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DYM Chapter 202

Ye Mo struggled a little, he found that he was still powerless, he should be overdrawn. He cautiously stroked Ning Qingxue’s hair, which was messy, with some fragrance coming from it”.

He didn’t know how Ning Qingxue could have found this place, knowing that no one knew he was here. If Han Yan had found this place, he wouldn’t have been so surprised. But he also knew that even if Han Yan knew he had fallen off the cliff, he wouldn’t necessarily find him.

Even if Ning Qingxue knew that he had fallen off the cliff, but how could she have walked here? The Divine Dragon Shelf was not dangerous for Ye Mo, but for Ning Qingxue, there should be too much danger. It was a miracle that she had made it this far, and Ye Mo really couldn’t understand what could have sustained her to get here?

Ye Mo touched his hand on Ning Qingxue’s back, only then did he realise that not only were her legs, feet and arms covered in wounds, but her back was also covered in scars. Just how much suffering had she suffered to be able to find this place?

Ye Mo picked up Ning Qingxue’s hand and saw that the palm of her hand was already dripping with blood and there was not a single piece of good flesh. Ning Qingxue seemed to have been pained in her sleep and frowned. Yet she still did not wake up, still sleeping.

At this moment, Ye Mo was actually a little heartbroken, he knew that Ning Qingxue had some good feelings for him. It was even possible that she was in love with him, from the last time she sought to go to the desert, Ye Mo knew it. If Ning Qingxue could have sought to go to the flowing snake to repay her kindness, then her seeking to go to the desert again was definitely not as simple as repaying her kindness. And at this time, she even risked nine deaths to come to the bottom of the cliff at Shennongjia, even if Ye Mo was hard-hearted, he was still moved by her infatuation.

Once he thought that Ning Qingxue was a beautiful rich lady, once he thought that Ning Qingxue was just a self-righteous and arrogant girl, once he thought that Ning Qingxue and he were two people whose worlds could not intersect at all, at this time Ye Mo also knew that he had not understood this young lady thoroughly.

I didn’t expect that Ning Qingxue’s seemingly cool exterior would hide such a heart that was fierce and persistent, who else would treat him like this except Master Luo Ying? He had indeed been a little too cruel to her.

Ye Mo stroked the hair of Ning Qingxue and thought of what he heard Ning Qingxue say that night, “I want to call you husband, but I can’t. ……”.

“I have already married Ye Mo ……, that box is the dowry he accompanied me, don’t let that box come separately from me when the time comes. There is a gra*s inside the courtyard that I left to Ye Mo …… , if he comes, give it to him along with this hand name machine, if not forget it …… “.

He remembered the disappointment and longing in her eyes when he left her in the middle of the desert, and that look of having a lot to say. He remembered the bloodstained ‘silver heart gra*s’ in the flower bed of the Ninghai courtyard, and the small pillbox she was clinging to even as she died.

Could it be that that was love?

Ye Mo thought about it and even became obsessed for a while …….

The moon is in the middle of the sky, the faint light shining down vaguely, sprinkling on the bodies of Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue, surprisingly seems so quiet and peaceful.

The early morning sunlight, although unable to fully shine into the bottom of this cliff, but there are still a few strands of white mist leaking out, pointing at the bottom of the cliff. The call of a wild crow woke Ning Qingxue up, she opened her eyes and immediately understood what was going on.

Ye Mo? She was just trying to get up when she felt l pair of arms holding her waist up. Now that her blouse was in tatters, rather than building up around her waist, it was more like building up directly on her body.

Ning Qingxue blushed, but her heart was a little warm, after days of continuous trepidation, only when she was lying in Ye Mo’s arms did she feel grounded. A burst of hunger came, Ning Qingxue immediately knew that her whole body had loosened up, yet she was a little hungry.

Why was Ye Mo still not moving? Only then did Ning Qingxue notice that word woke up until now Ye Mo hadn’t even moved.

What happened to Ye Mo? Ning Qingxue panicked again in a flash however she soon realized that Ye Mo had pa*sed out again and not fallen asleep. His chest was still breathing just his lips were cracking badly.

He was thirsty? No, he should have lost too much blood. Ning Qingxue hurriedly got up and carefully changed Ye Mo into a peaceful posture before standing up she should find water for Ye Mo to drink.

Now she somewhat regretted how she had drunk that half bottle of water yesterday, she should have left it for Ye Mo she had forgotten that if she didn’t eat that little bit of food and water, maybe she wouldn’t last to the bottom of the cliff at all.

Ning Qingxue walked over to the large snake that had been killed and picked up Ye Mo’s long knife, only then did she realise that the snake was over two feet long, she really didn’t know how Ye Mo had killed it.

