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His Destined Path Chapter 3042

Chapter 3042

“Where to?” The mountain-penetrator looked at Han Qianqian, and then at a pale peach forest.

It was a serious question.

“Go anywhere, just don’t stay in that sh*thole.” Han Qianqian responded.

Sweeping a glance at the peach forest, the mountain-penetrator said helplessly, “So you think the place is better if we stay in the peach forest at night?”

Han Qianqian rolled his eyes speechlessly, and the Wearing Mountain Armor shook its head resentfully and replied, but helped Han Qianqian to walk towards the peach forest.

On the way, the mountain piercing nail wanted to say something, but after squirming for half a day, it still opened its mouth: “You don’t blame me for saying those words just now, do you? Yes, I know that from a certain point of view, I am not like your friend, and I am sorry to Su Yingxia.”

“But, from another perspective, I’m also doing it for your own good.”

“Not to mention that you are now under the seal of the earth, even if you are not, with your current ability, if you want to take it deep into the forbidden land of the demon race, it will definitely be a life of nine deaths, that phoenix power is already that fierce just by displaying it, if you really obtain all of it, let’s not say how fierce it will be, at least, for your trip to the demon race, there is more hope to come back alive. ”

“Being alive is the capital of everything.”

“You say you love Su Yingxia, but what if you die, what if she’s going to be in danger and you can’t step in to help? That’s probably the hardest part, isn’t it?”

Han Qianqian nodded, he also understood the truth of the piercing beetle’s words, otherwise he wouldn’t have been trying to improve his cultivation since he arrived in the Eightfold World.

The pain he felt when his lover was in trouble and there was nothing he could do about it was something Han Qianqian knew better than anyone else.

However, for Han Qianqian, everything has a red line and a bottom line, and Su Yingxia was the line that she must not be touched.

“I understand everything you say about me, otherwise, I would have flipped out with you long ago.” Han Qianqian replied softly, “However, just like your seven years of uncomplaining devotion to the Little Princess Qilin, there are some people that are just more important than your life.”

The pierced beetle nodded and looked at Han Qianqian: “Then what should you do with the Seal of the Earth? And the injuries on your body ……”

“I don’t know, one step at a time. First, we’ll stay in the Peach Forest for one night, and when Xia Ran’s anger subsides a bit tomorrow, you go and ask her to send us out.”

The two of them had already reached the depths of the peach forest, and after placing Han Qianqian next to a tree, the piercing beetle was about to move, but Han Qianqian called out, “Just don’t make me any food to eat.”

“Just rest for a bit.”

“sh*t, Han Qianqian, do you think that what I cooked is not good?” The pangolin suddenly reflected and looked at Han Qianqian with a hell of a look, like I’m f*cking you.

Han Qianqian laughed bitterly and rested his head gently on the tree, closing his eyes and resting.

When the mountain biker saw him resting, he knew he must have been hurt badly, so if he didn’t say anything, the mountain biker wouldn’t ask questions. Silently, he got up alone and went around a few times, looking for some dry tree trunks and gra*s to bring over, covering Han Qianqian gently and then huddling himself in a corner, curling his body into a pile, hiding from the cold of the night.

I don’t know if it was because the weather in Peachland was so bad that night, or if it was a deliberate act by Xia Ran, but in any case, it was very cold that night.

But on Han Qianqian’s side, even with the hay that he had been given to cover his body and the dead wood to support his simple wooden hut, his body was still covered in frost and his whole body was like a bend of water in early winter, which happened to be slightly frozen by the frost and snow.

When the pangolin finally woke up and opened its eyes after warming up, when it saw Han Qianqian’s condition, it crawled up from the ground with a start, and then rushed to Han Qianqian’s side with a few steps.

As soon as he touched Han Qianqian, the mountain beetle was even more dumbfounded, his entire body was like a popsicle, hard and cold, not to mention the warmth of a human being, even the elasticity of his skin had completely disappeared.

“The f*ck no?” The Mountain Piercing Armor suddenly had a sense of foreboding, and then, holding his breath, he placed his finger in front of Han Qianqian’s nose, trying to probe it.

When he did, his eyes widened and he looked at Han Qianqian with fear and anxiety: “Dead …… dead?”