breathe out and only dared to whisper, “Madam.”

“Hm?” Zhong Manhua frowned and lifted her head, “No, you …… haven’t given in.”

The words that followed stopped when he saw the man.

Zhong Manhua froze for a few seconds before reacting.

She put down the book in her hand and got up to greet the girl, as if she hadn’t seen her, smiling “So it’s Young Master Seven, only yesterday I heard your father say that you had returned from O Chau, so late to come to the Ying family, is there something important?”

The Fu family is one of the top four powerful families, even if Fu Yunshen has left Shanghai for three years, as long as Master Fu is still around, it is not something the Ying family can afford to offend.

“Send the children home.” Fu Yunshen’s expression was light, “I’m not sure, I’m afraid she’ll be bullied.”

Zhong Manhua’s smile stalled, obviously not expecting such a reply, her eyes then fell on the girl and asked, “What’s going on?”

The housekeeper hastily recounted what had happened earlier in the day in a concise manner.

After hearing this, Zhong Manhua frowned again and took a deep breath before smiling again “Young Master Qi, this is a misunderstanding, I still need you to make a trip, Ziji is also my daughter, how can I bear her suffering.”

“So?” Fu Yunshen gave a low laugh, standing lazily, “That’s good, I’m relieved, Madam Ying treats her adopted daughter like this, word will get out that she has a good reputation for being loving.”

Zhong Manhua’s face looked a little ugly.

These words were clearly mocking.

“It’s this subordinate -” Fu Yunshen glanced lightly and laughed lightly, “A bit of guts.”

The butler’s legs went even softer.

Zhong Manhua’s face was taut, not speaking.

“But I’m an outsider, it’s not good for me to teach a subordinate a lesson for Madam Ying.” Fu Yunshen didn’t pay any more attention, instead he turned his head sideways and raised his mobile phone towards the girl, his voice containing a smile, “Little friend, I’ve saved your mobile phone number for you, feel free to contact me.”

The door was closed again, and there was dead silence inside the house.

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief and kept wiping the sweat from his face.

“Where did it go?” Zhong Manhua held back her anger and finally didn’t change her face as soon as Fu Yunshen left, “Lu Wei said you left the hospital three hours ago, what did you do?”

When will she be able to save herself the trouble of running off alone in the snow?

When will she be able to save her mind? She even found someone to P*ss her off, she didn’t know how to be polite.

Ying Zidian didn’t answer, she yawned.

Apart from being hungry, she was getting sleepy now.

Suddenly she was a normal person, and she wanted to experience it properly.

Zhong Manhua said coldly, “Where are your manners?”

Ying Zidian raised her eyes and said indifferently, “Why do you care about a living blood bank?”

Zhong Manhua could hardly believe her ears, her mind went blank for a moment and her body trembled violently “What did you say?”

The housekeeper also looked over in surprise, with an unbelievable face.

The fact that the Ying family had taken in an adopted daughter to be Ying Lu Wei’s living blood bank was no secret among the four gentry, the whole upper cla*s circle knew about it.

But no one cared about it, as it was not important and would occasionally be used as an after-dinner conversation to add a bit of fun, and the Ying family did not see anything wrong with it.

But when this ugly truth was revealed so bluntly, Zhong Manhua only felt that all the well-draped shameful cloths on her body had been torn off and the manacles were on her back, and her blood was cold all over her body, and her hands and feet were cold.

“Madam!” The housekeeper’s gaze instantly went cold, disgusted, “Second young miss, madam is your own mother, how can you speak to her like that?”

Uneducated thing.

You think you can be arrogant just because you are close to Fu Yunshen?

Zhong Manhua was from a famous family after all, she quickly calmed down her emotions, her expression eased a bit, but still in a commanding tone “What are you doing like this, the hot water is ready for you, go and take a bath first, I have something to say to you later.”

The girl yawned again, ignored her and went upstairs.

Zhong Manhua’s face turned blue and he heaved his teacup on the table.

The housekeeper lowered her head, not daring to speak.

“Look at her attitude, and listen to what she is saying.” Zhong Manhua was so angry that her heart and lungs hurt, and more than anything, she was aggrieved, “Does she think I want her blood drawn? The flesh falling off my body, can I not feel pain?”