Ning Qingxue put the long knife by Ye Mo’s side and then prepared to go out along the thorny pa*sage again, but she had just reached the halfway point when she saw a black shadow flashing in the distance, even though it was daytime now, she could not see it very clearly.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously stopped in her tracks as she remembered the two miserable green eyes that had frightened her last night. At this moment she had no defence, would it not be an act of seeking death to go out?

She walked back again, once she died what about Ye Mo? Although she didn’t know why the black shadow didn’t dare to enter this thorn forest, she still used the knife in her hand to pick up some thorns to block the pa*sage.

Outside there was the kind of black shadow that could pounce on her in an instant, Ning Qingxue no longer dared to go out.

Ning Qingxue turned around and took a closer look inside, the space inside the thorns was not small, it looked like it was five or six acres in size. Ning Qingxue looked at the dead snake on the ground and wondered in her heart if this was the snake’s territory and nothing else dared to come in.

As the sun gradually rose, Ning Qingxue could see more clearly that there were several fruit trees on top of a cliff wall a few metres away, but the lowest one was more than four metres high.

There were several green fruits on the tree, about the size of an egg. Apart from the few fruits on the cliff face, there didn’t seem to be anything to eat elsewhere.

Ning Qingxue looked back at Ye Mo, who was still unconscious, and picked up the short knife in her hand and started digging holes in the cliff wall. What Ning Qingxue didn’t expect was that the knife in her hand was so sharp that it wasn’t even difficult to dig into the stone.

She subconsciously looked at the short knife in her hand, which she had picked up by chance at the top of the cliff, and had not expected it to be so sharp.

It was over four metres high, not short for Ning Qingxue, but with the help of the short knife, she climbed up quickly.

There were only five fruits in total on the fruit tree, and apart from two that were slightly semi-red in name, the other three were all green.

Although she had collected five fruits, Ning Qingxue did not know if they were edible. She had never seen this kind of fruit at all. It was somewhat like a peach, but Ning Qingxue had eaten a wild peach yesterday and it was not like this at all.

She took a bite of the fruit, it was somewhat sweet and astringent, tasted good and looked like it had a lot of moisture. And after taking one bite, she actually wanted to take a few more, Ning Qingxue knew that she should be too hungry. She held back from eating the rest of the fruit and put it aside instead.

After a while, she felt fine, which meant that the fruit was not poisonous. Only then did she pick up the fruit and walk over to Ye Mo, picking him up carefully and pressing on his chest continuously again like yesterday.

Sure enough after a while Ye Mo woke up again. Somewhat apologetically, he glanced at Ning Qingxue without saying anything. Ye Mo himself knew that he was now losing too much blood, if there was no way to recover his true qi, it was really hard to predict the consequences for him.

“You’re awake, eat something quickly, I reckon you’re a bit dehydrated right now.” Ning Qingxue surprised Ye Mo by holding out a few fruits to him.

Ye Mo knew he definitely couldn’t go without eating something now, he picked up one of the fruits and ate it, he soon felt that the fruit was indeed a lot of water, and the core was still small.

“Where did you get this? This fruit tastes really good, have you eaten it?” Ye Mo asked in surprise even as he felt his strength recovering a bit.

“I’ve already finished eating it, I just don’t quite like the taste, you can eat it, there are four more here.” Ning Qingxue handed the remaining four fruits together to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue’s lips, which seemed to really show signs of having eaten, and only then did he feel relieved to eat all the remaining few fruits. But when he got to the fifth one, he realised that the fruit seemed to have been bitten. Ye Mo was a little surprised and looked up at Ning Qingxue.

When he saw Ye Mo looking at himself, Ning Qingxue hurriedly said, “I ate a few just now, I don’t like the taste of this fruit very much, I didn’t want to eat this one after one bite, you don’t mind me, do you?”

Ye Mo seemed to understand something and smiled faintly, not saying anything more. Although he didn’t know how many Ning Qingxue had eaten, he knew that Ning Qingxue definitely wouldn’t dislike this fruit because although it was a bit astringent, it tasted very good.

However, he didn’t postpone any further because it would be too dangerous for him to be in here if he didn’t recover his strength.

Seeing Ye Mo finish the five fruits, Ning Qingxue was finally relieved as she stood up and said, “I’ll go look for anything else to eat”,…”

Only just as she said the words, she swayed and almost fell over. She knew that she should have overdrawn and with her tired head and hunger, she could not hold on a little longer.

Ning Qingxue turned back to Ye Mo and showed him an all right smile, she wanted to find a place to rest and see if she could climb that fruit tree that was seven to eight metres high as well.

However, Ye Mo slowly stood up, wrenching Ning Qingxue’s shoulder, and said somewhat apologetically, “I’m sorry, Qingxue, although I don’t know how you knew I was here, I think I should have dragged you into this.”

Ning Qingxue trembled for a moment and slowly turned her head over, this was the first time Ye Mo had spoken to her so gently. She could no longer hold back the uncertainty and longing within her, and turned around and flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms, “Ye Mo, I…, “I…”