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DYM Chapter 537

“I went to Ghost City for the Hidden Sect Competition with my senior sister and a few other senior uncles, and when I came back, that happened.” Yan Yu calmed down a little bit.

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart and quickly asked, “Are you saying that your division was exterminated?”

Yan Yu shook her head, “Not really, there was only one enemy that came that night, when that person came to attack, all those who went out to answer the enemy were killed, except for my master who still had one life left. The rest who survived were all of low cultivation level and didn’t have the means to go out against the enemy.”

Ye Mo immediately understood, he nodded and asked again, “In other words, all those who saw the faces of the incoming enemies were killed, weren’t they?”

Yan Yu nodded, lowered her head and crouched down on her senior sister’s body again with a small sob.

After a moment of contemplation, Ye Mo already knew that the incoming enemy was not trying to exterminate the sect, if it was, then those lower ranked disciples who did not come out to face the enemy would definitely be killed as well. Perhaps the incoming enemy was an acquaintance, or he was afraid of being known for his touch.

“What was the cultivation level of the person who came to offend your division at that time?” Ye Mo was curious to know who was actually so bold, and it seemed that the ‘Lotus Voyage Jingzhai’ was not bad in strength, to be picked on by one person.

Yan Yu wiped her eyes again and said with a sob, “My two senior uncles are both at the early earth level, my master and the courtyard master are at the middle earth level, and there are four other senior uncles with Xuan level cultivation.”

Ye Mo secretly marvelled, such a strong force besieging one person and losing all of them, this incoming enemy was too strong. As far as he knew, those with such formidable skills were at least at the level of Wang Leng Chan. Apart from himself, there were also Feng Wu, Wu Dao, Xiang Ming Wang and the dean of the ‘Nine Bright School’. But Xiang Ming Wang had already been killed by himself, and Monk Wudao seemed to be very compa*sionate and should not do such a thing, so the only possibilities were Feng Wu and the dean of the ‘Nine Brightness Academy’. But why would they do that?

“Did your master see the visitor’s touch?” Ye Mo asked once again.

Yan Yu shook her head. “No, she was masked, my master only knew that it was a woman. My master said that she is at least at the half-step Xiantian stage and is very powerful.”

Yan Yu’s words immediately ruled out the suspicion of the ‘Nine Ming School’, Ye Mo didn’t expect there to be such powerful women in this world.

“Did you see the person who sneaked up on your Senior Sister Mei?” Ye Mo asked as he looked at Senior Sister Mei on the ground.

Yan Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, “It was completely dark when Senior Sister and I came out of Shennongjia yesterday, and when Senior Sister and I entered that hotel in Misty Yang Town, I turned around and seemed to see a man in grey standing under a street lamp not far away. When I tried to see clearly again. The man in grey had disappeared, and I wondered if it was him.”

“A man in grey? Not good.” Ye Mo suddenly thought that there should be surveillance in that hostel, he was so out of the loop that he didn’t even think of going inside to check the surveillance footage.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Yu immediately asked.

“I think we should go back and take a look at the surveillance footage, what kind of person is it.” Ye Mo voiced out his thoughts.

Yan Yu froze for a moment, yes, her senior sister was killed in that inn, how could she not go and look at the surveillance footage?

“Let’s bury your senior sister first.” Ye Mo pointed to a foot of a mountain not far ahead and said.

Yan Yu was now in a state of six minds and did exactly what Ye Mo said to do.

Ye Mo took out a thin needle from the back of Senior Sister Mei’s neck, then helped Yan Yu bury her Senior Sister Mei together at the foot of the mountain. Only then did he take Yan Yu back to Misty Yang Town for the second time.

The ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ had already been taken away, the reason why Ye Mo wanted to do Yan Yu this favour was that one was because he couldn’t see it, and the second also wanted Yan Yu to take him to the place where the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ was collected. Even if there were no more ‘Tian Tong flowers’. Even if there were no more ‘Tian Tong flowers’, there were still many other precious medicinal herbs that were usually found on the side of the spiritual gra*s.

The owner of the inn in Misty Yang Town was already in a state of shock. He was definitely most responsible for the death of the tenant in their shop, but the tenant’s relatives had actually taken the deceased away without bothering him, which gave him a long sigh of relief. But he hadn’t finished breathing a sigh of relief. People came again. There was even a male family member.

Looking at the hotel owner with trepidation, Yan Yu was in no mood to ask questions, knowing that this matter had nothing to do with this hotel owner.

“Pull out the surveillance video for us to see.” Ye Mo ignored the shopkeeper’s worried look, he also knew that there was no point in looking for this person.

The surveillance footage was quickly pulled out, and thankfully, the footage was still untouched. There was no footage of the inside of the room, only the front and back of the inn. The footage clearly showed that a man in grey had indeed walked around the front and back of the inn for a while in the early hours of last night.

