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Fortune Divination Chapter 35

The two of them simultaneously looked in the direction the sound came from.

Surprisingly, it was Shangguan Qingxue who had inadvertently touched the coat rack at the doorway, and the small iron coat rack fell to the ground, making a sound.

Seeing this scene, the two of them were slightly relieved.

“Holy shit, be careful!”Zhang Chu whispered.

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, felt her heart thumping as she nodded and the two of them once again looked at the curtain position.

However, those legs, that silhouette, were surprisingly gone.

At this moment, the two held their breath.

Shangguan Qingxue was even more scared, she felt a chill all over her body, as if that thing was hiding in the corner, was staring at her with a pair of grim eyes, and on the contrary, she didn’t know where that thing was.

Finally, Shangguan Qingxue couldn’t help herself, she shouted, “Who’s in there, I see you, come out!”

Although her voice was loud, Shangguan Qingxue was scared to death, and she held onto Zhang Chu’s hand for dear life.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, glanced around the entire room, this was not a bedroom, but a small living room with a TV, coffee table and other things.

He felt it for a little while and immediately said, “The Yin Qi is a bit heavy.”

Right at this moment, Zhang Chu suddenly turned his head and looked in a certain direction, as the Yin Qi in that direction was particularly heavy!

When Shangguan Qingxue saw Zhang Chu’s movements, she subconsciously followed Zhang Chu’s line of sight and looked over.

That was the direction of her bedroom!

Right after the gazes of the two of them swept over, the door to Shangguan Qingxue’s room suddenly slammed with a bang!

“In the bedroom!”Zhang Chu said.

At this moment, Zhang Chu rushed towards Shangguan Qingxue’s bedroom in large strides.

Under Zhang Chu’s drive, Shangguan Qingxue also stiffly followed, and soon, the two of them arrived at Shangguan Qingxue’s bedroom door.

Without any inkling, Zhang Chu pushed open the door.

Right at the moment when he pushed the door open, Zhang Chu and Shangguan Qingxue simultaneously saw that in front of the mirror, a silhouette covered in white clothes flickered away.

At this moment, Zhang Chu’s gaze was attracted to the end of Shangguan Qingxue’s bed, and he sensed that a wisp of Yin Qi was coming from the direction of the end of the bed.

At this moment, Zhang Chu walked towards Shangguan Qingxue’s bed in large strides and directly lifted a corner of the mattress, and then Shangguan Qingxue saw that a small purple scented bag was lying there.

And on the surface of the purple small fragrance bag, a few curly black long hairs were exposed.

Zhang Chu picked up the small purple scented bag, “This is it!”

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, looked unsightly, “What is this?”

At this time, Zhang Chu said, “The fact that you can’t sleep well and inexplicably sleepwalk is all because this thing is playing tricks on you.”

Saying that, Zhang Chu directly tore the small fragrant bag apart, pulling out a cluster of long, curly slightly yellowish human hair that didn’t look like hair anyway.

“What kind of disgusting thing is this!”Shangguan Qingxue looked disgusted.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, said, “These hairs, belong to a person, a person who has died, and should belong to the Tiger.”

Shangguan Qingxue’s face became even more ugly.

While Zhang Chu continued, “You have nightmares because of this kind of thing, you have been counted on.”

“Who is counting on me?”Shangguan Qingxue asked.

Zhang Chu smiled, “Who put this in your room, this is something you have to ask yourself, there shouldn’t be many people who can just enter your room, right?”

Shangguan Qingxue blanched, “Other than my parents, it’s impossible for ordinary people to enter my room, but it’s impossible for my parents to harm me.”

Zhang Chu bristled, “You’d better ask about this.”

Shangguan Qingxue’s complexion shifted for a while, and soon she asked, “Now that we’ve found this thing, is it just a matter of throwing it away or burning it?”

Zhang Chu shook his head slightly, “A baneful aura has already formed in your room, even if you burn it, that baneful aura won’t dissipate easily, it has already formed a climate.”

“What then?”Shangguan Qingxue asked.

At this moment, Zhang Chu said, “Since the baneful Qi in your room was brought by it, it naturally needs to be taken away by it as well.”

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu ordered, “Go find a bowl with half a bowl of clear water in it, and fetch some yellow table paper.”

“Good!”Shangguan Qingxue agreed and quickly fetched the things that Zhang Chu wanted.

At this time, Zhang Chu spread out the yellow table paper, dipped his hand in the clear water, and wrote a few words on the yellow table paper.

These words were strangely shaped, each one resembling a ghostly face, or a ghostly gesture, and they looked very bizarre.

This was yinwen, a type of script specially written on yellow form paper, which was different from the runes on yellow talismans.

