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DYM Chapter 638

“Sister Jingwen, although I don’t know why my brother treats Sister Luo Ying so well, but I know that if my brother had met Sister Light Snow before he met Sister Luo Ying. He might have treated Sister Light Snow the same as he treated you, and there are times when I have a feeling that my brother treats Sister Luo Ying as if, as if ……”

Tang Beiwei hesitated for a long time before continuing, “It’s as if they were husband and wife ages ago, I can’t say what that feeling is. Maybe after you cultivate your truth, you also have that nebulous feeling, it’s hard to say clearly, yet it exists.”

“Cultivating truth? Bei Wei, what is cultivating the truth? Is it something that you meditate and cultivate every day?” Su Jingwen asked after hearing Tang Beiwei’s words, jacking in.

Tang Beiwei knew that this shouldn’t be said, but Sister Jingwen was already no different from Sister Qingxue in her heart. She nodded and said, “Yes, that was taught to me by my brother, and he talked about it in a very mysterious way. He told me not to tell anyone about such things, but Sister Jingwen, I feel that you are not an outsider, so I am telling you.”

Su Jingwen lowered her head and didn’t ask any more questions. She was sure that Ye Mo had taught Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue, and Luo Ying definitely knew how to do it too, but she didn’t. Just from this point of view, Ye Mo’s proximity was clear, and she was ultimately a bit inferior.

Ye Mo’s ability was so great, so maybe it was something to do with that cultivation or whatever. Moreover, Su Jingwen clearly felt that Tang Beiwei also had an ethereal aura similar to Ye Mo’s, that feeling was very mysterious, very intimate, and had a taste of being out of the ordinary.

Seemingly sensing that Su Jingwen had some hard feelings in her heart, Tang Beiwei said, “Sister Jingwen. If you want to learn, I can teach you, my brother won’t scold me.”

Su Jingwen shook her head, “No need, I don’t want to learn.” Ye Mo didn’t teach her, Bei Wei teaching her would only make her heart feel bad.

The two of them fell into a long silence, although Sister Jingwen was no different from Ning Qingxue in Tang Beiwei’s heart, but in her heart brother Ye Mo’s position was obviously a little more important. So she didn’t know how she should comfort Sister Jingwen.

A long time pa*sed. Only then did Tang Beiwei break the silence and suddenly said, “Sister Jingwen, can I ask you a question?”

Su Jingwen’s eyes were a little red, and she nodded her head. No words were spoken.

“If you like my brother, and my brother likes you, but one day when you are about to get married. But when you find out that you are my brother’s long-lost real sister. What would you do?” Tang Beiwei’s eyes were also a little red, and she didn’t know why she was asking this.

“Ah, how is that possible, my parents are both here, how can I be your brother’s ……” Su Jingwen felt that Tang Beiwei’s words were a bit crazy, how can this be equated together.

Tang Beiwei shook her head and said, “There is nothing impossible in this world, when my brother and I met, I didn’t know he was my brother.”

“Beiwei, you?” Su Jingwen looked at Tang Beiwei in surprise.

Tang Beiwei shook her head again and said, “It’s not what you think, my brother will always be my brother in my heart. I am asking you if. There’s really no other meaning.”

Su Jingwen understood what Tang Beiwei meant, and she also shook her head, “If it’s really like that, you definitely can’t get married.”

Tang Beiwei sighed and didn’t continue talking. She remembered what Luo Ying had said to her last night. ‘I know his poison can’t be removed, but I like him. I have a feeling that we knew each other a long time ago, that we were husband and wife, it’s just that that time was too long ago. So I just want to be when we leave this world together. To be able to marry him. As for what I am to him in this world, what does it matter, I’ll be with him when he lives and I’ll be with him when he dies.’

Just as Luo Ying said, there is a destiny in the underworld, and there is no way to separate that kind of destiny. To brother, Sister Luo Ying was his destiny, and to Sister Luo Ying, brother was just as much her one and only. So she believed that if brother had known Sister Luo Ying before Sister Qingxue, perhaps the outcome would really have been different.

