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Fortune Divination Chapter 3

In fact, Zhang Chu knew at a glance that this woman, was caught by the turtle boarder.

The so-called turtle board refers to a kind of man who specialises in relying on young ladies to make a living.

This kind of person fell in love with the young lady, saying that they didn’t care about their status, relying on sweet words to coax the young lady, and letting the young lady take care of their food, clothing, housing, and travelling.

Turtle plate son especially understand the inner world of the lady, can let the lady willingly support them.

Moreover, this kind of turtle boarder, often at the same time dating several ladies, used to maintain their own quality of life.


Hehe, I’m afraid Liu Mengting herself knows that that man is just after her money.

Coming over to ask for a fortune was just wanting a comfort.

Generally speaking, when a physiognomist encountered such a situation, he would say a few auspicious words to send him away.

However, Zhang Chu did not do that, because Liu Mengting had a fortune today, and Zhang Chu’s foreign fortune would depend on this business to be completed.

Therefore, Zhang Chu had to show his real skills, and he didn’t give the lady the answer she wanted.

As soon as Liu Mengting saw that Zhang Chu wasn’t cooperating, she immediately got up and drew back the hundred dollars from the stall.

Immediately after, Liu Mengting had a look of disgust on her face:

“How can someone like you still be a physiognomist? You don’t know how to read people’s words and colours, I just want to ask for a fortune, if you can’t see that, what kind of a physiognomist are you!”

The so-called fortune-telling is a small benefit in the fortune-telling business.

Many people who have a child, marry a daughter-in-law, or have a child in college, will look for a fortune teller to ask for a good word, in order to have a peace of mind.

When it comes to this kind of thing, the fortune teller will casually say a few words of good luck, and the small amount of money will naturally come to hand, which is an unspoken rule between the fortune teller and the guests.

Liu Mengting didn’t get a good fortune, of course she wasn’t happy.

At this time, Liu Menting hummed: “You don’t even earn the money sent to the door, you deserve to have a stall for the rest of your life!”

Around, many people laughed out loud.

“Young man, in the end, the Dao is shallow.”

“It’s better to go back and learn more from your master, if you want to rely on this craft to eat, you still need to be proficient in the ways of the world.”

Monk Ninety also shook his head, feeling that Zhang Chu could not do business like this.

However, Zhang Chu was unperturbed and calm, not changing his colour at all because of the ridicule of the people around him.

Liu Mengting turned around, wanting to leave.

Suddenly, Zhang Chu sighed, “Pity, pity, pity, there’s a big gold lump you don’t want, you have to find a man to eliminate the gold for you, pity, stupid!”

Liu Mengting instantly turned her head to look at Zhang Chu, “Gold lump?”

Zhang Chu stared at Liu Mengting with a clear gaze, “Not bad, you have a divine magpie descending on you today, the God of Wealth is at your door, there will be a fortune, but-”

Zhang Chu’s words turned, “But, if you don’t have a nobleman to point you in the right direction, that fortune will inevitably be lost to you.”

Liu Menting smiled disdainfully, “Hehe, you’re such an interesting person, horizontal wealth? Do you want me to call you two thousand dollars, and then let me wait at home for the fortune to come to me? Isn’t this a proper telecommunication fraud routine.”

“Don’t believe me?”Zhang Chu asked.

Liu Mengting hummed, “Why don’t you say a few words to make me believe you.”

Zhang Chu swept a glance at Liu Mengting and said in the next second, “Sixteen!”

With three simple words, Liu Mengting’s complexion suddenly changed drastically, as if Zhang Chu had hit some sore spot of hers.

At this moment, Liu Mengting was suddenly uneasy and looked somewhat at a loss for words.

Zhang Chu smiled faintly and pointed at the small mat, “Sit!”

Liu Mengting’s complexion changed for a while, and soon, she sat back down on the small zigzag.

She lit a cigarette for herself and took a hard sip, as if to calm her mood.

At this moment, the onlookers on the road immediately put away the ridicule that they had just expressed, everyone could see that Zhang Chu must have hit on something!

Everyone’s gazes, fell on Liu Mengting and Zhang Chu, all wanting to see, how this fate would be calculated!

However, very quickly, Liu Mengting took a deep breath and replaced it with an expression of brute indifference, “What’s wrong with being sixteen years old? Say it.”

Zhang Chu’s expression was bland, looking calm and confident as he spoke eloquently:

“The sixteenth birthday is the demarcation point of your life.”

“Before the age of sixteen, you have a beautiful family, your father is powerful, you study well, your teachers like you, and everyone surrounds you.”

“After sixteen, your family breaks up.”

“At seventeen, your dad went to prison and is still in jail.”

“Back then, you lost your financial resources, dropped out of school, and entered society.”

With every word Zhang Chu said, Liu Mengting’s expression changed.

Originally, she looked like she didn’t care, but now, her hand that was holding the cigarette was shaking, and there were even two lines of tears flowing out.

Zhang Chu had directly made a young lady cry with a few words.

Liu Mengting’s heart was dripping blood, from a rich girl to a desk girl, those who hadn’t experienced it wouldn’t be able to appreciate her pain.

Liu Mengting clearly remembered that when she just went to the sea, those people who used to beg her father to do something, how they specially ordered her to be an escort, how they wantonly humiliated her.

That feeling of humiliation, she would never forget it for the rest of her life.

At this moment, Liu Mengting raised her head and looked at Zhang Chu, “You …… you really know how to tell fortunes?”

Zhang Chu’s expression was bland, “Of course I can tell fortunes, and-”

“I can also calculate that your current boyfriend needs a large sum of money, so you’ve come to ask me if he’s sincere to you.”

Hearing this, Liu Mengting’s complexion changed dramatically, “Master, what you said is too accurate!”

Immediately after that, Liu Mengting told the matter herself, “That’s right, my boyfriend said that his mother is sick and needs a large sum of money, so I’m going to sell the old mansion and give him an emergency first ……”

Zhang Chu could not calculate that her boyfriend’s mother was sick, Zhang Chu could only calculate that her so-called boyfriend was probably a gambler.

Of course, Zhang Chu didn’t remind Liu Meng Ting, because Liu Meng Ting wasn’t a fool, she definitely knew these things by heart.

She lied to herself, so who could do anything about it?

Sometimes, a lady’s feelings were just so humble and cheap.

Right now, Zhang Chu only wanted to finish this business and earn his share of money.

So Zhang Chu asked, “Believe it now?”

“Believe believe believe!”Liu Mengting hurriedly nodded her head.

At this moment, Liu Mengting’s expression became respectful as she extinguished her cigarette with a pious look on her face, “Master, you said that I have a fortune today, may I ask, where exactly is my fortune?”

Both the people around and the monk Ninety came to be interested.

All of them looked at Zhang Chu curiously, wanting to know what kind of horizontal fortune such a windfall lady could have.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, said, “This horizontal wealth of yours, you need someone to point out this Gua Jin ……”

Liu Mengting didn’t even think about it, “As long as it’s an unexpected fortune, how much you say, is how much.”

“According to the rules, I’m going to draw twenty per cent of your fortune.”Zhang Chu said.

“Good!”Liu Mengting agreed.

Only then did Zhang Chu say, “But wherever there is unexpected wealth, there must be auspicious omens, so you should first carefully think about what auspicious omens you’ve encountered.”

“Auspicious omen?”Liu Mengting frowned, “What auspicious omen? I don’t feel like I’ve encountered any good things ah, there’s a whole lot of unlucky things, I’ve lost half a box of condoms I bought for my boyfriend.”

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Zhang Chu, on the other hand, stared at Liu Mengting’s face and carefully pinpointed.