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His Destined Path Chapter 3032

Chapter 3032

Han Qianqian shook his head and said politely, “Qianqian does not dare to guess.”

The golden-bodied beauty smiled faintly and said softly, “It’s all for you.”

“For me?” Han Qianqian frowned.

If this is considered love, then please let me be covered in bruises?


“You can see it as a trial, or you can see it as a display.”

Han Qianqian frowned at his words, if it was a display, Han Qianqian could naturally know, after all, he had already felt the power of the supreme nine daisy phoenixes in this, but if it was a trial, Han Qianqian did not understand.

“Do you really not understand?” The golden-bodied beauty looked at Han Qianqian and asked in a soft voice.

Han Qianqian froze, but then suddenly seemed to think of something, and his whole body couldn’t help but be slightly startled: “Senior wouldn’t ……”

“Exactly what you are thinking.”

Hearing these words, Han Qianqian was stunned beyond measure, his entire person dumbfounded and frozen in place.

“In the illusion laid by Bai Ming, it is only the phantom of each nestling phoenix, and its strength is approximately less than thirty percent of its original body.” She laughed softly.

The piercing beetle froze, “Holy sh*t, those guys just now only exerted 30% of their strength?”

Then depressed, she whispered softly to herself, “Then if these nine were at 100% strength, we wouldn’t have died hundreds of times?”

The golden-bodied beauty nodded, “The full peak strength of their nine is again approximately equal to about forty percent of the Phoenix’s power.”

“What?” The piercing beetle stood up straight away in shock: “The full peak strength of the nine fledgling phoenixes combined is only equal to forty …… forty percent of the Phoenix’s power? Then …… then isn’t this Phoenix Power …… not counter-intuitive to the point of perversion?”

For the piercing mountain beetle’s surprise, seems to be in the golden body beauty’s expectation, blandly just nodded, did not have any excessive reflection.

However, Han Qianqian was the one who shook his head at this moment at the pierced mountain armor, signaling him not to say anything further.

The piercing armor was unsure and looked at Han Qianqian foolishly, “Brother, what are you doing, you’ve made a fortune.”

“What the hell, shut up.” Han Qianqian glared at the b*****d, lowered his head and didn’t pit another sound.

“You have the blood of a devil dragon and the basic chaos power, if you have the power of a phoenix, why worry about the world looking out of the sky? There is nothing wrong for him to say that you have been sent.” After the golden-bodied beauty finished speaking, she slowly walked up to Han Qianqian’s front.

With just a slight lift of her hand, a golden stream of light slowly slid down from her hand to Han Qianqian’s body.

Han Qianqian’s body was flooded with golden light, and a great warm current then filled Han Qianqian’s body directly.

“And you take your luck.”

Han Qianqian looked up and saw her looking at herself, instinctively shaking her head, but she nodded again at Han Qianqian with steely eyes.

Han Qianqian nodded and only slightly lifted the power of his dantian, and before Han Qianqian could feel anything at all, he suddenly heard a holy sh*t sound beside him, and between his eyes again, Han Qianqian himself was dumbfounded.

“This ……”

The pangolin, which was still beside Han Qianqian, was blown hundreds of meters away like a ball because of the leakage of Han Qianqian’s true energy between his luck.

Han Qianqian looked at his hands in disbelief, what kind of terrifying f*cking power was this?

It was a simple act of luck, with some unconscious leakage of Qi through his meridians, but it could produce such a strong pressure.

The actual fact is that the person who wears the mountain armor is not an ordinary mortal, but a powerful expert in the world of cultivation.

I can’t believe that ……

The actual fact is that he was bounced off by himself?

If I had punched him, he would have been beaten to a pulp!

“It’s better to think about it a million times than to try it out.” The golden-bodied beauty smiled faintly, and then, there was another faint movement in her hand.

There, the mountain piercing armor that had just been directly knocked away by Han Qianqian just got up from the ground in pain, cursing Han Qianqian, what kind of hero you are, sneaking up on me when I’m not expecting you.

But at that moment, he suddenly felt his body suddenly lighten, and then his whole body floated up inexplicably, and when he looked around in panic, he saw a golden light on his body.

When I looked back again, I saw that I was slowly flying towards Han Qianqian.

“How about giving it a try?” Recalling what that beautiful woman said just now, the pangolin suddenly reflected and shouted loudly and sharply at Han Qianqian, “Holy sh*t, Han Qianqian you f*cking son of a b*tch, I’m f*cking warning you, don’t you mess around.”

“Ah …… holy sh*t, don’t you come over here ……”