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Fortune Divination Chapter 56

Zhang Chu and Hot Pot left the little boy and continued on their way.

After walking for a few steps, they surprisingly encountered another large rat with castor grams under its feet.

That rat was as fat as a big orange cat, standing upright with castor shells under its feet, as if it was wearing a pair of slippery shoes, it looked comical.

At this moment, the rat stopped Zhang Chu and the big dog, and asked at the top of his voice:

“Hey, Grandpa Er Lang, Grandpa Roaring Dog, do you see how good my shoes look?”

Zhang Chu’s heart fluttered, this was a request for sealing!

Some small animals in the wild occasionally cultivated a trace of spirituality, but this trace of spirituality was not well preserved and would easily dissipate.

At this time, these little things would have to find someone to ask for a seal, asking passersby if it looked like a human, or if it was pretty.

If you give a positive answer, then it will be able to keep this trace of spirituality and will be able to cultivate into a spirit.

If you scolded it, or said that it didn’t look like a human, or that it was ugly, that trace of its spirituality would fester away.

Zhang Chu looked at this big rat and said to it, “Kowtow to me, I’ll see if you kneel like a slave.”

When this fat rat heard that, it immediately said angrily, “Bah! Want me to kneel? Do your spring dream! Quickly say, are my shoes pretty.”

Zhang Chu was instantly happy, the girl who asked for the seal had no manners at all, it would be strange if he could ask for it.

So Zhang Chu scolded: “the thing on your feet is not shoes, that is castor shells, ugly as a ghost, quickly roll, stupid things!”

After Zhang Chu cursed, this rat immediately screamed miserably, and his body even smoked.

At the same time, Zhang Chu saw that this thing could no longer keep walking upright, its fat body bent over, and the castor shells under its feet couldn’t be stepped on steadily, and it directly fell to the ground.

However, this thing was fierce, and after landing, it showed its teeth towards Zhang Chu and Hot Pot.

Hot Pot did not spoil it and directly pounced on it, biting the fat rat’s neck.

With a click, the fat rat’s neck was directly bitten off, and it gagged on the spot.

“Stupid thing!”Zhang Chu cursed and continued on his way.

A few minutes later, Zhang Chu and Hot Pot arrived under a crooked-necked elm tree.

Under the tree, a woman wearing a goose-coloured dress was squatting and crying.

With the principle of not giving up, Zhang Chu went over to strike up a conversation whenever he came across something, just in case the person was willing to kowtow to himself.

“Hey, I said that female ghost, what are you crying for?”Zhang Chu asked.

The female ghost slowly raised her head and looked at Zhang Chu in tears, “You know I’m a ghost and you’re still not afraid of me?”

The hot pot immediately said, “My master is Grandpa Erlang Shen, I’m not afraid of you!”

The female ghost stood up and said to Zhang Chu, “Greetings, Grandpa Erlangshen, my child is missing, can Grandpa Erlangshen help me find my child?”

After saying that, this female ghost cried again.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, looked odd, “Find the child? Don’t you know where your child has gone yourself?”

At this moment, the female ghost pointed to a machine well not far away, “Grandpa, my child was just playing by the well, but this moment, he has disappeared, I beg you to help me find my child.”

“By the well?”Zhang Chu looked odd and walked towards that machine well with the hot pot.

This was a machine well used to draw water for irrigation in the countryside, the machine well was very deep, but the mouth of the well was very narrow and thin, just slightly thicker than an adult’s waist.

If an adult wanted to jump into the well, as long as his arms were slightly spread out, he could get stuck in the armpit.

At this point the hot pot said, “I guess the child fell into the machine well.”

This kind of thing was very common in the countryside, when adults were doing farm work, they didn’t have the energy to take care of small children and let them play on their own, and when they weren’t paying attention, the child fell into the well.

At this moment, Zhang Chu came to the mouth of the well and looked down.

Although it was nighttime and the inside was dark, Zhang Chu could see very clearly that there was indeed a child inside.

