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Fortune Divination Chapter 24

How could Zhang Chu accept this kind of offering?

Even if he wanted to lie flat, Zhang Chu’s master could not afford to lose that person.

At this moment, Zhang Chu refused without any hesitation, “I appreciate Master Jin Liu’s good intentions, however, I’m a person who is used to being free and can’t afford to be constrained, so don’t mention the offerings or anything else.”

When Master Jin Liu saw Zhang Chu’s refusal, he immediately frowned slightly, his expression seeming a little displeased.

In Master Jin Liu’s opinion, wasn’t the young man in front of him a little ungrateful?

Although Master Jin Liu was respectful on the surface and knew Zhang Chu’s affairs like the back of his hand, that was just a bit of face-saving.

Ten million isn’t enough. How much do you want? How much are you worth? It’s really a bit of an insult, isn’t it?

At this moment, although Master Jin Liu didn’t say anything, the aura on his body was much colder, and that kind of aura of being in a high position for a long time was displayed all of a sudden.

If an ordinary person felt this kind of aura, they would only be immediately frightened, this kind of aura, an ordinary person would not be able to withstand it at all.

However, Zhang Chu was not under any pressure at all, as he carried a crab leg by himself and gnawed on it like no one else.

Grandma Six saw that the atmosphere was not right and hurriedly laughed, “Boss, I’ve heard that Mr Zhang has just come to Jinling not long ago, he might not be clear about the pattern of Jinling, there are some things that can’t be rushed.”

Master Jin Liu nodded slightly and stopped speaking.

However, there was some coldness in Master Jin Liu’s expression.

In his eyes, Feng Shui masters who couldn’t be used for themselves, even if they had a bit of a doorway, they were just so-so, and it wasn’t worth bothering to befriend them anymore.

Some times, give face, you have to catch it, you can’t catch it, there will be no dealings in the future.

However, Sixth Grandma was very interested in Zhang Chu, and at this time, she spoke, “Mr Zhang, is it possible that that girl, Shangguan Qingxue, said something to you that caused Mr to have some misunderstanding of my Jin Family?”

Zhang Chu laughed as he ate the crab, “This matter has nothing to do with others, as I said, I’m a person who is used to being free-spirited and can’t be constrained.”

“Trying to get me to work as a staffer for anyone alone, it’s better not to mention it.”

Seeing Zhang Chu’s resolute tone, Master Jin Liu instantly grunted, “That’s fine, people have their own aspirations!”

At this moment, Master Jin Six already wanted to leave, his time was precious.

Sixth Grandma could see what Master Jin’s Sixth Master was thinking, she hurriedly said, “Dangjia, Mr Zhang is not an ordinary person, don’t we happen to have something to do, perhaps, we can ask for Mr Zhang’s help and take a look.”

Zhang Chu instantly stopped his chopsticks and looked at Grandma Six, wondering what Grandma Six had in mind.

Grandmaster Jin Six pondered for a little while before saying, “I’m afraid that there’s nothing Mr Zhang can do about our matter.”

Zhang Chu was instantly interested, “Oh? Tell me!”

Master Jin Liu said indifferently, “We want to have a son.”

When Zhang Chu heard this, he was instantly speechless in his heart.

Nima, you are over seventy years old and you still want a son, no wonder you said that there was nothing you could do to find me.

At your age, even if you ate ginseng as a carrot every day, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to produce a son.

Of course, out of professional habit, Zhang Chu still glanced at Master Jin Liu and Grandma Liu.

Soon after, Zhang Chu shook his head, “I’m afraid this won’t work, nine years ago, both of you lost your fertility at the same time, if I’m not mistaken, you should have taken some kind of medicine.”

Zhang Chu’s words were casual, but Master Jin Six and Grandma Six stood up violently.

At this moment, Master Jin Six’s eyes widened, “What did you say? Nine years ago!”

Immediately after that, Master Jin Liu and Grandmother Six glanced at each other, and the two seemed to have remembered something at the same time.

At this moment, Master Jin Liu’s complexion changed for a while.

The look he gave Zhang Chu was no longer so lofty, but was filled with shock and incredulity.

Finally, he asked in a somewhat difficult tone, “Mr Zhang …… Zhang, you confirm that it was nine years ago that we lost our fertility? At the same time?”

Zhang Chu nodded his head lightly, “Very sure, from the face, nine years ago, the two of you lost your fertility at the same time, there can be no mistake.”

