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DYM Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

“There is no other way here, except this road, into the mountain is Guixiang Daling, that there are several tourist attractions, but most of them are still primitive mountain ranges, there is really no place to get out here ……” said a kind middle-aged man inside the car.

The woman was silent for a moment and sat back down again, not knowing if she thought the middle-aged man had a point or if it was for some other reason. But Ye Mo was moved in his heart, getting off here was not good for others, but it was good for him.

He knew about the Guixiang Great Ridge, a large mountain range that ran through the three provinces of Huzhong, Xianghuai and Guinan, known as one of the three major mountain ranges in China. Guinan Province borders with Vietnam and Lutheran countries, and Guilin, where he wanted to go, was the southernmost city in Guinan Province.

If he followed the steps of the bus ride to Guilin, he would have to keep changing buses in three provinces, namely Huzhong, Xianghuai and Guinan. This would increase his chances of being exposed without an ID card, whereas if he were to walk from Guixiang Daling on his own, it would take a little more time but be much safer. Besides, there are many trains pa*sing through Guixiang Daling, so he can always catch a ride. Even if he didn’t catch a hitchhiker, walking in the mountains while cultivating was no pressure for him.

“Driver, stop the car, I need to get off, my friend’s car is here, I’ll take his car.” Ye Mo finished by standing up and walking to the front.

Not only did the driver freeze, everyone in the car froze, even the woman looked at Ye Mo a little strangely, the reason she didn’t get out of the car was not because this was a deserted mountain. Rather, it was because she was afraid that people would suspect her and then spread the word, after all, it was very abrupt for a woman to get out of the car in the wilderness of a deserted mountain. She was trying to think of some reason to get out of the car when someone else actually offered to get out too, which was just what she wanted.

The driver didn’t advise this time, others said they had a car coming, of course they didn’t want to take the bus. The car stopped, Ye Mo got off first, and the woman followed. But what made everyone on the bus even more puzzled was that apart from Ye Mo and the woman, there were actually two more men getting off at the back.

Not to mention the experienced driver, even the pa*sengers knew that the two men who got off at the back should be heading for the two men in front. The driver dared not meddle in the matter and immediately started the bus and quickly disappeared around the corner.

Why the woman got off the bus Ye Mo knew, because she said she was getting off before he said so. But why the two men behind him also got off the bus, Ye Mo did not understand.

However, he soon understood because the two men had surrounded the woman and one of them glared at Ye Mo and said, “Kid, if you want to live a few more days, get lost, there’s nothing for you here.”

Meeting a robber, Ye Mo laughed in his heart, although these two men looked fierce, Ye Mo was sure that they were no match for the woman.

The woman stared coldly at the two men who approached her, not saying a word.

“Chick, take out the money in your bag, don’t say you don’t have it, I already saw it when you took the phone just now. There should be tens of thousands of dollars, hey, originally my two brothers were going to rob the bus, since you have so much money on you alone, I’ll just rob you alone.” The man who told Ye Mo to get lost, said to Ye Mo and immediately turned back to stare at the woman.

Ye Mo smiled, this kind of thing, he didn’t want to care at all, both sides were not good people.

“You wait.” Ye Mo had just turned around and hadn’t even left when the woman suddenly called out.

“What is it.” Ye Mo turned back around and asked indifferently.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t look nervous in the slightest, the woman was surprised and looked at Ye Mo again, but she couldn’t see the slightest abnormality in Ye Mo, the whole person was too ordinary to be ordinary. Even the canvas sneakers he was wearing on his feet were so ordinary that he thought to himself that this person was really thick-headed.

“Do me a favour later.” The plump, brawny woman actually smiled, then took off her gla*ses and put them away. The face that could only be considered good looking suddenly became vivid because of this smile.

This was the first time Ye Mo had met a face that had changed so much, and just because of a smile, he was judged like two people.

“I don’t like to fight.” Before the latter half of the woman’s sentence could be said, Ye Mo had already refused.

“Giggle ……” The woman froze and actually laughed out loud as she continued, “It’s not that I want you to fight, it’s to help me move these two inside the woods and bury them later… …”

The two men surrounding the woman were still staring at Ye Mo with some ferocity, when they saw that Ye Mo was not afraid to leave immediately, they became a bit wary of Ye Mo, generally when people met road robbers, they would definitely turn around and run, such as Ye Mo who was not afraid at all, they really rarely saw.

When he heard the woman say that she wanted Ye Mo to bury them, how could the tall man still hold back and took the dagger in his hand and stabbed the woman in the chest.

“Click …… ah ……” Two sounds later, the man who moved the dagger had fallen to the ground.

The other man, who was slightly shorter, had not reacted and was a bit dazed then. But Ye Mo could see clearly that the woman had quickly grabbed the man’s wrist when the taller man stretched out his dagger to stab her in the chest, and then wrenched it upwards. While wrenching the man’s wrist, the back of her hand struck the back of the dagger, and the dagger stabbed into the tall man’s throat as if it had grown eyes.

