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His Destined Path Chapter 3057

Chapter 3057

Xia Wei was unknown, but Han Qianqian himself had already guessed what it was.

The Evil Taotie.

This thing ate more than anything else, even if Han Qianqian forgot to take this guy, I guess Xia Ran would not want to keep it for long, after all, if he kept this guy, I guess it wouldn’t be long before the whole Taoyuan could be eaten clean by this thing, without even a hair left.

“It seems that you guys also remembered what it was that you forgot to bring.” Xia Ran looked at Han Qianqian’s expression and naturally knew what he meant, so he couldn’t help but laugh lightly.

The mountain-penetrating beetle hemmed and rubbed his head, apologizing, “Before we left, we said we would leave, but we did forget to take the Evil Taotie with us, this was an oversight on our part.”

Xia Ran did not say anything, and with a movement in his hand, the Evil Taotie’s form came out.

However, Han Qianqian was surprised to see that the Evil Taotie had actually shrunk by more than a dozen turns, after only one day and one night in the Peach Source.

It was the size of a small lamb, and even the luster on its body was much dimmer.

Han Qianqian looked strangely at the mountain beetle, obviously questioning this guy, what exactly has the Evil Taotie been through.

After all, after entering the source of peach, the evil Taotie what happened there, only the wearing mountain armor himself knows, even after Han Qianqian woke up and asked him, he said that the evil Taotie will be in a beautiful place, and told himself not to bother him.

D*mn, is this a beautiful place?

From the size of an elephant, it’s now the size of a sheep? Those who know about it still think it’s a beautiful place, but those who don’t think it’s a place where they smoke opium.

The pangolin is also helpless, an innocent look at Han three thousand, and then spread his hands, completely a I also do not know miscellaneous things look: “really …… really not my business, he stayed in the place is indeed a beautiful place ah, not to mention him this beast, even I, are lingering ah. ”

Seeing the piercing beetle still talking like this, Han Qianqian eyes slightly dissatisfied.

“I’ll settle the score with you later.” After glaring at the creature, Han Qianqian took a few steps to the Evil Taotie’s body and reached out slightly, stroking its back with some heartache.

Not only is it smaller than it should be, but it’s also much thinner, so if you say it’s been abused, Han Qianqian has no doubt.

As a former comrade, and even a “friend” who had saved Han Qianqian’s life, Han Qianqian was filled with guilt.

However, at the time when Han Qianqian was feeling guilty, Han Qianqian suddenly noticed that there was something strange about the …… Evil Taotie.

The mouth beneath its not-so-large one-eye was slightly half-open, revealing a small piece of white that appeared inside.

“What is this?” Han Qianqian frowned, then crouched in the front of the evil Taotie, through his half-open mouth to look hard and carefully to see what the white exposed its body is.

The more I looked, the more confused Han Qianqian was.

The body seemed to be a round thing, like a ball type thing, not big, about the size of two goose eggs.

“Can you spit it out for me to see?” Han Qianqian glanced at the Evil Taotie.

Although it couldn’t speak, the battle at Youming City had made Han Qianqian very sure that it could understand what he was saying.

The Evil Taotie looked at Han Qianqian with one eye and seemed to hesitate for a moment, then, leaning down slightly, he opened his mouth gently on the ground, and a round object rolled out of his mouth instantly.

“An egg?” Han Qianqian was completely dumbfounded.

Perhaps the dot that peeked out of the slit in his mouth happened to be on one of the white sides of the egg’s body; in fact, it was only after the whole egg had fallen completely that Han Qianqian could see completely that it was not a white egg.

Rather, it was a coloured egg.

In addition to the white colour that he saw, there were also four other colours on the egg, such as yellow and red, and so on, making it a five-coloured egg.

But Han Qianqian really did not understand, where did the Evil Taotie get such an egg from? And what does it mean when it is in his mouth?

When Han Qianqian finished looking at it, Han Qianqian was about to touch it with his hand, but the Evil Taotie had carefully put the egg back into his mouth, afraid that someone would steal it.


Han Qianqian was baffled, not knowing what this guy meant.

But Xia Ran next to him laughed and said something that made Han Qianqian even more stupid in place ……