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DYM Chapter 208

Ye Mo mōded his nose, he didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to be so easily moved, she was actually such a heartfelt and xìng girl. If Ye Mo hadn’t felt it, he would never have believed that Ning Qingxue was so xìng-spirited.

He was also touched by Ning Qingxue’s words. To him, Ye Mo, he himself was just doing something that he should have done, but Ning Qingxue’s reaction was surprisingly so great. Her delicate mind was far from her somewhat cold appearance, and even too different.

Seemingly feeling a little shy, the two did not speak again for a long time.

After a long time, just as Ye Mo was about to ask Ning Qingxue what direction the sinkhole she pa*sed through was in, Ning Qingxue suddenly asked, “What other uses do you think this fruit has that it is worth so much?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “I’ll tell you when you’ve finished eating it.”

“No, you have to tell me first before I eat it.” The first time Yu Qingxue withdrew jiāo in front of Ye Mo, it was surprisingly so natural.

Ye Mo said helplessly, “Alright, in that case, I’ll tell you. This is called the ‘Face Preserving Fruit’ and it can be used to make a pill called the ‘Face Preserving Pill’. Anyone who eats a Face Preserving Pill will never change their appearance, their skin, or even the internal organs of their body, and will remain the same forever. However, it won’t lead to immortality, but for ordinary people, it can prolong their lives by at least ten years.”

Although Ye Mo was saying it lightly, Ning Qingxue was dumbfounded to hear that there was this kind of elixir in the world. If it was said by someone else, she would have thought it was bullsh*t, but when it was said by Ye Mo, it meant that it was true. In that case, the Face Preserving Fruit in her hand was worth many times more than what Ye Mo had said.

It was only after a long time that Ning Qingxue came to her senses, and she carefully handed Ye Mo the “Face Preserving Fruit” she had taken a bite of in her hand, trembling a little, “I’m sorry, I took a bite, but you didn’t even tell me that this fruit was so valuable. If it was made into a pill, wouldn’t it mean that one pill could buy several big companies? You hurry up and put this fruit away ……”

Before Ye Mo said it, the value of this fruit was only valuable in Ning Qingxue’s eyes, not on any intuitive concept yet. After all, even if it was valuable, it was still just a fruit. But now that Ye Mo had said it, she already had an intuitive concept of the fruit, that it was so valuable that it would break her life if she ate it.

Ye Mo smiled and pushed the fruit back, “Eat it if you like, I have eleven more here. If you want more when you’re done, I still have more here. Even if you eat them all, it’s nothing, it’s just something to eat in the first place.”

Ever since she was little, her parents had doted on her, but that was based on her obedience and the fact that they were her parents. If she, Ning Qingxue, were to say that she would sell her company and all of her family’s a*sets to buy a fruit that could only be eaten for a few bites for no reason, her parents would definitely stop it.

However, Ye Mo didn’t even care in the slightest and said, “If you finish eating it, there’s still more, or if you eat it all, it’s nothing.

Ning Qingxue’s hand held the fruit and stopped. She knew very well how much money Ye Mo had, she could say that Ye Mo was simply a poor man, she did not expect that she was so important in Ye Mo’s heart. She couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and reached out to gently stroke Ye Mo’s hair, saying somewhat incoherently, “Why do you have to spoil me so much, you’ll spoil me.”

Ye Mo was silent for a moment and murmured, “From the moment you broke into the divine Dragon Shelf alone, went down the cliff alone, and risked nine deaths to save me, I made up my mind to spoil you for the rest of my life, and I will only spoil you more in the future.”

After a pause, Ye Mo said again, “If I can find Luo Ying, I will spoil you even more if you are still willing to stay with us. If I can’t find Luo Ying in this lifetime, I’ll stay with you for this lifetime.”

“I’m willing,” Ning Qingxue’s voice was still a bit incoherent, and she paused for a moment to say again, “But will sister Luo Ying accept me? She ……”

Ning Qingxue’s words did not come out, but her worry was unmistakable. In this society are monogamous system, she likes Ye Mo, she also knows that Ye Mo is not an ordinary person. Even if Ye Mo had a wife called Luo Ying, as long as Ye Mo was willing to take her, she had already made up her mind that she would be with Ye Mo even if her family was against it. It was just that she was afraid that that Luo Ying wouldn’t be able to accept her.

When Ye Mo said that his wife in his previous life was called Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue had a kind of worry in her heart, originally worrying that Ye Mo would leave her without saying goodbye when he found Luo Ying, and now worrying that Luo Ying would not be willing to accept her. But there was an even stranger thought in her mind, she was surprised that she could just accept Luo Ying and Ye Mo together, if it was any other girl, even Ji Wanqing, she would not be able to accept it.

Would Luo Ying have the same thoughts that she had? What if she had the same thoughts as herself and couldn’t accept herself? If her parents couldn’t accept it, she could follow Ye Mo and leave, but if Luo Ying couldn’t accept it, she surprisingly didn’t know what she should do.

After hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Ye Mo’s eyes were more thoughtful, and only after a while did he say as if he was answering Ning Qingxue, and as if he was talking to himself, “Master, she will.”

Ye Mo suddenly stopped the conversation and walked out a few dozen meters at a brisk pace with Ning Qingxue on his back, then stared at a shrub â⒬“ and said coldly! “Come out…

Ning Qingxue was still immersed in Ye Moâ⒬┢s words and couldnâ⒬┢t extricate herself, and was not aware of the outside world in the slightest.

After a sizzling sound, a ragged youth climbed out of the bush and stared at Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue in some shock and suspicion.

“A wild man?” Ning Qingxue snapped back to her senses and immediately shouted out in surprise.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “He’s not a wild man, his clothes haven’t been torn for long, and he’s still in mí colour clothes. Maybe it’s the group of search and rescue team members that you said came in to look for people.”

“Who are you guys? How do you know that I am a member of the search and rescue team?” The youth had already found out that Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue were both normal people, and only then did he ease up.

Ning Qingxue also understood at this point, and once again said in surprise, “You’re really from the search and rescue team? Came in to search and rescue Zhang Qiang?”

“You know Zhang Qiang? Who the hell are you? How dare you walk in here?” The man asked even more strangely.

Seeing that he was very weak, Ye Mo took out a packet of biscuits and threw it over, “Eat something and tell us what’s going on.”

At this moment, the young man really calmed down and immediately tore open the biscuits that Ye Mo gave him, he ate quickly, the packet of biscuits didn’t take long to completely go down his stomach. Ye Mo handed him another bottle of water.

Only after he finished eating did the youth say with some trepidation, “A few days ago, my team and I received orders that a tourist was missing in here, so eight of us came in to search and rescue. When we came in there were two other tourists from the tour group leading the way, and we had our guns with us. We originally thought that even if we met wild people, we wouldn’t be afraid. However, when we walked near the sinkhole.”

When he said this, the young man’s eyes clearly l showed fearful panic and looked at Ye Mo again before he continued, “At that time, we saw a shoe near the sinkhole and the tour group immediately said that the shoe was Zhang Qiang’s. One of the tour group went to pick up the shoe, but when he had just picked it up, it was a scream that came from inside the sinkhole.”

Stopping the conversation again, the man subconsciously winced as Ye Mo picked up a simple magic jade pendant and tossed it to him, “Put this on before you say anything, and which search and rescue team are you from? Are you the only one who came in? “When the man saw the jade pendant that Ye Mo threw over to him, he didn’t hesitate at all to put it on the top of his neck and said to Ye Mo, “Thank you for the magic weapon, I will definitely return it to you when we get out.” It looked like he still knew it was a magic weapon.

Ye Mo waved his hand “No need, this is for you, I have plenty of such simple magic weapons, go on.”

The man immediately continued, “My name is Wang Kailin, our search and rescue team is directly under the Divine Dragon Shelf Reserve. The scariest thing that day wasn’t the sinkhole, but after the kind of scream that came from the sinkhole, the tourist who had picked up his shoes actually froze for a moment, turned his head and rushed directly to the sinkhole, then he actually jumped ……”

“Ah,” Ning Qingxue let out a cry, when she pa*sed by the sinkhole she also saw a shoe, if it wasn’t for the “evil spell, would she have jumped too? When she thought of this, Ning Qingxue felt a shock, and subconsciously put her arm around Ye Mo’s shoulder. The familiar scent of Ye Mo came to her, and she actually calmed down.

Wang Kailin, however, did not care about Ning Qingxue’s voice, but continued: “At that time, when several of our teammates saw that man jumped, they became a bit anxious, and one teammate immediately started to check the sinkhole with a searchlight, but to our surprise, just as the searchlight shone in, he fell down, not knowing what was going on.

At this point, we all knew it was bad, there must be something dirty inside the sinkhole, and we ran around without thinking. When I was leaving, I also saw two of my teammates actually running back to the direction of the sinkhole and jumped down as well.”

Ye Mo was silent for a long time before he asked, “If that’s the case, why are you alright?”

Wang Kailin said with a palpitating heart, “Because at the beginning I was wearing an enlightened magic weapon, and in the end I didn’t know if that magic weapon worked and allowed me to escape. It was so mysterious that I didn’t dare to go out along the way I came and tried to find a place to get out, but after searching for days, I couldn’t find a real place to get out. And I didn’t meet anyone who came in to search for help either, claiming that they were still the first people I had met in days.”

Ning Qingxue had personally experienced it, she certainly wouldn’t think that Wang Kailin was lying, and hearing this

She said to Ye Mo with some concern, “Why don’t we take a detour to get out as well?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “A detour? Did that thing scare you once when you came here too?”

“Well, at that time, I even told that invisible thing that if it dared to come again, I would let you go and turn it into dust, but then maybe it got scared and let me escape.” Ning Qingxue said with a palpitating heart.