From the video. The man was wearing grey clothes and had a long face. He was in his forties or fifties and was not masked. And when the man left. Yan Yu had already recognised the blue backpack in his hand, which was the bag in which his sister had packed the ‘Tian Tong Hua’. Yan Yu, who recognised the backpack, sobbed again.

Ye Mo took Yan Yu and left Misty Yang Town again, he already knew that this man who killed and took the flowers was a guy who didn’t understand affairs, just like Yan Yu. If he was an old hand, he would have found a way to delete that video.

It seemed that the man should also be one who came out of a hidden sect, or had been living in an unpopulated place, so he didn’t know anything about this.

“Is there still this kind of flower in the place where you collected the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’?” Ye Mo was also concerned about this, although he was willing to help Yan Yu, the main job could not be pulled off.

Yan Yu shook his head and said, “No, but there are still a lot of the rest of the medicinal herbs there, and I made an appointment with my senior sister to come back after Master’s injuries have healed, then.”

“I happen to want to collect some medicinal herbs, can you show me the place where you collect them? When I have collected the herbs, I will find a way to go back and save your master’s life.” Ye Mo said with some embarra*sment.

His main purpose now was certainly not to go and take revenge for Yan Yu’s senior sister, because he also knew that it was simply not something that could be avenged just because he wanted to, after all, who knew where that guy had escaped to. The reason he went to watch the video was to make a note of that murderer’s appearance, so that if he met him next time, he could get rid of him by the way.

Luckily, Yan Yu still understood, and she knew that asking Ye Mo to catch the murderer now was like finding a needle in a haystack, impractical.

She said, almost without making any demands, “I will take you there, I only ask senior Ye that you can save my master’s life, and I am willing to take you there to collect medicinal herbs.” There were no outsiders, and Yan Yu once again reverted to addressing senior.

Seeming to feel that he was also going a bit too far, Ye Mo casually asked, “Little Yu, you said that your division was almost wiped out by a woman. Why did that woman go on a killing spree to your division, do you know?”

Yan Yu shook her head and said, “I don’t know, but none of our division’s things were missing, only the hidden scripture pavilion was turned over in a mess. Maybe, maybe she was trying to find some books or ancient martial arts techniques.”

Ye Mo, however, was sure that the woman wasn’t going to look for ancient martial arts techniques, since she had cultivated to half-step Xiantian, it was obvious that the techniques she cultivated were definitely first cla*s, how could she possibly look at an ancient martial arts technique from the ‘Lotus Voyage Meditation’?

After the two of them talked for a while, Yan Yu was in a slightly better mood, or she knew that there were some things that even if she was sad, there was no way to come back.

It was good that she had met Ye Mo, although she had to take him to collect herbs, she believed that a person like Ye Mo would definitely keep his word, and since he had said it, he would definitely do it. When the medicinal herbs were collected, he would return to the ‘Lotus Voyage Retreat’ with herself to help her master heal his injuries.

After all, Yan Yu was already at the early stage of Yellow level cultivation and walked very fast, she only took Ye Mo half a day, and at three o’clock in the afternoon, she arrived at the place where the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ was collected again.

This place was somewhat similar to the place where Ye Mo had collected the ‘Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seeds’ and the ‘Face Residing Fruit’, and it was also a very precipitous cliff. According to Yan Yu, she and her senior sister collected the herbs at a place in the middle of this cliff, because the cliff was too high, so the two of them used a long rope. But after her sister died, the long rope was also gone.

“Isn’t this a long rope?” Ye Mo saw a specially made rope as soon as he came up, the same rope he had seen the two ancient martial cultivators who had come to collect medicinal herbs use when he first came to Shennongjia. It seemed that these sects all had their own set of equipment for collecting medicinal herbs.

“Ah, this is my senior sister’s rope, why is it here?” Yan Yu ran to the rope and ran her hand over it, unable to stop herself from crying out again.

Ye Mo’s heart moved and his divine sense immediately swept down, now that he was at the fifth level of Qi practice, his divine sense was already close to eight hundred meters. There was really something different about a place in the middle of the cliff, it was still green and lush, although it wasn’t too lush, but it was so much better than the surrounding bare places. Moreover, this place was not small, it should be more than ten acres in size, so I guess this was the place where Yan Yu had said that medicinal herbs were growing.

Ye Mo was just about to speak when he saw a man in grey carrying a medicine Lou, carefully digging a medicinal herb. Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart, it’s true that there’s a way out of heaven and you’ve come crashing under his hand.

“Xiao Yu, have you ever wondered why this rope is here?” Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Yan Yu came back to her senses, yes, how did this rope appear here? The rope had already been taken away when she and her senior sister left ah. However, she immediately understood what Ye Mo meant and raised her head with some surprise and said, “Senior Ye, do you mean to say that that person he came here? Gathering medicinal herbs here?”

Ye Mo nodded, “If I’m not wrong, it should be after you and your senior sister picked the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’, then the conversation on the road was overheard by him, then he took the ‘Heavenly Tong Flower’ before coming here to collect herbs. “