What a powerful woman, the whole action only took a few breaths, if Ye Mo wasn’t already at the second level of Qi cultivation now, he wouldn’t even be able to tell. Ye Mo’s heart moved, if he was at the first level of Qi training, it would be hard to predict who would die if he was against this woman.

It was the first time Ye Mo met such an expert, although this woman was now something he could handle in just a minute in his eyes, but it illustrated a problem that there were many experts in this world hiding in all corners, if he didn’t make an effort, maybe one day he would meet them.

In other words, if he had met this woman a month ago, what would have been the outcome in case there was a conflict? Ye Mo didn’t like this feeling of having a crisis, the only way was to keep getting stronger.

The short man finally came to his senses, although it was only a few breaths of time, he already understood in his heart that he had hit the iron plate this time. Without thinking, he turned around and tried to run. The woman suddenly kicked away, and the dagger on the ground was kicked out of the tall man’s throat. Then the woman kicked again at the dagger, which stabbed into the back of the fleeing man’s heart as if it had grown eyes.

“Your guts are good, I’m not asking you to help fight, look, there’s no need for you to fight now, just help me pull these two men inside the woods and bury them, all the money they have is yours.” The woman suddenly smiled at Ye Mo again and said.

“What if these two don’t have any money on them?” Ye Mo replied indifferently.

The woman froze for a moment, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be thinking about this at this time, a normal person would have done as they were told and where would they dare to talk back.

“If there is no money, these are yours.” After saying that the woman reached out and pulled out a wad of money from her bag and pulled down half of it, throwing the rest to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo reached out and took it, looking at the bank’s cashier’s stamp still on it, it looked like it should have been 10,000 originally, it was ripped some away by this woman, there should still be about 4 or 5,000, she was really generous with her money.

Ye Mo, who was in need of money, took the money, smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll do this deal.”

After saying this, he dragged the two men who had fallen to the ground directly into the woods by the roadside.

Watching Ye Mo enter the mountain forest and the ease of the two corpses Ye Mo dragged, the woman showed a hint of appreciation in her eyes and said to herself, “Not bad strength and not bad guts either, just a bit too white.”


Chapter 40

Ye Mo dragged the two corpses into the woods and looked at the two men’s bodies, but there was nothing good on them, adding up to just over a thousand dollars in cash, as for cards or anything else, Ye Mo didn’t want them at all. The dagger, however, seemed to be good and looked sharp, Ye Mo pulled it off and took it as his trophy.

A few fireball spells burned the two into a black and charred mess, but they couldn’t finish it. Ye Mo sighed, his own fireball spell was too low grade, if he reached after the third level of Qi cultivation, one of his fireball spells would have completely made these two people disappear.

With a casual slap, he hit a huge pit and kicked the two people in, and with another slap, he pushed some earth in and finished the job.

He himself never killed people to bury them, but this time he charged a few thousand dollars, so let’s consider it a hired worker for once

After dealing with the two robbers, Ye Mo did not go back, but headed directly for the mountains.

“Wait ……” The woman waited by the roadside for a while but did not see Ye Mo coming, immediately ran out of the road and also entered the mountains, only then did she realize that Ye Mo had actually gone into the mountains and could only vaguely see his back. If she had been a little slower, perhaps Ye Mo would have disappeared.

Ye Mo heard the woman’s shout and stopped. Seeing Ye Mo stop, the woman was really a bit surprised. In her opinion, Ye Mo was walking because he was afraid of her and should have run as far away as possible when he heard her shout.

There was a desire to think that Ye Mo had stopped because he was afraid of her, but the woman knew that Ye Mo was not, he did not seem to have the slightest fearful demeanor.

“You’re not afraid of me?” The woman said somewhat meaningfully as she walked in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo pulled the backpack over his shoulder and said with a faint smile, “You would kill me?”

“No, you didn’t offend me, I don’t like killing people.” The woman subconsciously shook her head.

“Oh, if you won’t kill me, why should I be afraid?” Ye Mo seemed a little strange as he said.

The woman once again looked at Ye Mo, an ordinary young man, not ugly, and somewhat white, with neat clothes, even like a student. It was estimated that he was only a little bit in his early twenties, and there were no signs on him that made her feel dangerous. She had escaped from death countless times and had an innate acumen to spot people who were more powerful than her had an intuition, and it was obvious that Ye Mo was not.

“You have a lot of guts, but if you’re not afraid of me, why are you running away from the mountain.”

“Does this mountain belong to your family? Couldn’t I walk?”


The woman was speechless for a moment, although what Ye Mo said was a bit impulsive, she didn’t get angry, but continued to smile, “Alright, count yourself right, get to know me, my name is Wen Dong, the word for see and smell, the word for cold winter.”

“Ye Mo.” Ye Mo simply said his name, he didn’t know what this woman, who he didn’t know, was looking for him for.

“Do you know why I’m calling you and want to get to know you?” Wen Dong asked, but she didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer, instead she said to herself, “Because I admire you more, and as you saw just now, I am not an ordinary person, if you want, I can introduce you to a master.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Introducing a master is dispensed with, you have also appreciated it, if there is nothing else, I will leave ah.”

