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Fortune Divination Chapter 68

Shangguan Qingxue didn’t want Jin Wei to know her bottom line, and she was looking for Jin Wei to borrow money because she also didn’t want people within her family to know her financial situation.

So, Shangguan Qingxue said vaguely, “I did encounter a bit of a problem, but don’t worry, I’ll be able to turn it around soon, and if you lend me the money, I won’t be a cent short of you in interest.”

Jin Wei laughed, he stood up, came behind Shangguan Qingxue, suddenly put his hand on Shangguan Qingxue’s shoulder, his head came to Shangguan Qingxue’s ear, and sniffed hard.

Shangguan Qingxue hurriedly got up and knocked Jin Wei’s hand away, with a wary face, “What are you doing?”

Jin Wei laughed, “Xiao Xue, what are you doing being so defensive of me?”

“Borrowing money from Brother Wei, what’s the point of talking about interest?”

“Come on, talk to Brother Wei, tell me what’s going on, it’s only ten million, Brother Wei is giving it to you.”

Saying that, Jin Wei once again put his hand on Shangguan Qingxue’s shoulder, with a look of wanting to get close.

Shangguan Qingxue, on the other hand, had a stern face and once again opened Jin Wei’s hand.

Then, Shangguan Qingxue looked cold: “Jin Wei, I’m looking for you to talk business.”

“You lend money, I lend money, business matters are one size fits all, how much interest do you say, to borrow or not to borrow, you give a quick word, don’t come to this set with me.”

Jin Wei laughed: “Xiao Xue, recently my brother opened a baked oyster shop, the flavour is good, why don’t you, I’ll take you to try?”

“No time.”

Shangguan Qingxue’s attitude instantly caused Jin Wei to be irritated for a while.

At this time, his expression cooled down, “Shangguan Qingxue, if I’m not mistaken, you’re in a hurry to ask for 10 million now, right?”

Shangguan Qingxue did not speak.

Jin Wei then continued, “Good, you want to do business with me? Yes, ten million, right? Bring the collateral and guarantee, and I’ll lend it to you.”

Shangguan Qingxue took out a document from her bag, “Here is ten per cent of my knitting company’s equity.”

Jin Wei directly shook his head, “The fact that you’ve started borrowing money from me means that your company has no cash flow, it may even explode at any time, the equity is worthless.”

“Then what do you want as collateral?”Shangguan Qingxue asked.

Jin Wei smiled, “What do you have? The property on Furong Street is worth something, can you get it out?”

Shangguan Qingxue’s expression froze, although it was said that Hibiscus Street was made up by Shangguan Qingxue, all the property rights, belonged to the Shangguan family.

And the reason why Shangguan Qingxue borrowed the money was because she did not want the fact that she used a large amount of money to be known.

If she could use the Shangguan Family’s assets, how could she borrow money privately?

In order to help Zhang Chu, Shangguan Qingxue had already spent all of her own personal money and whatnot, and she really didn’t have any actual collateral right now.

Jin Wei could see Shangguan Qingxue’s dilemma, he immediately laughed: “Hehe, Xiao Xue, I’m actually a very good person to talk to, since you don’t have any actual collateral, then you can use your reputation to pledge to me ah.”

“Honour? What do you mean?”Shangguan Qingxue frowned slightly and looked at Jin Wei.

At this time Jin Wei laughed, “My Shangguan Miss, are you pretending to be confused with me?”

“My company has spared loans to many female college students, you wouldn’t be unclear as to what a woman’s honour is, right?”

Immediately after, Jin Wei hummed:

“Don’t put on your clothes, hold your ID card in one hand, and with the other hand come up with some good looking moves, shout your name and report your ID number, what to do, do you still need me to teach you?”

“You–” Shangguan Qingxue’s face changed greatly, how could she not expect that Jin Wei would say such words.

Jin Wei, on the other hand, with a smug look on his face, returned to his seat again, slumped into the sofa, and spoke, “I want to talk about my feelings with you, you don’t want to, then fine, business is business!”

“Anyway, Lao Zi lends money to female students who don’t have collateral, all in this way, take your pick!”

Shangguan Qingxue took a deep breath and directly turned around, ready to leave.

