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DYM Chapter 415

As if to verify that Ning Qingxue’s guess was correct, the three black-skinned natives had slowly walked towards Ning Qingxue’s hidden location, and were still very careful, and were using the wooden sticks in their hands to pluck at the branches and other miscellaneous objects nearby as they walked.

From their movements and expressions, they knew that they had already guessed that there was someone hiding nearby, and they were afraid that the person hiding would sneak up on them.

Ning Qingxue gripped her gun nervously, if the three black men came up a few more steps, they would definitely be able to see her.

To shoot or not to shoot, although Ning Qingxue had thought about shooting, but the moment she did it would be killing people, even though it was such uneducated natives, it was still beyond Ning Qingxue’s tolerance.

Unlike the Japanese man she had killed with the fireball charm, who had wanted to insult her, the fireball charm was so fast that it had killed the Japanese man when she hadn’t even had anything to prepare for it. But now she was holding a gun and had to deal with the drow who hadn’t done her any harm yet, and for a moment it left her a little at a loss.

But when Ning Qingxue thought of the way the native man had treated the native woman just now, she immediately felt a pang of fear… If the native saw herself, she dared not think of the result home…

Just when Ning Qingxue was torn between shooting and not shooting, the three natives suddenly stopped. One of them, a woman, pointed at the sailboat at the edge of the island and screamed.

They saw the sailing ship, and Ning Qingxue immediately understood that they were standing in a position where they could see the mouth of the sailing ship at the edge of the island, and suddenly the indigenous man who came after them also screamed and immediately ran towards the sailing ship.

Seeing that his companion had already run towards the sailboat, the remaining two also followed. It seemed that if they went too late, the first native would take the stuff.

If these three people had really come over, she would have had to shoot them, and if they did, there was no guarantee that they would not attract more natives.

Seeing the three running towards the boat, Ning Qingxue went back to the cave and moved the tree branches out of the way, then stared nervously at the three black natives running past, she also wanted to know what would happen after the natives got on the boat.

The distance was already not too far, and Ning Qingxue could clearly see that the three quickly ran to the side of the sailing boat, two rushed inside the boat, and it seemed that one remained outside.

From the skilful movements of these natives and their unhurried pace, Ning Qingxue guessed that this was not the first time these natives had found this kind of boat drifting over. It was likely that the ancestors of these natives had been stranded on this deserted island because something had happened at sea, and then they had reproduced their offspring down here.

Just a few moments later, the two people who had gone in rushed out again, then ignored the people left outside, but ran to the stern of the boat and jumped into the sea.

Ning Qingxue watched clearly from the top of the hill, as these two rushed out from inside the cabin and then jumped into the sea, never to emerge again.

The indigenous woman, who had been waiting on the island and had not boarded the boat, suddenly let out another scream after seeing the two jump into the sea, and then ran back as if she didn’t want to die. Looking at her, she also sensed that something seemed wrong with the boat.

Ning Qingxue was secretly shocked, this boat was really bizarre. The two indigenous men had rushed into the cabin of the boat and seemed to have rushed out only a short time later and then jumped into the sea, which she had seen with her own eyes.

The screams of the indigenous women grew louder and louder, and soon seemed to be echoed by shouts. Ning Qingxue was startled in her heart that there were indeed remaining indigenous people here.

Within a short while, in the direction where the two natives had just come from, a large group of natives came, men and women seemed to number 20 to 30.

When this woman saw these natives coming, she immediately rushed towards them and then kept screaming and shouting. It seemed to be expressing something, only the woman had only been talking for a short while before she suddenly fell to the ground and then made no more sound.

The two indigenous women pulled up the fallen woman as if to wake her up, but she did not respond at all.

The natives circled around the dead woman and then all ran towards the island where the sailing ship was docked. All that was left behind was the indigenous woman, who had fallen to the ground.

Ning Qingxue once again hid beside the hole and watched carefully to see what would happen to the remaining natives, but not before the group had reached the edge of the sailing ship. The indigenous woman, who had just fallen to the ground and seemed dead, suddenly leapt up.

But the next thing that happened was even more startling to Ning Qingxue, the woman suddenly rushed towards the sea and finally disappeared without a trace.

Ning Qingxue saw this scene happen with her own eyes, she really couldn’t understand why this would happen, could that sailing boat really be a ghost ship? Thinking of this Ning Qingxue couldn’t help but be secretly glad that she was lucky not to have gone to that ghost ship.

What she couldn’t figure out was that she had also run over from that sailing ship, so why was she still fine now, but that indigenous woman was not?

She suddenly remembered the necklace around her neck, and subconsciously grabbed it up.

