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Fortune Divination Chapter 5

“Difficult?”Zhang Chu looked at Ninety in surprise, “Tell me, how is it difficult?”

Ninety asked, “Have you heard of the three great families of Jinling?”

Zhang Chu shook his head, “I just came to Jinling, I haven’t heard of any great families, I only know that Furong Street is very famous and still very lively.”

At this time, Ninety took a sip of wine and said, “There are three great families in Jinling, the Jin Family, the Shangguan Family and the Zhou Family.”

“This Hibiscus Street, is the street managed by the most famous young lady of the Shangguan Family, Shangguan Qingxue.”

“That street is known for its reputation, whether you buy fake goods or get cheated here, you can directly look for the Shangguan family to file a complaint, one hundred per cent compensation for fakes!”

“I’ve heard a little bit about this one, Fake One Compensates for One Hundred.”Zhang Chu said.

It was also because of this golden signboard that Furong Street had become the most famous and prosperous street in Jinling.

Ninety continued, “Before, there was a monk who went in to sell enlightened jade, and as a result, he was kicked out in less than three days.”

“Because that monk didn’t know how to open the light, his Taoist skills were shallow, and what he sold was just ordinary jade. The person, Shangguan Qingxue, couldn’t rub sand in her eyes and directly kicked her out.”

Zhang Chu looked at the monk with an odd expression, “Ninety, tell me the truth, that monk who was kicked out, was it you?”

“This is not important!”Ninety said.

“What’s important is that people’s that street, they don’t welcome any fortune-telling shops, Buddha’s Fate shops.”

“If you go there, you’ll definitely be kicked out by Shangguan Qingxue, and if it’s bad, you’ll be beaten up.”

After saying that, Ninety comfortably ate two peanuts and looked at Zhang Chu with a smiling face.

Zhang Chu frowned slightly, it sounded as if it was a bit difficult.

However, since the Witch Master said that he would let himself make a name for himself in Furong Street, then Furong Street, Zhang Chu would come for sure!

If you do not welcome me on Furong Street, I will find a way to buy the whole street, what the three great families of Jinling? Zhang Chu really didn’t give much thought to it.

At this moment, Zhang Chu raised his cup, “Hey Monk, if ordinary people want to enter that street, I guess there are restrictions, but, what I, Zhang Chu, want to do, no one can make it difficult for me.”

Ninety smiled faintly, “Good luck then, I’ll save the stall on Yuping Street for you.”

“No need, when brother is developed, I will build a temple especially for you, so that you can cheat money while lying down.”

“Hahahahaha ……”

A handsome monk who is immodest on, a disciple of a thousand year old witch, raising a cup and drinking together, this scene, harmonious and beautiful.


Furong Street, Zhang Chu found the street management office and rented a small shop.

There was no obstacle to renting the shop, people just told Zhang Chu to operate in good faith, and Zhang Chu didn’t say what he was doing.

Until Zhang Chu took the decoration staff, put a pair of gossip map pasted on the door, the picture is only slightly wrong.

Zhang Chu got someone to customise a plaque with the words “Iron Mouth” written on it.

“Quickly go tell the lady that someone is coming to Furong Street to open a Feng Shui shop!”At the street management office, a female manager said to a girl beside her.

“Manager, why do we need to alarm Miss Qingxue about this kind of thing, let’s just drive the person away.”The girl said.

The female manager shook her head, “You’re overthinking it, the Shangguan family has the rules of the Shangguan family, Feng Shui masters should not be easily offended, unless it is clearly known that the other party is a fraud.”

“Right now, we don’t know if this person is truly capable or a fraud, it’s better to let Miss Qingxue personally handle this kind of decision making.”

“I’ve seen that shopkeeper, he’s at most twenty-two or twenty-three years old, so young, he must be a fraud!”The girl muttered.

However, Shangguan Qingxue ruled her family well, and although these people had doubts in their hearts, they still did not dare to overstep their authority and went to report to Shangguan Qingxue.


Zhang Chu’s shop was decorated very quickly, just adding a few tables, chairs and benches, and placing a few feng shui related ornaments and props, even if it was opened.

