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Fortune Divination Chapter 13

At this moment, Zhang Chu’s gaze was fixed on Scar Liu as he coldly said:

“Lottery numbers, I can calculate them!”

“However, just because I can calculate it, it doesn’t mean that you have that life to pick it up.”

“People lose money every day in this world, do you have the life to pick it up?”

“You’re just a cheap bast*rd, you still want to inquire about the lottery numbers, are you worthy?”

Although Scar Liu was pinched by Zhang Chu’s wrist, he had come with a mission.

At this moment, Scar Liu shivered and said, “Master, are you saying that you can calculate lottery numbers?”

“Of course.”Zhang Chu said.

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu said, “However, your life is too cheap, if the lottery numbers are given to you, you won’t live long.”

Scar Liu didn’t believe this, he hurriedly said, “Master, you give me the lottery numbers, whether I have that life or not, that’s my own business, but if you can calculate it, I’ll come tomorrow to kowtow to you a hundred times to make amends.”

Zhang Chu sneered and loosened Scar Liu’s hand.

At the same time, Zhang Chu said, “Since you’ve lived long enough, I’ll fulfil you, want lottery numbers? You can!”

Scar Liu hurriedly drew back his hand and rubbed his wrist, a look of scorn and disbelief on his face.

At this time, Zhang Chu laughed coldly, drew out a slip of paper, and with a thought, instantly wrote a set of numbers on the slip of paper.

Scar Liu hurriedly reached out, wanting to get the note.

However, Zhang Chu withdrew his hand and did not give the note to Scar Liu.

At this moment, Zhang Chu laughed, “There are a few rules, so remember them clearly.”

Scar Liu’s eyes were filled with greed, and he hurriedly nodded, “You said, as long as you give me that number, whatever you say.”

At this moment, Scar Liu’s heart was thrilled beyond measure.

If the lottery number was wrong, then his mission for today would be complete, and when the time came to spread the news of Zhang Chu’s miscalculation, he would be able to make a big fuss about the fact that there was a liar on Furong Street.

In reality, Shangguan Xing had asked Scar Liu to come to Hibiscus Street to cause trouble, originally to ruin Hibiscus Street’s reputation and make Shangguan Qingxue’s face look bad.

This way, in the Shangguan Family’s clan meeting a month later, Shangguan Xing would be able to use this matter to press Shangguan Qingxue.

And if Zhang Chu counted the numbers correctly, it would be even more comfortable, what’s wrong with him, Scar Liu, making a fortune?

Therefore, as long as Zhang Chu dared to give him the lottery numbers, he would not lose.

At this time, Zhang Chu said, “Firstly, the content on this note, only you can read it, it won’t work if it’s seen by others.”

“I understand this!”Scar Liu said hurriedly.

“Secondly, this note you must keep it close to you, you can’t lose it, you can’t destroy it or eat it, otherwise, the fortune will be lost.”

“Good good good!”Scar Liu hurriedly agreed.

At this moment, Zhang Chu faintly smiled, “Alright, roll.”

With that, the note was given to Scar Liu.

After Scar Liu got the note, he hurriedly opened it, trying to memorise the set of numbers in his heart.

At this time, Zhang Chu then suddenly laughed: “By the way, in addition to the lottery numbers, I additionally give you a free fortune: go out and do not turn east in the past, today, you can not look high up.”

Scar Liu was stunned and asked, “Turning east, or looking up high, the lottery numbers won’t work?”

Zhang Chu laughed, “Even if you die, this number will still be valid as long as it is not seen by others.”

“What I said about not turning east and not looking high up means that there is someone in that direction who can cure you, and this hexagram, is a free gift to you.”

If someone who knows the trade hears the words “give away the trigrams for free”, he will surely change his face greatly.

Because there are rules in the fortune-telling business, fortune-telling must charge money, charge money, this is the pressure of the blessing. Only in rare cases, only free fortune-telling.

