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HC Chapter 91

Although it is difficult to negotiate this project for the Boulder Group, it is not impossible.

With a little tactics, such as sleeping with whichever senior management, the senior leaders might sign the contract once their hands are loosened.

Although this project is important, however, Ye Xueying would rather not cooperate with the Boulder Group than have Ye Yunla take a job with the Ye Group ……

Ye Yunla was like a wild wolf poised to strike, if we let Ye Yunla into the company, then the Ye family would never have peace.

“Sister, Bode Group is notoriously difficult to deal with, I think you should not waste this time.” Ye Xueying opened her lips and said, “If sister really wants to do something for the Ye Group, she can try to contact Mr. Ning ……”

Ye Yunla raised her eyebrows and hooked her lips in a smile, “Ten Ning and Zhuang families combined are no match for this project of the Bodega Group, and within three days, I will have someone from the Bodega Group sign the contract.”

This tone of voice carried a hint of arrogance.

Not many people in the audience believed it.

Yet, there was a hint of hope.

If they really did reach a partnership with the Bode Group, Ye’s Group would not have to worry about its clients for the next six months.

Yu Dong was the first to speak, “Three days is a bit too much of a rush, a month is about right.”

“If Missy can really take down the Bode Group, then it shows that Missy is indeed capable.” Zhang Dong also said, “To be able to take down such a difficult and large client, Missy is perfectly capable of holding the position of Account Manager.”

Things had come to this point in the conversation, and there was no room for Ye Xueying to stop it.

She took a deep breath: “Sister, business negotiations are not child’s play, I hope you can think clearly before making a decision.”

She could not give Ye Yunla the slightest chance of entering Ye’s!

Even if there was only a zero.1 percent chance, she had to choke it out.

“If I can’t take Bode in three days, then I won’t attend the shareholders’ meeting from now on.” Ye Yunla said indifferently, “But if I succeed, I still hope that the shareholders will keep their promise and let me become the manager of the account department.”

Ye Xueying: “……”

She opened her lips, unable to utter a single word.

A woman’s sixth sense told her that Ye Yunla would definitely succeed.

She wanted to stop it, but she didn’t know what to say at all.

She heard several shareholders agree to come down, and also heard Ye Zhenshan say that he would give Ye Yunla a chance, and things were just settled.

Ye Yunla collected her things and turned around to walk out of the conference room.

In fact, she only needed one phone call to sign the contract with the Boulder Group.

Saying three days was merely to give Ye Xueying a buffer time ……

I hope Ye Xueying would not let her down ……

She had just walked out of the conference room on her front foot when Ye Xueying caught up with her, “Sister, wait, I have something to say to you.”

Ye Yunla turned around, her scarlet lips dripping with sarcasm: “There’s no one else here now, so don’t put on a show of sisterly love with me.”

“How about we talk about a deal?” Ye Xue Ying lifted her chin, “The shares you hold, make a price.”

“Oh? You’re trying to buy the shares in my hand?” Ye Yunla seemed to be a little interested, she hooked her lips and said, “Ye’s Group’s share price has dropped quite a bit, the shares in my hands won’t sell for much even if I sell them at a premium, if I sell them for one billion, will you buy them?”

The overall market price of the Ye Group was less than three billion, and daring to ask for one billion for twenty-five percent of the shares was indeed a big ask.

However, Ye Xue Ying nodded her head and gritted her teeth, “One billion is fine, but in addition to that, you must promise me one condition.”