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His Destined Path Chapter 3005

The pangolin didn’t say anything, but just looked at Han Qianqian carefully, looking left and right as if there was something on Han Qianqian’s face.

Han Qianqian’s whole body was furred by the look, and he knocked his hand away: “What are you doing? Don’t just f*cking look, say something instead.”

“No, I have to look.” After looking at Han Qianqian’s head for a few moments, he shook his head, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand.”

Han Qianqian was speechless and annoyed, so he said in a cold voice, “If you don’t say anything, I promise you, the pangolin, I’ll take your name if you don’t die.”

The mountain beetle didn’t take these threats seriously, and swept himself another glance at Han Qianqian, shook his head and sat back down: “Actually, you’re nothing special.”

“Not the same as me, all with one head and two eyes, one nose and one mouth, and no spring in your face.”

“Grandma, this is too unbelievable, isn’t it?”

“Surnamed Han, sit down for me, I’m asking you.”

D*mn, Han Qianqian was so angry that his nose was crooked, it was obvious that he was on the verge of a fury, how could he suddenly turn around and this guy was on his nose and lecturing himself?

However, Han Qianqian didn’t know what kind of medicine this guy was selling, so he could only grit his teeth, harden his head and really do as he said, sit down obediently.

“Last night, what did it feel like?” The pierced beetle asked.

“What the f*ck what does it feel like, the piercing beetle, I think you really don’t want this skin anymore?” Han Qianqian heard this question as soon as he sat on the end, and was about to burst into a rage.

“Phoenix’s daughter can be different from ordinary women, rumor has it that Phoenix’s daughter is one of the rare …… kind of women, anyway …… anyway, for any man, it is definitely a superb experience that will never be forgotten, you are pretending to be confused with me here? En? Little Chien Chien?” After saying these words, the corners of the pierced mountain beetle’s eyes kept picking, the look was obscene to the extreme.

“I told you, last night was just ordinary healing for her, we’re buddies, it doesn’t matter if you talk nonsense about me, she’s a girl, you need to cut the crap.” Han Qianqian scolded him.

“Her injury is on her back, if you want to heal her, you will definitely have to ……”

“This solitary man and woman, and that girl is a superb beauty, and her looks are particularly special, to be honest, I still clearly remember her beautiful appearance, you will be able to control it?”

“D*mn, your luck is so good, first my little princess Qilin, then Qin Shuang and Su Yan, now there is a little b*tch Xia Wei, the most important thing is that each one is more beautiful than the other, but they all lean on you, this is too f*cking much, right?”

“People like you have to be thundered to death when you go out, right?”

“Don’t you dare.” Han Qianqian swept him a glance in depression, but, from the reflections of the piercing beetle, he did perceive that perhaps this time Xia Wei seemed completely different.

This was because when he had met Su Yan and the other women in the past, this fellow would also chatter endlessly, but would never reflect as much as he did today.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian’s curiosity grew even greater as he looked at the Mountain Piercing Armor and said, “What exactly is the Phoenix’s Daughter?”

The Mountain Piercing Armor stared speechlessly at the heavens, then glanced enviously at Han Qianqian, and when he meekly reached out, Han Qianqian subconsciously hurriedly handed him a large peach, which he bit down: “To say that the Phoenix’s Daughter is amazing, I thought that this kind of superb woman simply did not exist in this world.”

“But where would I have thought that I would not only see it, but most exaggeratedly, she was right beside me.”

“In short, I can tell you responsibly that with the Phoenix’s daughter, not to mention the Earth’s Seal on your body is not a problem at all, and it’s not even an exaggeration to say that even if you were tortured by the King of Hell and thrown into hell, you can still come back from the dead.” The pierced beetle shook its head with a bitter smile.

“So amazing?” Han Qianqian said in amazement.

“Do you think this alone is the end of it? If you think that this is already considered magical, then the true use of the Phoenix’s Daughter is probably too divine for you to describe, right?” When he said this, the piercing beetle’s bitter smile was even tinged with contempt for Han Qianqian for making such a fuss.

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything, but just quietly looked at the mountain piercing armor. Then what kind of heaven-defying things was this phoenix woman still hiding?