“Don’t be in a hurry, it seems you still don’t understand how strong the strongest people in this world are, in that case, the matter of accepting disciples will be discussed later. I have a business deal I want to go on now, are you interested in going with me? Of course the reward is much better than burying two pieces of trash. The woman didn’t mind when she saw that Ye Mo had rejected her kind offer, but said slowly and methodically.

Reward? Ye Mo thought to himself that he had received a few thousand dollars for helping this woman deal with two trash, he was in need of money, if this woman could give him more money, it wouldn’t matter if he did her another favour. Besides, now that he was already at the second level of Qi training, he was not afraid that this woman would backstab him. The main thing was that once he started cultivating, he would have no time to earn money.

“Say, what is it, and just how much is the payment?” Ye Mo was most concerned about how much money to hire him, if he had money, he wouldn’t need to continue worrying about it.

Wen Dong did not answer directly, but said, “From here to the north, about twenty miles, there is a road that leads directly to the tourist attraction in Xiangshan Ridge, in a small hostel in the tourist attraction, I have two boxes, when the time comes, you just need to carry the boxes for me, and go with me to make a deal.

Don’t worry, you’ll be safe with me around. When the time comes, you will only be responsible for handing over the boxes, no need to say much. As for the reward, how about giving you fifty thousand?”

Going to carry a box was 50,000, this was too much money, and Ye Mo was moved. He had worked so hard selling talismans, and helping people with their illnesses, and only made a few tens of thousands of dollars when the odds coincided.

As for this woman called Wen Dong pitting him, he wasn’t afraid at all, he didn’t believe that someone could kill him, that is, they were more powerful than him, and if he wanted to leave, no one could stop him.

“Okay, I’ll do it, but I can’t go too far away, I have to go somewhere else.” Ye Mo nodded his head and agreed without saying a word.

Seeing how quick Ye Mo agreed, Wen Dong nodded and said, “Good, you are a quick person, one who does great things, I like this kind of quickness. Wherever you go, it won’t matter, I’m only a few hours away from where I’m going to trade, maybe the trade is over, it doesn’t even affect your business for a minute.”

Seeing that Ye Mo no longer spoke, Wen Dong also said no more and began to lead the way ahead. Although it was in the middle of a mountain range, Wen Dong was exceptionally light, not straining in the slightest. She was afraid that Ye Mo would not be able to keep up and deliberately slowed down her pace, but could later find that Ye Mo had good stamina and did not show the slightest sign of not being able to keep up, and was secretly amazed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Mo didn’t look like a martial arts practitioner at all, and his fair and slender hands, Wen Dong even suspected that Ye Mo was also a Taoist.

Wen Dong was right, the two of them had only been walking in the mountains for about an hour when they saw another coiled mountain road stretching out in front of them. This road was obviously much more popular than the one Ye Mo had just gotten off of, and at least from time to time, they could see a car coming and going.

Wen Dong and Ye Mo did not have to wait long before they stopped a bus going to Xiangshan Ridge.

Xiangshan Ridge is one of the more famous tourist spots in China, and its fame is on par with the Five Mountains, but because Xiangshan Ridge is missing the number of people who come to visit every year. There is also the fact that there is a high chance of bus accidents due to the mountainous roads here, so the popularity of visiting this place is however far less than some of the famous mountains like the Five Mountains and Yellow Mountain.

As soon as Ye Mo arrived at Xiangshan Ridge, he felt that the spiritual energy of heaven and earth here was much stronger than that of Ninghai. If this place was not too close to Ninghai, he would have wanted to choose to cultivate here.

The bus stopped at a car park on the hillside of Xiangshan Ridge, and Wen Dong told Ye Mo to wait here while she went to fetch something.

Sure enough Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long before Wen Dong drove over in an ordinary Buick.

“We have the stuff, get in, let’s go.” Wen Dong said easily as he parked the car in front of Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo’s divine sense was only five or six metres away, it was enough to check the car. His divine sense swept the car and there was nothing abnormal about it. There were only two extra boxes on top of the back seat.

Ye Mo pulled open the door and sat on top of the back seat, and his divine sense swept into the boxes again. Inside one of them was a rifle, Ye Mo didn’t know much about guns, and he didn’t know exactly what model this gun was, it looked somewhat like the AK series. The other box only had a stack of information, and a very strange model.

When Wen Dong saw Ye Mo sitting at the back without saying a word, he was very satisfied with Ye Mo’s move. But in his heart, he also wondered, was this Ye Mo naturally bold, or had he not seen the world?

If he hadn’t seen the world, he must not act in a disgraceful manner when the time comes. Thinking about this Wen Duo however said, “Ye Mo, when we go in later, if there are people watching us on the side, you don’t have to worry, just listen to my instructions and then exchange boxes with each other.”

“I know.” Ye Mo reckoned that the one to be exchanged was the box with a model and a stack of information, and since Wen Dong was so calm, it meant that there was no danger. Besides, even if there was danger, he, Ye Mo, wasn’t afraid, after making this deal, he could cultivate in peace.