Master Jin Liu seemed to want to confirm something, his expression was ugly as he asked, “Can …… you be specific about the month, or season?”

Zhang Chu directly said, “Half of July!”

“This ……” Sixth Grandma’s expression was also unsightly, she clenched her fists hard and bit her lip:

“I get it, I get it, nine years ago, when big brother gave you the position of the head of the Jin family and made us drink those medicines, it turned out to be for these!”

“Big brother is so ruthless!”Master Jin Six also said with some trembling.

Nine years ago, Master Jin Six had taken over the identity of the Head of the Jin Family from his elder brother through means.

On that day, Master Jin Liu’s elder brother said that if he wanted to get that position, he had to be a husband and wife who were of one mind, and never divorce, and wanted Master Jin Liu and his wife to drink a secret bowl of loyalty soup together.

Back then, the sixth master Jin did not think too much, because this is the Jin family has always been the rule.

Anyone in power in the Jin family needed to take a special dose of soup.

Unexpectedly, that special dose of soup was meant to sterilise them!

At this moment, Master Jin Liu understood in his heart.

The old men of the Jin family, allowed Master Jin Six to be the head of the family, but never allowed Master Jin Six to have his own children.

As for the reason, it was actually simple.

The problem was with Grandma Six, when Grandma Six was young, she was a small film star, and there was quite a lot of gossip when she was young.

The Jin family was prejudiced against Grandma Six’s origins and felt that Grandma Six was unclean.

If Grandma Six was allowed to have a child, and Master Jin Six was in charge of the Jin family, then Grandma Six’s child would almost certainly become the next Jin family head.

Letting a woman whose youth was full of gossip become the main mother of the future head of the Jin Family? That would definitely be a disgrace to the Jin Family.

Therefore, they absolutely could not allow such a thing to happen.

On the contrary, Master Jin’s Sixth Master had the means, and the Jin Family’s younger generation was not young enough, so nine years ago, that’s why that kind of thing happened.

Before, Master Jin and Grandma Six had not suspected that bowl of soup because the Jin family had always had that kind of rule.

But now, the two understood something!

And before, no one had ever told Master Jin Six with such certainty as Zhang Chu.

Therefore, Master Jin Sixth and Sixth Grandmother instantly treated Zhang Chu as a lifesaver.

Master Jin Six eagerly asked, “Mr Zhang, do you think there’s any salvation in our situation?”

Zhang Chu shook his head, “It’s hopeless, Master Jin Six’s face, he has no children in his old age, even if he tries his best, it won’t help.”

Hearing these words, Master Jin Six instantly seemed like a deflated ball of leather, all of a sudden slumping in his chair.

Sixth Grandmother’s expression was also very grey, and her tears could not stop flowing downwards.

God knows how much effort they had made in order to want a child of their own.

Over the years, all kinds of divine doctors had been seen, and all kinds of Bodhisattvas had been worshipped.

In order to have a child, they even went to live inside a certain living Buddha’s temple in the Tibetan region for a month.

However, even though Master Jin Liu had conditioned himself to be even more dragonlike, there had been no half-signal from Grandma Six’s stomach.

Now, hearing that Zhang Chu had directly sentenced them to death, the two people’s hearts were filled with sourness.

For a rich and powerful old man like Master Jin Six, there was no greater wish than to have the power in his hands passed on to his own son.

But now, this hope was extinguished.

And there is nothing more painful than the sixth grandma, it was not easy to boil those old people in the Jin family who looked down on them, and felt that she could finally catch her breath and was ready to hold a son to consolidate her position, but as a result ……

Finally, as if Jin Sixth Master had thought it through, he stood up with a tired look on his face, “Mr Zhang, excuse me, I’m a little unwell, I’m going to take a rest.”

Grandma Six also hurriedly got up and tried to help Master Jin Six leave.

Right now, these two people suddenly had no hope for the future and wanted to exit.

However, at this moment, Zhang Chu suddenly spoke, “Wait!”

Grandma Six hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Mr Zhang, we’ve already bought the order, we won’t let you break the bank.”

Zhang Chu was instantly speechless, although I don’t have much money now, I’m not so afraid of you guys skipping out on the bill. ……

At this time, Zhang Chu asked in a somewhat puzzled manner, “Both of you, I don’t quite understand, don’t you have a biological son, why do you have to insist on having another one?”

After Zhang Chu said this, Master Jin Liu and Grandmother Six froze at the same time.