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Fortune Divination Chapter 62

A wisp of divine soul returned to Shangguan Qingxue’s body, and at this moment, Shangguan Qingxue trembled.

She suddenly had a feeling of being enlightened, her entire being looked at the world differently, as if it was much clearer, and her entire being suddenly became very energetic and relaxed.

That feeling was as if she had previously been surrounded by a thick shell that she couldn’t see, and now, that blurry shell was suddenly taken away, and she saw and felt the clear and real world!

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue raised her head incredulously and looked at Zhang Chu, “What have you done to me?”

Zhang Chu laughed, “Didn’t I say it, adding a buff to you, so that you would be less foolish in the future.”

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue’s soul, completely returned to her own body, and that instinctive feeling of closeness disappeared when she was by Zhang Chu’s side.

Zhang Chu did not need that kind of inexplicable liking or love, and now, Shangguan Qingxue was free.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue’s mental state was completely restored, and was even fuller than before.

It seemed that Shangguan Qingxue’s temperament was even more confident and poised than before.

However, the gaze that Shangguan Qingxue looked at Zhang Chu still carried worship and adoration.

Even after Zhang Chu returned that wisp of soul to Shangguan Qingxue, she seemed to be hopelessly in love with Zhang Chu ……

This Zhang Chu couldn’t do anything about.

At this time, Zhang Chu brought up old matters again: ”Right, how much did you spend last time in order to help me? Report a number to me, I can stand it.”

Shangguan Qingxue smiled faintly and said confidently, “Money? It’s definitely a lot, I reckon, selling you wouldn’t necessarily be able to pay it back.”

Speaking here, Shangguan Qingxue’s body slightly leaned forward, as if flirting with Zhang Chu generally said, “Or else, you give your body in return ah?”

“Ah …… this ……” Zhang Chu didn’t expect that after Shangguan Qingxue recovered her self-confidence, she would actually look like this.

With the body like what …… or forget about it, Zhang Chu knew that Shangguan Qingxue was planning to recruit a son-in-law.

How could Zhang Chu go to the girl as a son-in-law?

I came to Hibiscus Street, came to be the Shangguan family ancestor, if this is recruited son-in-law, such as the arrival of the devil girl master, non-death Zhang Chu!

At this time, Zhang Chu was a little embarrassed, “Hehe, this …… will be said later, later.”

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, smiled confidently, “OK, anyway, your shop is here, run away from the monk can’t run away from the temple, the money owed to me, I’ll count the interest for you, in case one day you don’t want to make an effort, I’ll raise you!”

Zhang Chu was instantly shocked, he glared at Shangguan Qingxue and threatened, “Scratch that, I’m warning you, don’t you play with fire with me haha, or else I’ll put you like this first, then I’ll put you like that!”

“Come ah come ah!”Shangguan Qingxue leaned her body forward, not caring at all that Lin SiYu and Hot Pot were right next to her watching.

Right now, it was as if she had turned into a domineering female president, and the look she gave Zhang Chu was like looking at a little puppy that had caught her eye.

When Lin SiYu saw this, she couldn’t stand it at once, and she shouted, “Miss Shangguan, you can’t abuse a dog!”

Hotpot instantly tilted her head, wanting to say, she didn’t abuse the dog, I’m fine.

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, twisted her head and said with a dark face, “You’re not a single dog, don’t you have two boyfriends?”

Lin SiYu instantly looked embarrassed, her toes snapping her shoes hard.

In fact, Zhang Chu could see that although Shangguan Qingxue was swimming with herself here, on her face, the Career Palace was a bit dark.

This indicated that Shangguan Qingxue must have encountered difficulties when it came to her career.

It was just that Shangguan Qingxue was probably afraid of scaring Zhang Chu and was deliberately acting naturally, trying to put Zhang Chu at ease.

However, how could Zhang Chu possibly let Shangguan Qingxue fight all of it for herself alone, so Zhang Chu said to Hot Pot, “Hot Pot, first take out our money and give it to Shangguan Qingxue.”

“You only came to Furong Street, how much money can you have.”Shangguan Qingxue did not care too much.

However, soon after, when Hot Pot placed a box of gold bars and a card in front of Shangguan Qingxue, Shangguan Qingxue’s eyelids immediately jumped and she was a bit surprised, “Eh? This kind of card ……”

At this moment, Zhang Chu said, “This card has five million in it!”

Shangguan Qingxue was immediately taken aback, “You’re so rich?”

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu pushed the small box in front of him, “There are forty gold bars inside, you should know where they came from.”

Shangguan Qingxue’s complexion changed once again as she nodded slightly, “Impressive!”

Next to her, Lin SiYu held a calculator and crackled for a while, finally Lin SiYu said, “Forty gold bars, equivalent to 1.6 million, plus five million in cash, a total of 6.6 million, you still owe-”

Without waiting for Lin SiYue to finish, Shangguan QingXue twisted her head and glared at Lin SiYue.

Lin SiYue shut up immediately, obviously, when she came, Shangguan QingXue had already explained that she was not allowed to mention the money matter to Zhang Chu.

Zhang Chu knew what Shangguan Qingxue was thinking, which was simply that the money spent this time might be a bit outrageous, and she did not want to put too much pressure on herself.

Since she wasn’t willing to talk about it, Zhang Chu didn’t inquire too much, and would just double it back to her when the time came.

This time, she had helped herself get the Star Pagoda, and she deserved all the credit!

Zhang Chu would definitely not let Shangguan Qingxue suffer, otherwise, it would be too much of a thing.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue got up, took Zhang Chu’s card and gold bars, and said to Zhang Chu, “By the way, you must be careful lately, in the past two days, I’ve seen that there are people who have been sneaking around near the entrance of your shop.”

“Someone is looking for trouble?”Zhang Chu’s gaze chilled.

Shangguan Qingxue nodded slightly, “It should be someone from the Zhou Family, that Zhou Chong fellow, he can’t afford to take a loss and is ruthless, if you feel uncomfortable, I can send a few bodyguards to follow you.”

Zhang Chu nodded in his heart, it seemed that Zhou Yunling’s death, Zhou Chong had already suspected himself.

But then, wanting to play hardball with himself? Right now, Zhang Chu had just obtained the Star Pagoda’s creation and was looking to see his strength.

If he dared to make a move, then he would try!

At this moment, Zhang Chu smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, a mere Zhou Chong cannot threaten me yet.”

Shangguan Qingxue then got up, “Alright then, I’ll leave first, you be careful.”

After saying that, Shangguan Qingxue’s eyes glanced at the place where she had just sat, and immediately turned around to leave.

Zhang Chu followed Shangguan Qingxue’s gaze and found that on the seat she had just sat on, she had actually placed a thick paper bag, as if she had wrapped a thick book.

Zhang Chu’s heart wondered, she had given herself a gift?

So after sending Shangguan Qingxue away, Zhang Chu walked over and opened that paper bag.

As a result, inside was actually a pistol, dozens of rounds of bullets, and about twenty thin leaf-shaped darts.

Zhang Chu instantly smiled.

“Hehe, kinda care about me.”Zhang Chu thought in his heart.

Immediately after, Zhang Chu kept the gun close to his body for safekeeping, although with Zhang Chu’s current strength, he basically could not use the gun, however, those twenty or so leaf-shaped darts, Zhang Chu liked them very much.

“In the future, it would be possible to use the leaf-shaped darts as my personal weapon.”Zhang Chu thought in his heart.