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DYM Chapter 548

All the people were staring nervously at the fighters in the air, none of them noticed that Ye Mo had disappeared.

The planes were always in front of the fishing boats, even those who didn’t understand knew that this was forcing the fishing boats to stop. Although there were missiles and naval guns on top of the fishing boats, there wasn’t a single gunner.

The four fighters were simply four sheep to Ye Mo. Even if the people on the planes had sensed something coming to the planes, they could not resist Ye Mo’s flying swords.

All four planes had a black sun on the tail, and Ye Mo immediately knew that these were the planes of the ‘Black Sun Empire,’. Immediately after that, Ye Mo was cutting out four swords in succession, compared to the cruiser, the defensive ability of these four planes was practically zero.

“Boom, boom ……,” four flashes of fire, four planes, each with a ball of fire, fell Chapter 548 – Luo Yue Gets Rich, Global Tension into the cold seawater, splashing huge waves.

All the people on the fishing boat stared blankly at the planes that fell into the water, one witnessing a dumbfounded mouth. They couldn’t figure out what was going on or what had happened that this plane, which had intercepted the fishing boat, would suddenly fall into the sea.

Ye Mo reappeared at the prow of the boat, he looked at the crowd who still hadn’t come to their senses, and just said hello to Huang Si You. Telling him that he needed to rest and not to disturb him if he had nothing to do, he entered a separate room.

Ye Mo knew that although he had destroyed four planes, there were definitely still warships ahead of him to block the way, after all, the distance from the Bering Sea to Luo Yue was not close. As for the warship coming after him, Ye Mo didn’t care, because with this speed of the fishing boat, it would be hard to catch up with it. What Ye Mo was worried about was the fleet that was blocking the way ahead, the only one that was possible was the American fleet.

The Americans had lost a warship a few days ago, and they must be strengthening their forces in the Pacific. The shortest way back for the fishing boats was through the North Pacific, which was the Americans’ backyard. The Hawaiian Islands were even in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean.

Therefore, Ye Mo did not stay on top of the fishing boat, but only told the direction Chapter 548 – Luo Yue Gets Rich, Global Tension to Huang Si You, while he himself cleared the road in front. He didn’t want the Yankee and Luo Yue to fight just yet, so if he couldn’t wipe out the other side, Ye Mo wouldn’t make a move.

To Ye Mo’s surprise, the first fleet that stopped over was not the American fleet, but a patrol ship from the Japanese. They seemed to know where the fishing boats were pa*sing through and had stopped ahead early.

Two destroyers, one frigate, and two nuclear submarines. Each warship of this fleet was bigger than the cruiser that Ye Mo had destroyed at the beginning. Ye Mo didn’t have any idea that he was going straight to fight against these five Japanese warships.

The two destroyers and one frigate, under some flying sword attacks from Ye Mo, began to gradually sink. But this time, the Japanese warships actually had a chance to counterattack, and even then, only one shell was sent out after all three warships started to sink.

Facing the two nuclear submarines, Ye Mo would not hesitate to solve the problem directly with two swords. For a nuclear submarine, as long as the outer skin is cut, there is no reason for the people inside to survive, unless they are also a cultivator like Ye Mo.

In a short time, a not-so-small Japanese fleet was completely wiped out. The whole process was so fast that almost no one reflected on it, and the Japanese naval command only received a message that it was just under attack. By the time they arrived at the place of the accident, there was not even a single ghost, not to mention a person.

And after the fishing boat pa*sed the Japanese, although several of the remaining countries had patrol boats spotted it, this fishing boat was even faster than the patrol boats. By the time the others were about to approach, the fishing boat had long since sailed much further away.

In order to take the shortcut, the fishing boat pa*sed directly next to the Philippines and Indonesia. In the middle of this, Ye Mo once again destroyed two planes and three warships of Indonesia. The Philippines and some other following countries saw the Indonesian planes and warships sinking into the sea for no reason and did not dare to push too close. They watched as the fishing boats crossed the Maluku Sea, pa*sed by Indonesia and entered the Indian Ocean, disappearing without a trace.

After the fishing boat entered the Indian Ocean, Ye Mo knew that it was completely safe, even so, he still turned back and took out the two planes that were following him. What was strange to Ye Mo was that although he had exterminated planes and warships from several countries along the way, he just didn’t find any American ones, which made him a bit puzzled.

While Void Yuehua and Xu Ping were shocked that Ye Mo had brought back a large number of techies and a huge amount of gold, the whole world was already in an uproar.

The United States once again reiterated the existence of aliens as they had a missing cruiser in the North Pacific Ocean mouth according to the information sent back before the cruiser sank indicated that what made the cruiser sink was an unknown creature that had a white light flash before the attack.

And the battleship didn’t even have a chance to return fire.