As soon as Ning Qingxue grabbed the necklace, she immediately felt that the true qi in her body was somewhat uncontrollable. She dared not continue to observe the consequences of those drow getting on the sailboat and immediately returned to the cave.

The true qi inside her body was tumbling more and more, causing her to tremble a little, and she even had a feeling that she was going to be burned. Ning Qingxue knew it was not good, something should have gone wrong with her cultivation, she hurriedly blocked the cave entrance tightly, sat on top of the boulder and began to perform a circumambulation.

This was a completely different kind of cultivation than before, she felt the restlessness of the true qi in her body, as if she was looking for some kind of breakthrough. Ning Qingxue didn’t know anything about cultivation, and even Tang Beiwei, who had taught her the cultivation techniques, didn’t seem to know much more than her.

Ning Qingxue could only follow the method Tang Beiwei had taught her, constantly running through the circumference of the heavens, as if this was the only way to alleviate the agitation in her body.

She didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but Ning Qingxue could only feel a kind of suffocation, and she was a little scared. That true essence could not be ventilated all the way down, as if a vent was missing.

If she didn’t go through the cycle of the heavens, she would feel her meridians burning up, but if she continued to cultivate, she could only feel the true qi in her dantian getting more and more hou, Ning Qingxue felt as if she was drinking hemlock to quench her thirst, but she had to continue.

A “boom” rang out in Ning Qingxue’s mind, as if the muddy hou of true essence in her dantian had found a place to vent, rushing through several meridians in one go.

Although Ning Qingxue did not open her eyes, her heart was overjoyed, that feeling of relief let her know that she seemed to have finally broken through something, as if she was saved.

Suddenly, a fresh stream of true qi once again rose up inside her dantian, which instantly broke through her Cheng Ling acupuncture point and went straight to the Divine Court.

A relaxing and comfortable feeling surged up to her heart, so comfortable that Ning Qingxue subconsciously moaned.

She did not open her eyes, her mind seemed to be filled with many more memories. Ning Qingxue was shaken, could this be what Master Wuguang had said, that her memories would automatically return once her cultivation reached a certain level?

Sure enough more and more things flooded into Ning Qingxue’s mind, and she immediately knew that it seemed to be true, she was really regaining her memories, and that she had indeed lost some of her memories before this.

The memories of her relationship with Ye Mo came flooding back like a tidal wave, starting from when she and Mu Mei went to Ninghai to celebrate Su Jingwen’s birthday, scene by scene came clear.

A single bill inside that tiny medical box, and the unused bank card, a bottle or jar, and her asking Ye Mo more than! times asked Ye Mo for money ……

Ning Qingxue’s face grew paler and paler, so this is how she and Ye Mo started.

“Come and take a look at le, ancestral remedies, cure all diseases. Headache and fever, external and internal injuries, rheumatism near er …… only what you can’t think of, there is nothing I can’t cure ……,”

At that time, when Ye Mo was shouting in Mingdu Pedestrian Street, she was holding a piece of golden cake expecting Ye Mo to be arrested by the city police. And the money for that golden cake was Ye Mo’s money. One only had to look at the bills inside the small medical box to know.

Ning Qingxue’s heart became more and more painful, at this time she no longer dared to open her eyes, she already understood why she didn’t want to go for a divorce with him.

There was also the small courtyard of Ning Hai, the big tree behind the courtyard, that was where Ye Mo practiced every day, the green stone in front of the courtyard was where he slept, although Ning Qingxue now knew that Ye Mo was practicing at night, but the place where he slept was given to her, while she herself was still suspecting that he was using her money to stay in a high cla*s hotel.

It was at that time that Ye Mo left without leaving a word, but took away Song Shaowen who had come to arrest her. Perhaps there was also that little medical kit that he didn’t have time to take with him. Ning Qingxue completely understood what the little medical kit meant to her.

Perhaps apart from the little medical kit, there was also the herb he had left behind, which became her trust from then on. To protect the herb, she used her body to resist the attack of the wooden stick. She spat all her blood on the herb. But what happened to the herb now? Ning Qingxue’s heart grew anxious, it was given to her by Ye Mo to look after, but she had not bothered about the little herb for a year.

In the endless Taklamakan Desert, when she and Chi Wanqing found Ye Mo, he had disappeared after his sister-in-law, leaving behind the desert mornings and a lonely her. She remembered that when she first saw Ye Mo leave, her whole soul seemed to be empty.

It turned out that complete love for him was at this time. Ning Qingxue still did not dare to open her eyes, she was afraid that once she opened them, her memories would disappear again. Only two lines of tears, however, could no longer be controlled and flowed down her white, smooth cheeks.