The child was sitting at the bottom of the well, tilting his face up and giggling towards Zhang Chu: “Big brother, come down and play, it’s fun down there.”

And right at this moment, that mother came behind Zhang Chu at some point, and suddenly, she stretched out her hand and gave Zhang Chu a hard push, wanting to push him down.

However, in the next moment, Zhang Chu’s wrist snapped back and directly grabbed this female ghost.

At this moment, Zhang Chu faintly smiled, ”Trying to pull me to die for you? Don’t even look at your Dao!”

After this female ghost was grabbed by Zhang Chu, she immediately panicked, “Spare my life, spare my life!”

Zhang Chu grunted and let go of the female ghost, “Kowtow to me, or else I’ll take you mother and son now.”

The moment Zhang Chu let go of this female ghost, that female ghost and her son simultaneously knelt in front of Zhang Chu and kowtowed to him.

Zhang Chu once again felt that mysterious power, however, the accumulation of power was still not enough, and the fifth black symbol, was slow to light up.

However, Zhang Chu had a premonition that this fifth symbol, should be coming soon.

Zhang Chu did not make things difficult for the mother and son, released them, and continued on his way.

On the next stretch of road, Zhang Chu tried to find a way to get people to kneel down and kowtow twice to himself no matter what ghosts or monsters he encountered.

Finally, after visiting the last mass grave, Zhang Chu pretended that he was Er Lang Shen and collected the last wave of heads.

It was also at this moment, with that surge of power entering Zhang Chu’s sea of consciousness, the fifth black symbol, was finally lit up!

Now, in Zhang Chu’s mind, there were already nine symbols lit up.

Four were golden in colour, and five were black.

Zhang Chu was overjoyed, he himself was among the nine symbols.

At this moment, a rooster’s crow came from the distance, the sky dawned, and all the strangeness in this wilderness disappeared without a trace.

Zhang Chu felt a pang of pity in his heart, he had wanted to gather all the symbols in one go.

At this moment, Zhang Chu muttered in his heart, “No, the night is long, this last symbol, I must light it up immediately!”

Right now, there were two options before Zhang Chu.

The first was to continue searching for the Lich Demon and light up the black symbol.

The second, was to spend money and see if he could buy a golden symbol out, just like Gu Nai Nai.

Zhang Chu weighed it slightly in his mind:

“For the black symbol, it’s the sixth one, and I’m afraid that the difficulty in obtaining it is not ordinary.”

“Whereas for the golden symbol, it is the fifth, with my current wealth, with hard work, I might be able to get it!”

Moreover, now that Zhang Chu was only missing the last symbol, he no longer had to worry about lighting up the golden symbol and being detected by others.

Therefore, Zhang Chu instantly made a decision, “The last symbol, spell it out, spend money to smash it!”

Right at this moment, on that communication platform of the small tower, someone finally discovered Zhang Chu’s abnormality.

Someone suddenly poked that star beam of Zhang Chu’s, “Hey, unqualified devil apprentice, isn’t your symbol a bit strange?”

Zhang Chu’s nerves instantly tensed up, Nima, someone had discovered it!

Zhang Chu’s mind instantly arrived at the small tower space, and sure enough, at that moment, a loudmouth was shouting, “Look guys, his symbols, it seems like it’s not four, it’s nine!”

At this moment, a discussion came from almost all the star beams at the same time:

“Eh? My god, his symbols are really not right, if you don’t pay attention, it’s four golden symbols, and if you look closely, there are five black symbols that are also lit up.”

“Crap, nine!!!”

“Damn, this kid is too sinister, trying to play a big game quietly!”

“Off the charts, why can he hide the colours of the symbols? Who the hell is this kid?”

“Unqualified dude, get on the line and answer the question!”

Zhang Chu was in a hurry, these eight contenders, all of them were the proud sons of heaven selected by the eight Xuan Clans, and each one of them was spooky.

Zhang Chu understood that once they discovered the anomaly, then it would not be far from cracking the secret of the black symbol.