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DYM Chapter 205

“I don’t know how I should tell you now, you will definitely know later.” Ye Mo said with some embarra*sment.

Ning Qingxue’s surprise calmed down a little, thinking to herself, could it be related to cultivation? However, if Ye Mo didn’t say anything, she didn’t ask again. She wasn’t very curious, and she had experienced too many strange and weird things, so she slowly got used to it.

After eating, Ye Mo packed up his things before he looked at Ning Qingxue and asked, “Are we going out now, or tomorrow?”

Ning Qingxue hesitated for a moment, seeing that Ye Mo was really asking for her opinion, she was surprisingly a little happy, and even felt that staying in here was not bad.

“It’s better tomorrow, I’ll …… do it at night,” Ning Qingxue remembered that night when she ran through the jungle alone, she still felt frightened when she thought about it, that feeling she would rather never meet in her life.

Ye Mo nodded, “Alright then, just tomorrow morning.”

After saying that Ye Mo found that Ning Qing Xue’s expression was still a bit frightened, he hesitated for a moment or asked, “How did you know that I fell off the cliff? And did you get scared when you came?”

Ning Qingxue nodded and said, “I was a little scared in my heart these few days, and then after you taught me the way to cultivate, that fear was gone.”

“Give me your hand.” Ye Mo said to Ning Qingxue as he held out his hand.

Ning Qingxue gave a muffled sound, lowered her head and walked in front of Ye Mo, handing her hand over.

Ye Mo grabbed Ning Qingxue’s hand and really felt a shock, but it had faded away. Ye Mo immediately dispelled the remaining remnants of those Yin cold, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. Although even if he hadn’t helped, Ning Qingxue would have continued to cultivate and would have dispelled it cleanly. But now that he had dispelled it with his own hands, he always had some peace of mind.

“You are too bold, there are too many unseen dangers in here, I really don’t know how you walked here.” Ye Mo said with some trepidation.

Ning Qingxue then told what she had seen in the telescope and the scene of Ye Mo falling off the cliff. Later, she also went back to Ninghai to ask Su Jingwen for advice on the usage of the talisman and the attack she met on the road.

Ye Mo frowned at the horrific scream from the sky pit? And even disappearance? The unseen gloomy cold? What were these things? Even Ye Mo had never encountered them before, there were indeed too many unknowable things in the great world.

When he thought of Ning Qingxue, a girl, daring to risk facing something so frightening and terrifying to barge into the Divine Dragon Shelf again, a warm current rose up in Ye Mo’s heart. This kind of thing, given to other girls even if it was a big deal, they probably wouldn’t dare to experience it again. Not to mention walking alone in the middle of the jungle for a night.

“Light Snow.” Ye Mo was somewhat moved and wrapped Ning Qingxue in his arms, if it wasn’t for Ning Qingxue, it might have been really hard for him to wake up.

Ning Qingxue had been freshened up by Ye Mo with True Qi, and her whole body looked comfortable and even a little lazy. She flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms, not even wanting to say a word, only wishing to stay like this forever.

After a good while Ning Qingxue remembered Su Jingwen’s bracelet and then said, “I took three jade beads over for Jingwen’s bracelet, if you can do it, help me make a few to return to her.”

Ye Mo stroked Ning Qingxue’s hair with some love and immediately agreed to Ning Qingxue’s request. These magic weapons were of little use to experts, but they could still defend against ordinary people’s attacks. Besides, he was only at the first level of Qi cultivation when he made the magic weapons, but now that he was at the third level of Qi cultivation, the things he made were a little more defensive.

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed to his request, Ning Qingxue also stopped talking and just quietly leaned in Ye Mo’s arms to enjoy that peaceful and quiet feeling.

He took out a folding cot and put Ning Qingxue on the bed, and took another piece of his own clothes and put it on her body, before he left the tent.

Taking out another good jade material, Ye Mo helped Su Jingwen make a defensive bracelet. Now that Ye Mo was not poor anymore, this bracelet used a whole twelve jade beads, and the defensive effect was too much better than the original one.

After thinking about it, he also used the remaining ink jade and some of the deep sea handicraft wood to help Ning Qingxue make a necklace spell with a defensive and evil-defying effect. Although he was not afraid of the spirits and other things even if he had lost all his divine sense, Ning Qingxue could not. He thought that it was fortunate that he hadn’t taken the small box away, for if he had, Ning Qingxue would probably be dead by now.

After doing this, it was not yet dawn. Seeing that Ning Qingxue was sleeping soundly, Ye Mo did not bother to wake her up, as she had been too mentally tense for the past few days. Now once she had slackened off, she needed to be allowed to take a good rest.

Ye Mo walked out, he wanted to find out if there was the kind of ‘Spirit Sensing Stone’ that Mo Kang had mentioned here, as well as the thousand year old snow lotus seed. But to Ye Mo’s disappointment, he searched the whole night and there really wasn’t anything except those few fruits that he and Ning Qingxue had eaten.

However, Ye Mo believed that Mo Kang would not lie to him, it looked like he was going down the cliff in the wrong direction, this cliff had two other sides besides the part that came up, these two sides should not be interchangeable, when he went up he would see if the other side was.


