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His Destined Path Chapter 3014

When the two of them landed again and returned to the hall, it was already midnight.


At this time, the night was deeply silent, and the bright moon had already hung high into the mid-air, at its fullest. The whole Peach’s Source was like a silver cloak under the moonlight, which was both somewhat cold and solemn, but had a few different charm.


“Well, you are satisfied and can go back to sleep happily.”


As soon as he landed, the piercing beetle was obviously still drowning in the depression of Han Qianqian’s abandonment, and after saying so, he reluctantly headed for the house.


However, he took a few steps but did not find Han Qianqian following him. When he looked back, he saw that Han Qianqian was still standing in the same place, only looking up at the sky.


For a moment, the piercing beetle couldn’t help but depressed, “Miscellaneous, bad mood, reward a month to recover, ah? Shame is shame, there’s no point in saying it, wash up and go to sleep.”


However, the words fell, but Han Qianqian remained motionless, the piercing mountain beetle really couldn’t help but be curious and followed him over.


Following Han Qianqian’s gaze, the piercing beetle’s gaze eventually rested on the bright moon hanging high in the mid-air.


However, although the moon was round, it was not something that was always rare, after all, there was nothing rare and weird in this world that one might not have seen before, but the moon and the sun were something that everyone had seen from birth until they died of old age.


“What are you doing?” Seeing that Han Qianqian was lost in thought, the Mountain Piercing Armor could not help but shake his hand in front of him, but Han Qianqian’s eyes were still fixed on the bright moon, unmoved.


Just when the piercing armour was about to lose its grip, Han Qianqian suddenly lowered his head and set his gaze on the short mountain and flowing water.


The full moon was reflected in it, waving and waving again and again.


“Sure enough.” Han Qianqian smiled gently.


“What is it?” The pangolin was bewildered, not knowing what was wrong with Han Qianqian.


“I think I’ve found the Water Moon Cave.” Han Qianqian smiled and looked at Piercing Mountain Armour, “Although the maze formation is a maze formation, it’s not for people to solve.”


“The maze formation is also the boundary of the entire Peach’s Source.”


The mountain piercing armor strangely snapped its head: “What a mess, a labyrinth is a labyrinth, one moment is a labyrinth and the next is a boundary, you’ve confused me.”


“The source of peach is worthy of being the habitat of the phoenix clan, there is an old saying that a phoenix will not roost unless it is a wutong, and it seems that this is true, the phoenix is indeed strict enough in being choosy about its habitat.”


Although those extremely complicated and complex maze formations seemed to be insurmountable problems, its actual function was not to be taken as a maze to be cracked, but the most solid boundary defence in the entire land of Peachland.


This was also the fundamental reason why when Han Qianqian tried to solve it, he found that this one was actually completely impossible to unravel.


Its true function was to protect the entire Peach Origin from outsiders, or to effectively defend it from foreign invasion if outsiders were to discover it.


Suffice it to say, this thing should be the strongest and most mysterious boundary Han Qianqian had ever seen, if not one of them.


“If I wanted to forcefully break through the maze formation on those peach groves with my abilities and yours, I’m afraid it would be for nothing even when we both turn into a pile of white bones.” Han Qianqian smiled and said.


“There is in fact simply a staged cloud of suspicion there, and Xia Ran is testing us.” Han Qianqian laughed.


If we followed normal logic, it would have been hard to find out that there was something wrong in the process that we had been looking for and had entered the maze. Then the first thing to do was to break the maze.


He himself had been thinking the same way as the mountain beetle until Han Qianqian discovered that the maze could not be broken at all as well as the surprisingly round moon above his head.


“Look at that moon again, don’t you think it’s a bit strange?” Han Qianqian laughed.


The pangolin looked up at the moon in the sky, his brow furrowed and his eyes almost glowing ……