Sister Jingwen liked brother perhaps as much as herself, with a sense of admiration and contrast. Compared to the people around her, brother’s excellence was just too obvious. Or maybe brother had touched her in some places, and there were even many places that made her heart flutter.

But her fondness was definitely different from Sister Luo Ying’s fondness. Sister Luo Ying’s fondness for her brother was the kind that could not be expressed in words, the kind that was engraved in her bones and followed in a meditative providence. That was perhaps what transcended fondness, perhaps it could be called love.

If brother was still as decadent as before, if brother was still as ordinary as before, even the lowest existence without the slightest brightness.

Then Sister Jingwen might have gone to help Brother, but definitely would not have gone to like him. Sister Light Snow might sympathise with brother, but she would not like him, let alone love him. But Sister Luo Ying is different, as long as she has decided that her brother is the one in her mind, even if he is poor or rich, good or bad, handsome or ugly, she will still go out of her way to like him, that kind of like is love.

Tang Beiwei also knew that her thoughts were unfair to Sister Qingxue and Sister Jingwen, but she was Ye Mo’s younger sister, and her thoughts were from her brother’s point of view. No matter what, she was always thinking from her brother’s perspective.

Seeing Tang Beiwei sigh and not continue speaking, Su Jingwen seemed to have some clarity. Suddenly she looked up and let out a laugh, “Beiwei, after talking to you for a while, I feel a lot more relaxed. By the way, I’m leaving Ninghai, bless me a little.”

Tang Beiwei froze for a moment and immediately asked, “Sister Jingwen, you also said yesterday that we would go to the beach in Qingdao together in a few days …… Did you make the decision all of a sudden? What about your company?”

Su Jingwen nodded, “Yes, Beiwei, I suddenly feel like I’m stupid. So I want to go and do something I want to do, and my mother is still in charge of the company.”

Looking at Tang Beiwei who still wanted to ask something else, Su Jingwen suddenly waved her hand and said, “Don’t ask what I’m going to do, I actually just want to go out for a break, maybe I’ll be ready to go into politics.”

“Why do you suddenly want to have such an idea?” Tang Beiwei knew that Su Jingwen must have some hard feelings in her heart, but she and Su Jingwen were so used to living together that she was really not used to being apart all of a sudden.

“I went to Yanjing for my grandfather’s birthday a few days ago, and my grandfather thinks I have a natural sense of politics. But I don’t like those things, I hate the hypocrisy of politics. So I just say it’s possible, and I don’t really go. Or maybe I’ll play around outside and come back again. ……” Su Jingwen said in a relaxed tone.

Tang Beiwei fell silent, she knew that since Su Jingwen had said this, she would definitely not go for a spin and come back. Even if she doesn’t go into politics, maybe she’ll go do something else. Staying in Ninghai, she wouldn’t be able to help coming to this small courtyard, and when she came to this small courtyard, she wouldn’t be able to help thinking of Ye Mo.

Maybe this was good for her too. Tang Beiwei took out a handful of fireball talismans and stuffed them into Su Jingwen’s hand, no matter what, it was always good to take more fireball talismans with you when you were going out.

Su Jingwen looked at the dozens of fireball talismans in her hand and knew that they were all given by Ye Mo to her sister for self-defense. Tang Beiwei didn’t wait for Su Jingwen to refuse, she immediately grabbed out a large handful again and said, “Sister Jingwen, you need more things to protect yourself when you go out, I still have them here.”

Su Jingwen nodded, put away the fireball talisman and silently left the courtyard, not even saying goodbye, or maybe she didn’t want to say it.

Tang Beiwei looked at Su Jingwen’s back and suddenly felt that she was a little lonely. Just like herself, staying alone in Ninghai, wasn’t she lonely?

Su Jingwen had been gone for a long time, but Tang Beiwei was still sitting inside the courtyard in some silence, she didn’t even know what to do alone. It was only after a long time that she remembered to close the courtyard door.

Tang Beiwei had just closed the courtyard door and had not even had time to walk to the flower bed when the courtyard door was knocked on again. Tang Beiwei suddenly had some bad feeling, who would come looking for her? Sister Jingwen and Sister Yunbing both had keys, they wouldn’t knock on the door.

But apart from them, she didn’t have any acquaintances in Ninghai.