Not long after, the shop door moved and two young women walked in.

Zhang Chu raised his head and saw the visitors and his scalp instantly went numb, standing up violently, his complexion changed greatly!

The word “Master” almost came out of his mouth.

But in the next moment, Zhang Chu held back.

Yes, one of the women was too much like Zhang Chu’s master.

Whether it was her beautiful eyebrows or her cool face, it was as if she was carved out of the same mould as her master.

Although the Demoness Master had said that she had lived for three thousand years, in reality, Master Shang Xuan Yue’s appearance had been maintained in her twenties.

From the time Zhang Chu had memories, Master Shang Xuanyue’s appearance had never changed, and the years seemed unable to leave traces from Shang Xuanyue’s body.

And this woman who appeared in the doorway, her appearance was actually exactly the same as the Demoness Master Shang Xuan Yue!

However, with a slight feeling, Zhang Chu immediately understood that she was not his own master, and her temperament was completely different.

The woman in front of him was tall, with the upper half of her body draped in a wide, clean white small suit, and the lower half of her body was clean and neat nine-minute suit trousers, looking competent and aura.

The other girl beside the woman, holding a folder, looked to be dressed as a secretary, and was equally very pretty.

Any man who saw such a pair, I’m afraid that they would definitely look at each other’s eyes first, and as long as the other’s eyes didn’t notice themselves, they would immediately peek at them to feast their eyes.

At this moment, the woman who looked like Shang Xuan Yue spoke, “Hello, I am Shangguan Qingxue, I think that you should have more or less heard of my name.”

Shangguan Qingxue!

Zhang Chu wailed in his heart when he heard this name:

“My god, how could this be? Who do you look like, why do you have to look like my master? Do you know that seeing your face will easily keep me awake?”

“Damn it, was I born to be governed by a woman who looks like this?”

But immediately after, Zhang Chu realised something.

“No, could it be that my master, Shang Xuan Yue, and this Shangguan Qingxue, or even the Shangguan Family, have a deep connection? Otherwise, how could their appearances be so similar?”

“My master’s name is Shang Xuan Yue, her surname is Shang, and this word ‘Shangguan’, it also has a Shang… Crap, could it be that this Shangguan Family, is actually my master’s descendant?”

The more Zhang Chu thought about it, the more he felt it was possible!

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu spat in his heart, “No wonder my master asked me to come to Furong Street to mix up my personalities, the feeling is that he asked me to take care of the Shangguan Family.”

Well, even though Zhang Chu was now penniless, and even though the entire street belonged to Shangguan Qingxue, Zhang Chu’s mindset had inexplicably changed to “taking care” of the Shangguan family.

Who let them be Master’s offspring.

Master is the Shangguan family’s old ancestor, according to the traditional way of ranking, the Shangguan family called Zhang Chu an old ancestor, but not too much, right?

When the ancestor of the care of the younger generation, even more deserved, right?

Of course, Zhang Chu is not stupid, although his heart has identified Shangguan family is his own grandson, but he could not point out the identity.

Otherwise, people would still think that he was taking advantage of the Shangguan family.

Thus, Zhang Chu slightly adjusted his mind and nodded to Shangguan Qingxue, “That’s right, I’ve heard of you.”

At the same time, in Zhang Chu’s mind, he secretly adjusted his goal.

“Master said that mixing up a person in Furong Street …… is just earning a couple of bucks and a bit of status, so I’m afraid it’s not enough.”

“To be a grandfather, to open a shop on the street of the descendants, is that called mixing out a persona? That will be laughed to death OK!”

“At the very least, I’m going to mix up like a grandfather, right?”

And at this moment, Shangguan Qingxue walked into the shop and casually found a seat and sat down.

She looked at Zhang Chu with a scrutinising gaze, “You’re so young and you know how to tell fortunes too?”

The female secretary chimed in, “Let me tell you oh, our Furong Street is known for its reputation, if you want to come to our Furong Street to cheat under the name of Feng Shui and Phantasmagoria, you’re playing the wrong game as you wish!”

Zhang Chu smiled faintly, “Of course I can tell fortunes, if you don’t believe me, I can give you a fortune on the spot!”