When Ning Qingxue woke up in the morning with a full spirit, she found herself sleeping on a cot and covered with a piece of Ye Mo’s clothes. She had an inexplicable feeling of emotion, but thinking about that Luo Ying, she was surprisingly a little nervous in her heart. If Ye Mo found Luo Ying, would he disappear from her sight again?

She thought about her sister-in-law again, when Ye Mo and her were inside the same tent, but she shook her head in a flash. Wasn’t Ye Mo also in the same tent with her now? Ye Mo didn’t do anything to her. He was a man of principle, perhaps what he liked about himself was this charm of his.

Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered Ji Wanqing who had gone to England to study, she said that her grandmother had told her that happiness was something you had to pursue on your own, Ning Qingxue now remembered this saying, she seemed to understand some truth.

“Wake up let’s have something to eat and go ……” Just as Ning Qingxue was still ruminating, Ye Mo entered the tent.

Ye Mo stopped without finishing a sentence, a few points of early morning sunlight shone in, scattered from outside the tent mapped onto Ning Qingxue’s body, looking lazy and delicate beyond compare, even the faint virgin fine velvet around her ears were clearly visible, the whole person showed a stunning beauty.

Seeing that Ye Mo was staring at herself a little dazed, Ning Qingxue lowered her head in some shame and blush. She was a little afraid of Ye Mo coming over, she knew that at this time she did not have any rejection in her heart for Ye Mo. However, deep inside she had an expectation that Ye Mo could come over and wrap her in his arms.

Ye Mo walked over and gently wrapped Ning Qingxue into his arms, Ning Qingxue squeezed tightly into Ye Mo’s chest, her heart pounding. At this moment, her thoughts were a little confused and she didn’t know what she should be thinking.

Ning Qingxue could even hear her heart beating very hard herself, and she wondered if Ye Mo could hear it too. She had the intention to control her heartbeat, but she found that her heartbeat was not obeying her at all.

Ye Mo certainly felt Ning Qingxue’s heartbeat and wondered why her heartbeat was so fast. Ning Qingxue gradually became softer and softer in his arms, and even became hot. Even if Ye Mo hadn’t experienced that kind of thing, he understood it somewhat. The faint aroma was carried by the heat from Ning Qingxue’s body rushing into Ye Mo’s nose from the neckline, and Ye Mo was surprisingly a little unable to hold it.

Ning Qingxue suddenly also heard Ye Mo’s breathing become thicker as a result, and her heart beat even harder. She had the intention to get up from Ye Mo’s arms, but she found that she had no strength at all. In the end, she simply wrapped her arms around Ye Mo’s waist, if Ye Mo wanted to do anything let him be, she was already his wife anyway, whether it was true or not, she wouldn’t mind.

Feeling Ning Qingxue who was squeezing more and more into his arms, Ye Mo settled down as he panted. Without finding Luo Ying, he couldn’t do anything to wrong Luo Ying.

“Qingxue, this is what I made last night, you can bring it to Jingwen.” Ye Mo took out the bracelet, disrupting the awkward atmosphere in front of him.

Ning Qingxue’s heart was relieved, a little grateful to Ye Mo and some faint disappointment. This emotion was surprisingly something she couldn’t even say for herself, but Ye Mo had changed the subject and she had come back to her senses and sat up in a hurry. After stroking her hair, she took the bracelet in Ye Mo’s hand.

“What an exquisite bracelet.” Ning Qingxue let out a gasp of awe, having forgotten about what had just happened.

She subconsciously looked at Ye Mo’s hand, there was only this string of bracelets left, nothing else. She was surprisingly a little disappointed that Ye Mo hadn’t given her one thing.

However, she quickly adjusted and played the bracelet around lovingly in her hand, but in her heart she was thinking that Jing Wen must have loved this string of bracelets. It still had a faint lustre to it and even a meditative feel to it.

“This is for you, let me help you put it on.” Ye Mo took out a string of necklaces.

Ning Qingxue hurriedly put away the bracelet and cupped the necklace in both hands, she was sweating at what she had just thought. How could Ye Mo not have something to give her? At the beginning, that small box, although Ye Mo didn’t say so, wasn’t that what Ye Mo had given her.

“It’s so beautiful ……,” Ning Qingxue held the string of necklaces, the jade beads on it she counted, fifty-two in total. This necklace was several times more beautiful than the bracelet just now, both in terms of workmanship and materials used. Ink jade and deep sea handicraft wood were both extremely high quality materials, and used to make a necklace, so one could imagine how precious it was. Ning Qingxue held it in the palm of her hand, and her whole being became comfortable and peaceful.

“Ye Mo, thank you …… this is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.” Ning Qingxue suddenly could not contain her inner excitement somewhat as she once again jumped into Ye Mo’s arms.

The fire that Ye Mo had just calmed down was once again ignited by Ning Qingxue with a “boom”, and when he looked down and saw the snow-white gully exposed at Ning Qingxue’s open neckline, he actually unconsciously reached his hand over.