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His Destined Path Chapter 3012

The pangolin was trying to fly forward, but when Han Qianqian dragged him, he almost lost the brakes. You’ve finished picking up all the girls, and you’re not allowing me to play my part?”


“Are you stupid?” Han Qianqian glared at him, “Look around you carefully.”


The mountain-wearing beetle looked back around, but there was immortal qi all around, and low peach forests everywhere, except for a vast expanse, he did not find anything unusual.


However, if you don’t talk about it, once you talk about it, Piercing Mountain Armor really feels that there is something strange, but exactly what is strange, he can’t say.


“Miscellaneous, what’s wrong with this surrounding?” He looked strangely at Han Qianqian.


“The place we’re in is called Peach’s Source, right?” Han Qianqian said.


The pangolin nodded without thinking, this was indeed true, there was nothing to say.


“Since I came in after I pa*sed out, I don’t know how you guys got in here then. But there are only two kinds of existence in this place, one is that this is some small, secluded place in the barren and desolate land of the demons, a remote corner of the world, the so-called paradise, is it not?”


The Impaler nodded, and there was nothing wrong with that at all.


“The other kind is also similar to the kind of Earth’s Realm of the Qilin Clan, where space is concealed by a secret method in one of the locations, right?”


The pierced beetle nodded as well.


“But of these two methods, in fact, there is inevitably one inevitable commonality in either method, and that is that its inner space, even if it is no bigger, is no bigger.”


A mountain is big, or a few mountains are big, an island is big, or a few islands are big.


It can be a place for tens of thousands of people to live, or it can be a separate ecological circle that encompa*ses thousands of people, but there is always a limit to its size.


At least, for a monk, it is, and there is a distance.


But the problem lay in the fact that the two of them, Han Qianqian and Pierced Mountain Armour, if they were to consider the palace from earlier as their starting point, then given the time and distance they had travelled, the place was simply too big to be true.


After all, the two of them had flown from almost morning, all the way to nightfall and the beginning of the moon.


For such a long time, given the speed of the two, they could have at least crossed at least a few cities in all the eight worlds, but here, they had actually not yet reached the end of their flight.


That would be incredible.


After all, how big could the Peach’s Origin be?


Would there be such a large place that would be untouched by the world? With their reputation as the Daughters of the Phoenix, could this place still be so peaceful?


All of these were contradictory to the facts.


Therefore, there could only be one outcome, and that was that this place could never have been as big as it seemed today.


Something is wrong!


There is definitely something wrong.


“So, what you’re saying is that we’ve met a so-called ghostly wall? But we’ve actually been spinning around in place?” The mountain-penetrating beetle understood Han Qianqian’s meaning and looked around carefully, as if he had some sense in his mind.


Han Qianqian nodded indisputably, “If there is such a large number of peach sources, how many peaches must there be? With this wealth alone, I think the Peach Source would not be able to avoid war at all.”


“And if it existed in space, like the Qilin Holy Land or perhaps the Void Sect, it would be large, but it would definitely not be much larger.”


There was immortal energy all around, and the peach forests were extremely similar, and it seemed that they were each different in the fog between wandering around, but on closer inspection, they seemed to feel the same everywhere.


“So what do we do now? Break the game?” The pangolin frowned.


The more there was something in the way, the more often it was followed by what was most wanted there, after all, there was nothing here.


“The so-called maze formation is just the art of the eight trigrams and five elements, didn’t you learn it from Qinglong? Try it again?” The mountain piercing armor said, “I think that once we walk out of this maze formation, we will be able to see the sunrise through the clouds and fog.”


Han Qianqian did not speak, his brow furrowed and his eyes swept heavily over all the surroundings. At that moment, in Han Qianqian’s eyes and mind, the surroundings began to intersect in a linear pattern and weave into a pair of pictures that kept on intersecting at Han Qianqian.


Seeing Han Qianqian’s serious appearance, the piercing beetle did not dare to disturb and waited quietly beside him.


“What kind of maze formation is this?” Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed even tighter, as if he had encountered a great confusion.


However, just then ……