With the global statement issued by the US, there was also a re-affirmation of the Blue Book of Defending the Earth. Even bigger news came from the Japanese that one of their fleets was all but missing, and that the fleet’s remains were finally found on the sea floor nearby. All the marks of the attack on the fleet were the same as those of the American cruiser, and even the same marks as the nuclear submarine that was destroyed in the US some time ago. They were all knife cuts, and it is fair to say that no thermal weapon could have created such wounds. This could only be cut out with a knife, but it is impossible for a man to cut a warship with a knife, and this alien claim is even more solid.

Next, countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia declared that they had spotted a fishing boat going over 60 knots, and Indonesia lost not only three warships, but also several aircraft. The fishing vessel, after crossing Indonesia, eventually disappeared into the Indian Ocean, unaccounted for, and the plane following it inexplicably crashed into the sea.

The aircraft and warships lost were also damaged as if they were the face of a knife, and it was determined that the same weapon had done the damage. In this way many people linked the fishing boat to the aliens, and even suspected that the aliens had intercepted the fishing boat.

It was only at this point that Ye Mo understood why the Americans had not intercepted it in front of them, it turned out that they were investigating the aliens. Ye Mo subconsciously touched his nose, did he count himself as an alien? He soon shook his head, he shouldn’t count, he still had relatives on Earth. Besides, most of the people in the Luo Yue Continent were yellow-skinned too.

Knowing that the fishing boat had been discovered, Void Moon Hua immediately ordered the fishing boat to be dismantled.

Once Ye Mo came back, he surprisingly brought so many scientific and technological personnel, many of them were even internationally renowned experts, which relieved a lot of pressure on Void Yuehua and Ye Xing.

It was just that Ye Mo knew from Void Yuehua’s mouth that the gold was most likely the reserve gold for the founding of the country. Void Yuehua told Ye Mo to put off the idea of selling the gold for the time being, the first being that although Luo Yue was not a country, it was also an independent city, who knew if it had its own monetary system in the future? So it was necessary to reserve a certain amount of gold. Secondly, once Luo Yue’s side sold a large amount of gold, then the ‘Black Sun Empire, which had lost its gold, would immediately suspect Luo Yue.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, he originally thought that after getting so much gold, he would not need to run around for money for the time being, but he never thought that he would still have to get money.

Those techies were sent to one of the most closely guarded places, Ye Mo and Huang Si You had already explained that they would have to be hidden for the time being while Luo Yue City did not have the ability to completely block them off.

Huang Siyou and Pete had basically become people on Luo Yue’s side, so not only was there no pressure, they would instead go and do some work for the other researchers.

With these raw recruits on board, and with their research results, Luo Yue’s technological development went up a few notches at once. Although Ye Xing was powerful, he was only one person, and with these people joining him it was completely different. In many places, he could reduce the progress of the development of new weapons by years with just a few pointers.

This new science and technology research and development team, led by Ye Xing, together with some of the professionals recruited over, this team had slowly taken shape.

And Ye Mo also began to refine the earth-transporting talisman to prepare for his trip to Russia to dig for diamonds.

At the same time, the US held a global summit of nations to discuss alien matters, as well as to refine the Blue Book of Defending the Earth.

Apart from these moves by the US and the Japanese, the little black star island that was killed by Ye Mo was now in an uproar.

‘The Black Sun Empire, with eighty percent of its reserves of gold gone, and hundreds of scientists with ten years of scientific research gone. What’s more is that even the four new fighter jets that chased them out have inexplicably crashed, all of which can only be explained by the aliens that America says are out there.

“Investigate, even if it takes all your strength, you must investigate to the end.” An old man in his sixties stood on this island and stormed out. This one stroke had almost cut the ‘Black Sun Empire, off, or rather cut off eighty percent of the ‘Black Sun Empire,’s Qi. Nearly ten years of hard work had been wasted, and the gold was the result of nearly ten years of hard work by the Black Sun Empire.

When the fishing boat disappeared in the Indian Ocean, it was not that no one suspected Luo Yue City, and many people who suspected Luo Yue City wanted to come and find out information. Even some countries took the opportunity of doing business with Luo Yue City to come and pry, but the fishing boat was disintegrated at the first opportunity and no one could get the slightest news.

Ye Mo was also secretly glad that the ones who came to stop them in the first place were all small countries, the Yanks had concentrated almost all their forces there because of the lost warship. The purpose was of course to find out the reason for it, but they didn’t expect the real reason to pa*s them by, not to mention they didn’t expect the real reason to be that insignificant fishing boat.

A month later, while the ‘Earth Defence Base’ advocated by the Americans was still pulling the wool over their eyes, Ye Mo had already refined nearly a thousand evasive earth talismans.

Ye Mo, who had prepared the earth vanishing talismans, once again left Luo Yue for the Perpigai Crater in the eastern region of Siberia, where he heard that there were trillions of carats of diamonds. Therefore, Ye Mo came to make a fortune. He had made so many recluse talismans, although he didn’t want to and couldn’t take all the diamonds, but he could take a little bit of them.

In Ye Mo’s opinion, it was a matter of self-interest and not harming others, or he would also make a contribution to lowering the price of diamonds worldwide.