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Fortune Divination Chapter 18

Everyone’s gazes fell on Zhang Chu, all wanting to see if Zhang Chu could help this young man realise his wish.

Zhang Chu’s mind moved, and his words flew, “Now, you go out and turn left, and you’ll encounter an old woman selling dumplings.”

“After you meet the old woman, buy ten yuan of dumplings, open one of the dumplings, don’t eat it, take the dumplings and run forward, and after you see a woman dancing in the street, immediately turn right.”

“Then walk straight, don’t stop, fortune comes from the street!”

After Zhang Chu finished speaking, the crowd was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Shangguan Xing couldn’t help but say, “What is this mess? Buying dumplings again and not eating them, playing dumb riddles?”

Shangguan Qingxue also looked odd: “On this street, there are very few mobile stalls, right, the management on my side is quite strict.”

Zhang Chu, however, did not reply, but looked at the young man, “Remember it clearly?”

The young man nodded, “Remember it clearly!”

Immediately after, the young man turned around and walked out.

Shangguan Xing and Shangguan Qingxue were instantly curious, however, both of them were people of status, so they definitely wouldn’t follow them out to see for themselves.

Shangguan Qingxue once again gave Lin SiYue a look, and Lin SiYue hurriedly got up and quietly followed him out.

Sure enough, after the young man went out and turned left, after walking a few steps, he actually met an old woman selling rice dumplings.

That old woman pushed a cart, while walking while hawking: “Rice dumplings, sweet rice dumplings, three yuan a, ten yuan three ……”

Most people buy rice dumplings only buy one, only that young man, after arriving at the old woman, directly took out ten yuan, bought three.

Then, the young man in accordance with the words of Zhang Chu, first of all, the dumplings open, and then straight away.

Walked not long, really saw a crazy, unkempt woman, the woman seems to be mentally stimulated by what, while walking while dancing, face with a sunny smile.

Seeing this, the young man once again followed Zhang Chu’s words and turned right, entering a small alley.

He didn’t care about anything, lowered his head and walked straight ahead, Lin SiYu almost lost him.

After walking for a short while, a very thin big dog suddenly came out from the side of the road, this big dog blocked the young man’s way and barked a few times towards the young man.

When the young man heard the dog barking, he was immediately scared and shivered, and the dumplings fell to the ground.

He had been afraid of dogs since he was a child, and at this time the young man turned around and wanted to run.

But in the next second, the young man suddenly thought that the dumplings were something that Zhang Chu had asked him to take, and it was about his fortune, so he could not feed it to the dog.

So, the young man bent down and tried to pick up the dumplings.

However, the stray dog was also hungry and directly pounced over to grab that sweet dumpling.

The young man’s hand caught the dumpling at first, and he was delighted.

But the stray dog was anxious, it has been hungry for days, eyes only the dumplings that fell on the ground, see the young man even snatch with it, this stray dog a mouth bite on the young man’s hand.

“Ah!”The young man screamed miserably and bled.

Immediately after, the dumplings fell, the stray dog snatched the dumplings, a mouth swallowed.

The young man was instantly anxious, in his mind, since the fortune teller said that he should get three dumplings, the three dumplings represented fortune.

How can it be eaten by a dog?

So, this young man was anxious, directly pounced on the stray dog, wanting the stray dog to swallow the dumplings spit out.

After the stray dog ate a dumpling, found that the young man’s arms there are two dumplings, immediately want another two dumplings.

A man and a dog, unexpectedly fought.

Not far away, Lin SiYu looked dumbfounded, immediately after she thought in her heart: “The dumplings were all snatched by the dog, the so-called fortune, surely there is no more it.”

Thinking of this, Lin SiYu hurriedly turned around and left.

Zhang Chu’s Feng Shui shop, when Lin SiYu finished what she had seen, Shangguan Xing burst out laughing:

“Hahahaha, laughed me to death, hahaha …… and a horizontal fortune? As a result, you caused someone to be bitten by a dog, hahaha, laugh at my father.”

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, was dumbfounded as she looked at Zhang Chu in shock, with a look of incomprehension, as Zhang Chu had never made a mistake before.

On the contrary, Zhang Chu had a bashful face, “What’s the hurry, isn’t it not even half an hour yet.”

Shangguan Xing laughed: “Listening to Lin SiYu, that young man’s dumplings fell off and bit up with the dog, it’s unlikely that he’ll have to go to the rabies vaccine later on and lose a few thousand, is this the crossroads you’re talking about?”

Zhang Chu did not reply, but sat there by himself, seemingly waiting for something.

Shangguan Xing, on the other hand, raised his hand and glanced at his watch before saying, “Fifteen minutes have already passed, I’d like to see how that young man is going to get rich after another fifteen minutes.”

Just then, a noise and the sound of a dog barking suddenly came from outside the shop.

Shangguan Xing immediately stood up, “Hahaha, he’s back, and he even caught that dog that bit him, hahaha ……”

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue, Zhang Chu and a few others came together outside the shop.

Sure enough, that young man with blood on his hands and his arm clamped around the dog’s neck, was bringing that stray dog towards Zhang Chu’s shop.

As he walked this way, the young man shouted, “Fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller! Everyone, come see, that fortune teller is pitting me!”

Well, the young man was annoyed too.

I did what you said, and instead of seeing the fortune, I got bitten by a dog, isn’t that a pit?

So, he caught that big dog, and came to the personal dirty …… Oh no, the dog dirty all won!

Everyone on the street saw the situation, and then they all gathered around.

“What’s going on What’s going on?”Many people have asked questions.

The young man dragged the dog towards the Feng Shui shop while telling the crowd about his fortune telling.

Soon, the onlookers understood what was going on, and in a short while, the crowd filled Zhang Chu’s Feng Shui shop.

At the entrance of Zhang Chu’s shop, the young man locked his arm around the dog’s neck and didn’t enter the shop, but stood at the entrance shouting:

“Is this the fortune you told me? Where’s the promised fortune?”

Around, many people took mobile phones and took pictures.

Many people are also talking:

“When I heard in the morning that this shop could tell lottery numbers, I thought it was unreliable, and something really happened, didn’t it!”

“That’s right, the crooks are too crazy now, the adverts have gone to the traffic station, this is a big deal.”

“Compensate money, harming people bitten by a dog, do not compensate a few tens of thousands of dollars, this matter can not be said.”

“Expose him, drive him out of Furong Street, we can’t have this kind of black sheep in this place!”


Shangguan Xing, on the other hand, directly moved out a chair from the shop and sat directly next to it, crossing his legs with a cosy expression.

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, frowned hard as she was now very worried about Zhang Chu’s situation.

It couldn’t be helped, her soul had been seduced by others, and she unconsciously considered for Zhang Chu.

At this moment, that young man finally stopped accusing with the people around him, and instead looked directly at Zhang Chu as he shouted, “Fortune teller, I followed what you said, and not only did I not get rich, but I was bitten by a dog, so what do you think, what should I do?”

The surroundings suddenly quieted down, all eyes fell on Zhang Chu, and many people also pointed their mobile phones at Zhang Chu, wanting to see how Zhang Chu would explain.