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DYM Chapter 269

Guo Taiming took out a jade box from the bag by his side and handed it to Ye Mo, “Divine Doctor Ye, my ancestors were also of the ancient martial arts lineage. It’s just that it fell off later. When you helped me with my treatment, Ye Divine Doctor, you must have used internal qi, so it’s clear that you were also an ancient martial arts expert. This box was pa*sed down from my ancestors, and I don’t think my descendants will practice ancient martial arts anymore. I don’t have anything to give as a gift for saving my life, so I’ll give this box to you, and please accept it, Divine Doctor Ye.”

Ye Mo quickly pushed back, “Mr. Guo, this is something from your ancestral lineage, I can’t take it. You’d better keep it.”

However, Guo Taiming shook his head and said, “I only have a daughter, and even if I had a son, I said that if Divine Doctor Ye could really cure me, this jade box would be a small token of appreciation. I know that Divine Doctor Ye doesn’t see this, but I don’t have anything better that can enter your eyes.”

Seeing that Guo Taiming was indeed sincere, Ye Mo had no choice but to take the jade box. He opened the jade box and found that there was a card inside, which should be a bank card. Apart from this card, there was also a sheepskin map, which at a glance, one could tell that it was old and vaguely drew a sea. On top of the map was pressed a piece of ore, and Ye Mo found that it was clearly a ‘Purple Jiao’ ore.”

Ye Mo immediately understood what Guo Taiming’s genetic disease was all about, this jade box of his must have been inherited from his ancestors, to the point where every generation would go and play with this piece of ‘Purple Jiao’, and as a result, anyone who had taken the ‘Purple Jiao’ would get this disease. Only unlike Zhuo Aiguo, after their Guo family had seen the ore, they still put it into the jade box, resulting in the ‘Purple Jiao’ still being well preserved and pa*sed down from generation to generation, poisoned down from generation to generation.

Ye Mo took out the card and handed it to Guo Taiming and said, “I’ll take this jade box of yours, as for this card, I can’t take it.” He didn’t explain about the ‘Purple Jiao’, since the ‘Purple Jiao’ had already been given to him, Guo Taiming’s descendants would no longer be affected.

Despite Guo Taiming’s repeated requests, Ye Mo did not accept the bank card. He was not short of small money, but big money would not be enough for him to spend even if he was given hundreds of millions. In Ye Mo’s mind, he would need to cultivate himself in the future, so he would still need a large amount of money to collect various precious herbs. When his side stabilized, he would find a way to gather money. After participating in the Hidden Sect’s auction, Ye Mo felt that even if he made more money just by relying on that internet clinic of his, it wouldn’t be enough to buy a single flower of the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’, he would have to think of other ways to make money.



Inside the small courtyard where Ye Mo lived, Ning Qingxue was comfortably tending to a few ‘Silver Heart Gra*ses’, she missed Ye Mo during his absence, he hadn’t returned for several months and she was a bit hung over. But she knew that Ye Mo would definitely come back, he had promised her.

The ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was growing well, and with Ning Qingxue’s careful care, the biggest one was already seven or eight centimetres tall. She was very careless about cultivating, but in order not to pull too much behind Ye Mo, she forced herself to spend a certain amount of time every day to cultivate. The rest of the time was spent either taking care of the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ or fiddling with the necklace around her neck.

She liked this pearl-white necklace very much, and when Su Jingwen saw her this necklace last time, she liked it too. But this necklace was not something she would give to Su Jingwen, strictly speaking, it was the only thing Ye Mo had given her as a gift.

“Light Snow, accompany me to the pedestrian street to buy something.” Xu Wei left work a little early today and was already back before 5pm, calling towards Ning Qingxue as soon as she entered the courtyard door.

“Walking Street?” Ning Qingxue remembered the golden cakes and suddenly felt some cravings, smiled and immediately agreed with Xu Wei’s opinion.

Mingdu Pedestrian Street was the place where Ning Qingxue went the most, usually coming over to eat the golden cakes, sometimes Su Jingwen and Li Mumei came over to eat together, other times it was her and Xu Wei who came over together. When she was extremely bored, she would come over alone to buy a few pieces. She felt that there was some shadow of Ye Mo in the taste of that golden cake, and every time she ate it, she was particularly serious.


At this time, Mingdu Pedestrian Street was still bustling with activity, although the sky had not yet completely darkened, but various stalls had already been pushed out one after another.

Two Daoist priests were somewhat leisurely strolling through the Nameado Pedestrian Street, one of them was already in his fifties or sixties, while the other was only in his twenties.

“Alas, it’s a shame, just a month or two apart, that we even missed the auction. I heard that a ‘Liu Qing Luo’ plant and two ‘Face Preserving Pills’ also appeared in this auction, I don’t know if it’s true or not. Master, this mundane world feels too muddy to me, let’s go back.” The younger Daoist had wandered around for a few days in a row and felt that the flowery world was just like this, nothing great. He seemed to switch his thinking very quickly when he spoke.

From the tone of this young Daoist priest’s speech, he knew that the older Daoist priest was his master.

As expected, just as this young Daoist priest finished speaking, a pleased smile immediately appeared in the eyes of this elderly Daoist priest, nodded and said, “Not bad, Yuan Chong you have a good state of mind, to be able to not míhuò for this flowery world, I can sort of put my heart down. Well, since you are already bored with it, we will go back to cultivate immediately, so you will not always think about the outside world from now on.”