Jin Wei, on the other hand, suddenly shouted, “Shangguan Qingxue, besides looking for me, who else can you look for to borrow money?”

“It’s up to you!”Shangguan Qingxue grunted.

Jin Wei then laughed, “You go to the Zhou Family? The Zhou Family can’t wait for you to die!”

“Go find other moneylenders? To be honest, the entire lending institutions in Jinling City are under my control, one phone call from me and you won’t be able to borrow a single cent.”

“Moreover, you’re looking for me to borrow money because you want to keep it a secret and don’t want your Shangguan family to know that you’re short of money, right?”

Shangguan Qingxue’s face changed, these words, in fact, hit Shangguan Qingxue’s soft underbelly.

She was all about secrecy, otherwise, once the matter was leaked, those competitors of the Shangguan family would definitely deal with her.

Jin Wei, on the other hand, laughed, “Little Xue ah, I’m on good terms with your family’s Shangguan Xing, Shangguan Yi, so what do you say, should I tell them the news that you’re short of money?”

“You–” Shangguan Qingxue fumed in her heart.

But the next moment, Shangguan Qingxue gritted her teeth, “I’m not borrowing! You can say it if you want to.”

After saying that, Shangguan Qingxue took big steps towards the door, wanting to leave.

However, Jin Wei’s gaze chilled.

He had been craving for Shangguan Qingxue for a long time, and this time, it was not easy for Shangguan Qingxue to personally come to the door, so how could he let Shangguan Qingxue just walk away?

Thus, Jin Wei shouted, “Slow!”

As Jin Wei’s voice fell, at the doorway, two middle-aged men immediately blocked Shangguan Qingxue’s path.

Shangguan Qingxue’s complexion changed: “Jin Wei, what do you want to do?”

Jin Wei laughed: “Xiao Xue, don’t be angry, the business is not negotiated, then let’s continue to talk, what is the hurry to leave?”

Shangguan Qingxue: “If we can’t talk about it, we won’t talk about it, I don’t have time!”

Jin Wei laughed: “But I have time, you know what Xiao Xue, accompany me to chat and have fun, maybe the money you want, it will hit your account?”

“It’s only ten million, it’s not much.”

Saying that, Jin Wei forced his way towards Shangguan Qingxue step by step.

However, Shangguan Qingxue suddenly pulled out a pistol from her bag, and the pistol pointed at Jin Wei: “Tell your people to get lost!”


Shangguan Qingxue knew that Jin Wei wasn’t a good thing and had long been prepared.

Moreover, Jin Wei’s company only prohibited bringing in mobile phones, but it wasn’t like they would search them, much less think of someone bringing in a gun.

However, Jin Wei was being pointed at with a gun, but he was smiling but not laughing: “Xiao Xue, look, what are you doing, do you have something to say.”

With a crunching click, Shangguan Qingxue switched on the safety of the pistol.

Jin Wei immediately shivered, this is a little bit scary ah ……

And right at this moment, inside the hall, a secret door was suddenly pushed open.

Immediately after, a girl with a hot body, but very short, ran out from within the dark door.

This girl, crying and somewhat unkempt, ran towards Shangguan Qingxue, shouting as she ran, “Sister save me!”

Shangguan Qingxue swept a glance at the girl and found that she had an innocent appearance, tears in her eyes, and a few red and swollen slap marks on her neck, so Shangguan Qingxue asked, “What are you?”

At this moment, this girl pointed at Jin Wei and shouted, “Sister, my brother is sick and I want to borrow money to pay for my brother’s medical treatment, but this bad guy locked me in here and forbade me to leave.”

Jin Wei on the other hand was furious: “You little b*tch want to die?”

Shangguan Qingxue chilled her face and said to the girl, “Come to my side! I’ll take you away.”

The girl instantly moved closer to Shangguan Qingxue.

At this moment, Shangguan Qingxue pointed her gun at Jin Wei, “Tell them to open the door, otherwise, I’ll shoot you dead!”

However, just as Shangguan Qingxue finished saying this, the girl suddenly struck out, hitting Shangguan Qingxue’s wrist, and the pistol snapped and fell to the ground!