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Fortune Divination Chapter 42

After Zhang Chu set up the small bowl, there was still no movement inside the small house, but it attracted some other strange and weird things.

Firstly, in the gap of the courtyard wall, a red and black snake drilled out, it lay on the courtyard wall, its head looking towards Zhang Chu’s direction, constantly spitting out snake letters.

Immediately after that, underneath the roots of the wall, several white-haired rats also drilled out from nowhere.

These rats looked very spiritual, with their two front paws cupped in front of their mouths as if they were human hands, and their small, bean-sized eyes gurgling.

Immediately after, near the entrance of the small courtyard, where Zhou Yunling had just been smashed to death, an old woman in grey clothes unexpectedly came.

This old woman’s eyelids flared out and her face was wrinkled as she grinned, eating and laughing towards Zhang Chu.

It could be seen that a mouthful of her teeth were gone, but she was drooling with gluttony.

Soon, another dirty little boy appeared at the gate of the small courtyard.

This little boy was holding a worn out copper robin, which was covered with greenish copper green and had some dried blood on it.

At the moment, this boy was also looking straight at the broken bowl in front of Zhang Chu, and drool was constantly coming out of his mouth.

However, although these things surrounded the entrance of the courtyard, none of them dared to come in.

This was because, they sensed a dangerous aura on Zhang Chu.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, had a look of bad luck on his face, and cursed in his heart, “Damn it, this place really has a dense Yin Qi, no wonder this painting is looking for such a place for Zhou Yunling to live.”

However, the bowl was not for these messy things at the door.

So Zhang Chu waved his hand as if waving a fly and cursed at these things, “All of you get the hell away from me, the delicacies of the immortals, you things are not qualified to enjoy them. If you look again, I’ll gouge out your eyes!”

Zhang Chu’s voice was masculine and neutral, and in broad daylight, this male neutral voice was very restraining of Yin Evil.

After Zhang Chu’s voice fell, the old woman, the little boy, as well as the snakes and rats and such things, instantly shrunk their necks and quickly disappeared.

After Zhang Chu chased these things away, he turned his head towards that low hut, he heatedly smiled and shouted towards that hut:

“Hey, fellow Daoist inside, come out to eat, I’m buddies with the Elder Lord Taishang, the drinks and dishes outside here are all heavenly delicacies, come out and try them!”

However, there was no movement inside the hut, the things inside surprisingly did not come out.

Zhang Chu shouted a few more times, trying to fool the thing inside into coming out.

However, the thing inside was as steady as a mountain, with no intention of coming out at all.

Zhang Chu muttered in his heart, “Te meow, the thing inside has a bit of stamina, surprisingly able to resist the temptation of delicacies!”

To know, tempting wild ghosts with delicious food was actually the fastest way to see results, and many Feng Shui masters in the folklore would do this.

It was just unexpected that the thing in this room would not eat this.

However, this was not difficult to defeat Zhang Chu, whether it was a human or a ghost, they all had their own weaknesses and desires, if the delicacies did not work, then they would change to something else.

At this time, Zhang Chu waved his hand and spilled the soil in the bowl onto the ground, taking away a few old bowls.

Then, Zhang Chu got a few half-human tall wooden piers from the neighbourhood.

After he moved the wooden piers, he placed them under a large tree.

Then, Zhang Chu wrote and drew on the wooden stumps, making some weird symbols.

In the end, Zhang Chu drew a rather abstract painting on each wooden pier.

First, he drew two eggs next to each other, and then in the middle of the two eggs, he drew a thick and long large mushroom.

After drawing these, Zhang Chu immediately heatedly smiled, “If deliciousness doesn’t work, then beauty temptation, I don’t believe that this you can resist!”

At this moment, Zhang Chu once again took out a talisman and cast Maoshan Borrowed Art.

The talisman in Zhang Chu’s hand gently shook, and the talisman spontaneously combusted without fire with a poof.

Immediately after, Zhang Chu held the burning talisman in his hand and drew a mysterious symbol in the void while reciting from his mouth:

“Spirit of the heavens, spirit of the earth, the Supreme Lord Laojun has come to reveal his spirit, I pray to the heavens to open the Heavenly Gate and borrow a beautiful man to come down to the mortal world, come!”

After this incantation was recited, the burning talismans in Zhang Chu’s hands suddenly exploded with a poof sound, and all the talismans instantly burned into ash and emitted a blazing light.

And as the light from the talismans shone, several wooden duns vaguely brightly flashed, and the wooden duns seemed to have transformed into several beautiful men with stunningly beautiful looks and robust ox-like bodies!

Even, there were vaguely the sound of men’s laughter coming from them.

Zhang Chu hemmed and hawed, “The beautiful men are here, I want to see if your girl’s heart is moved!”

But immediately after, Zhang Chu had some worries in his heart, “No, no, no, is the beautiful man going in the wrong direction?”

“Before that Zhou Yunling, the one he liked was Shangguan Qingxue, the beauty in this painting, wouldn’t also like women, right?”

And just at this time, Zhang Chu suddenly felt that there was some change in the bizarre aura within the hut, and the bizarre aura within was suddenly disordered.

Zhang Chu was instantly relieved, and he was happy in his heart, “Haha, Nima, so it’s a lustful ghost!”

But at this moment, the outside of the small courtyard was also bustling with a lot of noisy sounds coming from it.

Listening carefully, it was the sound of many people walking, and it was accompanied by the sound of many women eating and laughing.

Zhang Chu instantly looked outwards, and immediately afterwards, Zhang Chu’s face darkened.

In the narrow alley outside the small courtyard, there were dozens of women …… of all shapes and sizes oh no, female ghosts.

These female ghosts had different appearances, but coincidentally crowded in the doorway, looking in.

Zhang Chu saw that there were female ghosts that were cloaked and barefooted, unable to see their faces.

There were also female ghosts with pale faces, smearing their bright red lips and looking straight at Zhang Chu.

There were also some women who were directly unclothed, letting out a burst of weird and lewd laughter, as if they were pointing at the wooden man beside Zhang Chu.

Even the toothless old woman who had just begged for food was grinning extraordinarily happily towards those wooden men.

Zhang Chu was instantly nonplussed, You’re so old and you also want a beautiful man? That’s too much.

But the next second, Zhang Chu saw something even more excessive.

In the crowd, there were even two big and thick male ghosts, these two male ghosts still had bearded men, and did not know where they came from, and they were also looking towards the small courtyard with a face of infatuation.

Zhang Chu was instantly shocked, Nima, ghosts also engage in gay sex?

At this moment, Zhang Chu suddenly realised a big problem, just now, when he got the food, he did not attract a few ghosts.

But now, getting a few beautiful men out, directly came so many hilarious ……

Zhang Chu’s heart suddenly realised, “Sure enough, with better conditions in modern society, these ghosts don’t lack food anymore, and the food is no longer attractive ah.”

“The so-called satiety, now in this society, the temptation of beautiful men than can be much greater than food.”

Of course, Zhang Chu would not let these wild ghosts come to join in the fun, he bent down to pick up a broken shoe and threw it towards the doorway, “All of you give me a roll!”

After the broken shoe was thrown over, those messy things instantly dissipated.

They were all just some wild ghosts with no moral skills, a couple of curses would be enough to get rid of them.

Inside the hut, on the other hand, that weird aura was getting more and more disordered, as if there were several deer banging around inside that hut.

Zhang Chu hemmed and hawed, and immediately after, Zhang Chu shouted towards the hut:

“I am the brother of these beautiful men, and I want to give them a daughter-in-law, may I ask the girls inside, do they have a promised family? Will you be willing to be a young wife for my brother?”