Legend had it that yinwen was the script of the netherworld, and this kind of thing written on yellow form paper was very effective against spooky things.

Zhang Chu had dipped into very little water, and after these words were written, they quickly dried up, and only some faint traces could be seen on the yellow table paper.

At this time, Zhang Chu threw several sheets of yellow form paper filled with words at the corners of the room, the window, and the doorway.

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu held a piece of yellow paper with “Yin Writings” written on it and gently lit it on fire.

At that moment, Zhang Chu drew a special symbol in the void with the burning yellow paper, and at the same time, he recited an incantation for ghost sacrifice.

As the incantation was completed, Zhang Chu also held the burning talisman and completed a special symbol in the void.

In the next second, the yellow table paper in Zhang Chu’s hand suddenly poofed and the fire suddenly brightened, as if it was gunpowder being ignited, and the yellow table paper in his hand instantly turned into ashes.

Zhang Chu hurriedly brought the half bowl of water and shook the ashes in his hand into that bowl.

At the same time, Zhang Chu threw the handful of human hairs that he had just seen into the bowl as well.

And the moment those hairs entered the bowl, those yellow table papers that had been thrown around the room by Zhang Chu unexpectedly spontaneously combusted at the same time.

This scene immediately caused Shangguan Qingxue to be amazed for a moment, and at the same time, Shangguan Qingxue suddenly felt very comfortable.

Although those flames were few and far between, they seemed to have a special kind of warmth that made her divine soul feel warm.

At the same time, Shangguan Qingxue saw that the yellow smoke produced by the burning around her unexpectedly did not spread out, but slowly coalesced together to have a little bit of a human appearance.

“Collect!”Zhang Chu suddenly shouted.

Immediately after that, Shangguan Qingxue saw that the silhouette-like smoke unexpectedly floated uncontrollably towards the bowl of water, as if this bowl of water, possessed some sort of terrifying attraction.

Even, Shangguan Qingxue vaguely heard a woman’s screams, and the smoke looked as if it was a struggling devil.

But in the end, all of the smoke was incorporated into the bowl.

Zhang Chu directly brought a book and covered this half bowl of water, immediately after that he came to the balcony and splashed this half bowl of water directly.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue suddenly felt that the entire room was much brighter.

It was as if the room had been gloomy before, and now, that gloomy feeling, was swept away.

Shangguan Qingxue could not help but ask, “Is it done?”

Zhang Chu glanced at Shangguan Qingxue and slightly shook his head, “Not yet.”

Saying that, Zhang Chu brought that small purple scented bag again and drew a small thumb-sized animal doll out of it.

This thing looked ugly, it was made with a little bit of silicone, and looked, like one of those little mice that hadn’t been born for long.

But Shangguan Qingxue exclaimed, “Man, it’s it!”

“You recognise it?”Zhang Chu looked at Shangguan Qingxue in surprise.

Shangguan Qingxue nodded with an unsightly expression, “The tiger I dreamt of, it was it!”

Zhang Chu’s expression was odd for a moment, “Is it that exciting? No wonder you were so intoxicated.”

“Go to hell!”Shangguan Qingxue shouted in shame and annoyance.

At this time, Zhang Chu pinched this skinless little tiger and directly slapped it with force.

At the same time, Zhang Chu shouted in a low voice, “Come out!”

In the next instant, in Zhang Chu’s palm, some white light unexpectedly appeared, and the white light directly flew into Shangguan Qingxue’s brow.

Shangguan Qingxue was stunned, and immediately after, she felt that her spirit had cleared up quite a bit all of a sudden, as if some of the things that she had been missing had suddenly returned.

“What’s going on here?”Shangguan Qingxue asked.

Zhang Chu explained, “This is part of your soul.”

“Part of the soul? What does that mean?”Shangguan Qingxue asked.

At this moment, Zhang Chu held that purple incense bag and said, “This is a bureau, this small incense bag, has two roles.”

“The first function, using the hair of a dead person, brings you a baneful aura, making it difficult for you to sleep and your soul unstable.”

“The second function, is to use this little tiger, to absorb part of your soul, when the absorption reaches a certain level, then someone will get this little tiger and absorb part of your soul.”

“As for the role, it’s very simple, it’s to make you fall in love with the other person, also known as the so-called Soul Hooker.”

Saying this, Zhang Chu muttered in his heart, “Nima, what this person who backstabbed Shangguan Qingxue wanted to do, how come it’s almost the same as what I’ve already done???”

The only difference was that Zhang Chu had hooked Shangguan Qingxue’s soul child because of the special sensation between Shangguan Qingxue and the Demoness Master, and Zhang Chu had not taken the initiative.