Like being fortune-telling immediately to die, or counted after this fortune-telling and then no good days, all the way downhill, only this extreme case, will be free fortune-telling.

Scar Liu where to understand this, as soon as he heard that someone to cure himself, immediately laughed: “Cure me? Haha, I’d like to see, who the hell dares to cure me!”

After saying that, Scar Liu turned around, and after walking out of the shop, he directly turned towards the east.

When Zhang Chu saw Scar Liu’s movements, he smiled faintly, “Since you want to die, you can’t blame anyone else!”

Shangguan Qingxue then opened her mouth and asked, “Zhang Chu, he’ll be in danger if he goes east?”

At this time, Zhang Chu said, “Originally, there wasn’t much danger in whichever direction he went, as the saying goes, cheap lives are good to feed.”

“However, after he took the lottery numbers, his one cheap life can’t be suppressed, going in either direction is not the right way to go.”

Shangguan Qingxue instantly asked, “Then why did you say that going east would be dangerous?”

Zhang Chu casually said, “Oh, if you go east, you’ll die a little faster.”

“Ah?”Lin SiYu opened her mouth wide, her head full of question marks.

While Zhang Chu explained, “If Scar Liu listens to me and doesn’t go east, he might still be able to live to touch a few million, he doesn’t listen to me and prefers to go east, heh …… I bet that within half an hour, he will have a bloodbath!”

Shangguan Qingxue’s eyes lit up and turned her head to the female secretary, “SiYu, go and take a look!”

The female secretary, Lin SiYu, was also curious, and she quietly followed.

After Scar Liu went out, his heart was actually in a state of shock.

But soon, he took a deep breath and expelled the chaotic thoughts from his mind.

“Damn it, Master Star asked me to pick a fight, then I must pick a fight to the end, don’t let me go east? I’ll go east! Don’t let me raise my head? I’ll raise my head!”

“If no one fights with me today, I’ll turn around and smash his shop …… Oh no, I’ll take advantage of the fact that no one is around at night and smash the glass of his shop!”Scar Liu muttered in his heart.

After Scar Liu walked east for a while, his eyes kept sweeping high up.

After about seven or eight minutes, Scar Liu suddenly froze and stopped.

His eyes, suddenly landed not far away, on the third floor location of a certain hotel.

A woman was pressed by a man against a glass window, half of her body pressed against the window, and her skirt was lifted up by the man from behind.

Although the woman was cloaked in hair and could not see her face, Scar Liu inexplicably felt that the woman’s figure was very much like the wife who had left him behind!

At this moment, Scar Liu instantly became furious in his heart: ”b*tch! I’ll kill you pair of dogs.”

However, what Scar Liu didn’t notice was that on the side of the road, an honest looking man suddenly rushed towards Scar Liu with quick steps.

This honest man had a sharp dagger hidden in his sleeve!

Scar Liu’s eyes were on fire, and he kept looking in the direction of the hotel, where could he notice what was going on around him.

Suddenly, this honest looking man rushed behind Scar Liu in one step, and the dagger stabbed directly through Scar Liu’s back waist.


Scar Liu’s entire body felt a coldness in his back and was stunned in place.

In the next second, that honest man, wrapped his arms around Scar Liu’s neck, this man whispered in Scar Liu’s ear, “Scar Liu, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”


The dagger was pulled out, but immediately after, the man gave Scar Liu’s back another knife.

Two knives, directly making Scar Liu lose his ability to resist.

But Scar Liu didn’t die, he just slowly twisted his head, looking at the strange face, a face of horror: “Who the …… f*ck are you?”

“Laozi is Yang Xiaolu his own father!”The honest man’s eyes had a thrill of revenge.

He suddenly went crazy, and his dagger quickly stabbed Scar Liu, stabbing a dozen times in just a few seconds of work.

At this moment, in Scar Liu’s mind, the appearance of a freshly graduated female university student suddenly appeared.