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His Destined Path Chapter 3000

He frowned slightly, so at this point it was obvious to him that something seemed wrong with his body.

There was some vague pain in his stomach and his whole body also seemed to twitch slightly, he looked back at Xavier incredulously, “What did you just give me to eat?”

“Nothing, it’s just the meat you roasted for me.” Xia Wei innocently replied.

However, although she was quite innocent on her face, she actually had a faint smile spreading across her face.

Han Qianqian frowned, it was obvious that this girl had tampered with the meat just now, and was about to ask him about it when he suddenly felt a mad fever in his throat, as if there was some kind of lava about to spurt out, before he could touch his hand to his throat, his eyes suddenly went black and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Seeing Han Qianqian fall, Xia Wei obviously froze, and in the next second, she panicked and ran a few steps to Han Qianqian’s body, squatting down beside him, slightly touching him and cautiously asking, “Hey, are you alright?

Han Qianqian didn’t have any reaction at all.

Xia Wei glanced at him worriedly, and her eyes became even more complicated. She was both more worried about Han Qianqian’s safety and yet she always felt that Han Qianqian was not playing with himself.

Finally, she could not resist and reached out to move Han Qianqian’s head slightly to her side.

At that moment, Xia Wei sat down softly on her butt ……

At this time, outside of Youming City, a group of people were climbing high on top of the peak to get a bird’s eye view of Youming City. With a few shrill wolf sounds cutting through the night sky, a group of flying birds also quickly scattered in all directions.

The magnificent city was now nothing more than a pile of ruins.

The huge body of the King of Youming was now nothing more than a puddle of rotting corpses that had been eaten by the monsters and had long since become unbearable.

“Eleventh Master, it seems that what Pei Yuan said was not false.” A man looked at the desolation of Youming City at his feet, indifference in his eyes, and said in a cold voice.

The man at the head of the group nodded slightly and asked sideways, “How is the investigation going?”

“All the clan members as well as the sentinel pioneers have been sent out, but ……”

“What’s wrong?” He gave a slight sideways glance, a little surprised and a little angry.

The Sentinel Pioneer was the most elite unit under his command and the most keen, not to mention this desolate land of the Demons, even if it was the Hell Abyss, this Sentinel Pioneer was pervasive.

“That caravan of the Su family, it seems to have evaporated into thin air, it is simply untraceable.” When the subordinate said this, there was finally a hint of guilt in the untamed eyes.

“The envoy of the old ancestor is already on his way in this matter, are you planning for me to tell him the same?” He drank in discontent.

“I dare not, I have ordered the two troops to step up their patrols, although I have not been able to find the whereabouts of the Su family’s caravan, however, I did find some traces.” The man hastily bowed his head, his attitude humble.


“Seven hundred miles ahead, in the middle of the mountains, the sentry pioneers have detected the sound of people pa*sing by.” The subordinate said.

He smiled coldly, “What is strange about human voices? The land of the devils, the land of all spirits, there are countless strange and diverse people, what kind of discovery is this?”

“Human voices are not unusual, but the human voices detected by the sentry pioneers are deliberately suppressed.” The subordinate said.

“Deliberately suppressed?” He frowned slightly, obviously, if the voices were deliberately suppressed, then there had to be only one reason for this: they were not to be seen.

What kind of situation would not be allowed to see the light of day?

It wasn’t hard to imagine, given the connection to the vanishing caravan.

“Well done, that’s the real reason you led me to see the City of Eerie Light, isn’t it?” He laughed coldly.

Having been seen through, the subordinate did not dare to say anything; watching Youming was a lie, but catching the suspected nest shop was indeed real.

The king of the Youming had also been killed by that human being, so how could he have the ability to dare to be arrogant and go alone with his men?!

However, seeing that the Eleventh Master was not angry, the subordinate was relieved and said, “The troops have already pa*sed, Eleventh Master, we ……?”

The Eleventh Master nodded and raised the whip in his hand, but he smiled indifferently: “Good, let’s go ahead and meet and see who the person who can kill the underground worm is.”

“To be honest, I’m quite looking forward to it.”

The words fell, he immediately raised, the monster under his stride and ran towards the distant mountains, behind him, a group of followers followed and moved ……