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HC Chapter 284

The taste of this noodle, although not unpalatable, really could not be described as delicious, how did his sister manage to eat most of the bowl in one sitting?

However, this was the first time in Fu Beijue’s life, and it was something they had worked together on, so he should at least give some face.

So, Ye Jingzhan ate in small bites.

Watching the two children bury their heads in the noodles, Fu Beijue felt a great sense of achievement.

It was such a feeling to watch others eat what they had made ……

He lowered his head and took a bite of the noodles, and his whole face froze.

This taste ……

It was not even a tenth of the Fu family chef’s ……

How did these two children manage to eat in without changing their faces?

He pursed his lips and asked, “Little Yinyin, Jing’er, how do you think this noodle tastes?”

Little Yinyin revealed a radiant smile.

Ye Jingzhan said in a light voice, “For someone cooking noodles for the first time, it’s pretty good, thank you Uncle Fu.”

Fu Beijue’s heart softened once again.

The corners of his thin, cool lips curved up into an arc, and he lowered his head, eating the not-so-good noodles cleanly.

After finishing the noodles, he took the three empty bowls to the kitchen to wash and disinfect them.

And Ye Jingzhan took Little Yinyin upstairs to take a bath in the bathroom ……

When Fu Beijiu finished his work and came out, he saw a pink carved porcelain doll sitting on the sofa in the living room while Ye Jingzhan was wiping her hair.

“I’ll do it.”

Fu Beijue walked over and gently dried the little girl’s hair.

The little girl was leaning against the sofa, her eyes raised every now and then, the light in her eyes falling on Fu Beijue’s body.

Ye Jingzhan sat across the sofa with a book on his lap.

It was a book of fairy tales, and he flipped back a few pages and said casually, “Sister, you’ve finished listening to Snow White yesterday, what story are you listening to today?”

Little Yinyin reached out her hand to take the storybook over.

She turned to another page and stuffed the fairy tale book into Fu Beijue’s arms.

Fu Beijiu was surprised, “You are wanting Uncle Fu to tell you a story?”


Little Yinyin nodded her head vigorously and let out a short syllable.

Lord Fu Bei picked up the storybook, a very famous Grimm’s fairy tale, Cinderella’s Crystal Shoes.

He sat down on the sofa, his absolutely beautiful thin lips parted, and his voice sounded like a cello in the living room.

“Once upon a time, there was a kind girl, her name was Cinderella ……”

Little Yinyin loved listening to the story the most, she was originally sitting on the sofa, once she heard the story she couldn’t help but lie down, her little head rested on Fu Beijue’s lap, raising her face to stare at Fu Beijue’s face, a glazed light bloomed in her eyes, dazzling in its brilliance.

And as Ye Jingzhan sat on the sofa opposite, he couldn’t help but enter into the story situation created by Fu Beijue.

He didn’t like listening to stories, much less this kind of fairy tale, but at the moment, it was out of his hands, he followed Cinderella into the world of fairy tales ……

“Cinderella wore her sparkling crystal shoes to the prince’s ball, she became the most beautiful girl at the banquet, the prince invited her to dance, and she and the prince danced on the dance floor ……”

Fu Beijiu’s voice seemed to have magic powers, causing the little girl’s eyes to slowly close.

Her head rested on his lap, sleeping sweetly, and the corners of her mouth curled up as if she had had some beautiful dream.

Fu Beijue gently put down the fairy tale book, and when he raised his eyes, he saw that Ye Jingzhan, who was sitting opposite, was actually asleep too.

This child is wary, and every time he sees him he is all defensive, he did not expect at all that Ye Jingzhan could actually fall asleep under such circumstances ……

Is it possible to state that Ye Jingzhan has accepted his presence in their siblings’ world?

Ye Yunla returned home and stood in front of the house and saw such a heartwarming image –