This young Daoist priest called Yuan Chong had a hint of cunning smugness in his eyes, but he nodded dryly, “Master has taught you a lesson ……”

But this Yuan Chong just said one sentence and then stopped, he stared straight ahead at the two girls, surprisingly unable to move.

“What’s wrong?” This elderly Taoist priest immediately noticed.

Yuan Chong swallowed hard before saying, “Master, I have my eye on that woman, she is so beautiful. If I could take her as my wife, I would be willing to stay inside the mountain gate for the rest of my life ……”

This elderly Daoist priest followed Yuan Chong’s gaze and saw a girl in a crocodile dress holding a piece of golden cake in her hand, carefully taking a bite, with a gentle smile in her eyes. This kind of woman was rarely found in the secular world, not to mention the Hidden Sect, and it was surprising to find such a picturesque woman in such a small place.

But if he could find a girl to accompany Yuan Chong, it would be good to take his heart away and stay in the mountain gate to cultivate. Thinking of this, the old Daoist said with a faint smile, “This girl is indeed good, but such things are mutual, if they don’t like you, then ……”

“Master, I must have her, my disciple’s qualifications and looks are not wrong to match her, and she will definitely feel glad when she thoroughly understands what we are later. Not everyone is lucky enough to enter our world, Master ……” Yuan Chong swallowed again, his eyes never moving from the girl eating the golden cake.

The old Daoist nodded and said, “Well, you are right, it is indeed her luck that she can enter my sect. You go and ask her and see if she is willing. But know the measure, I see that this girl has a very noble aura, maybe she has a lot of backstage.”

“Yes, Master. But Master you are overly concerned, the Outer Hidden Sect I see has fallen so far, Master you have taken me to visit several of them, the highest cultivation level is only a mere earth level, these people are just too stupid. Not to mention a mere girl from the mundane world, don’t worry about it.” Yuan Chong couldn’t finish before he ran straight towards the girl who was eating the golden cake.

“Hello girl, my name is Yuan Chong ……” Although this young Daoist priest had taken a fancy to the girl, his social experience was so empty that he had no idea how he should express himself, not even to open with an invitation to dinner. Not to mention finding an excuse to say that I think I’ve seen you somewhere before.

Ning Qingxue was eating a golden cake, reminiscing about being with Ye Mo, when she was startled by this sudden Daoist priest. He hurriedly took a few steps back and looked at Yuan Chong with some caution.

The young Daoist priest Yuan Chong looked at Ning Qingxue up close, and the kind of cleanliness and nobility with a hint of immortal charm aura made him even more unable to himself.

Now that Ning Qingxue was looking at him warily, he hastily clasped his fist and said, “My name is Yuan Chong, I am from the Hidden Sect, or what the secular world calls the Immortal Sect. My master feels that your qualifications are suitable for our sect’s immortal spell ……”

Ning Qingxue frowned and pulled Xu Wei, “Xu Wei, let’s go.”

“Nuts.” Xu Wei, however, did not have Ning Qingxue’s good temper and looked at the Daoist priest and cursed.

Yuan Chong didn’t think Xu Wei would dare to curse him, he went up and grabbed Xu Wei and threw her several metres away, crashing into a stall, Xu Wei was knocked to the ground and didn’t get up for a long time.

Ning Qingxue hurriedly went up and helped Xu Wei up, staring coldly at Yuan Chong, and took out her phone to call the police.

When he saw Ning Qingxue on the phone, although Yuan Chong had little social experience, he knew that Ning Qingxue should be ready to call someone. He hurriedly stepped forward to grab Ning Qingxue’s phone, but just as he forced his hand out, it was blocked by a cloud of yellow light that pa*sed away in a flash.

Hmm? Yuan Chong looked at his hand and saw that it had been blocked out, even with great force. He was a recognised genius in ancient martial arts cultivation, only twenty-six years old and already at the peak of Xuan level cultivation, and now he couldn’t even snatch the phone out of a girl’s hand.

Could it be that this girl was also an ancient martial arts expert? Thinking of this, Yuan Chong stopped grabbing the phone and punched out at Ning Qingxue, using thirty percent of his strength in this punch.

“This time, Yuan Chong could see clearly that his fist was blocked by a yellowish circle of light. However, the circle of light was unable to withstand the force of his fist, and was broken by his fist.

Although Ning Qingxue’s defensive necklace blocked Yuan Chong’s punch, she was similarly sent flying out of the pedestrian street, landing at an intersection that intersected with the pedestrian street next to her, and was hit squarely by a car that was driving towards her.

By now Xu Wei had already climbed to her feet, just in time to see Ning Qingxue being hit by the car, and rushed over in fright to help her up.

The elderly Daoist priest walked briskly in front of Ning Qingxue, reached out and probed her nose for a moment, and his face immediately became very unpleasant.

“Master.” Yuan Chong also felt that the punch he had just thrown was a little heavy.

This old Daoist sighed and said in the young Daoist’s ear, “Yuan Chong, you’ve caused trouble, this girl can no longer be saved, let’s hurry and leave.”

Yuan Chong gave Ning Qingxue a somewhat chagrined and reluctant glance, “A little heavy handed, but what you said, Master, is a little heavy, this is also called trespa*sing, who out there is your opponent?”

“Hmph, you really don’t know the sky is high hòu, that defensive spell this girl is wearing is obviously a high grade item, even we rarely see it internally, for someone with such a defensive spell, the backstage wouldn’t be simple if you think about it.” This old Daoist priest said here, saw the whistling police car, and did not bother with this young Daoist priest, a grabbed this young Daoist priest, just a few steps and disappeared.