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His Destined Path Chapter 3079

Chapter 3079

On its back, as expected of the demon dragon, there were two tentacles like snails, and like two giant snakes growing there, swaying faintly.

“Good boy, the body can fight, and also know how to use the brain, not bad.” In his mind, the devil dragon faintly complimented.

Han Qianqian smiled, in the Earth without true energy, if there were even these base manipulations in the first place, I’m afraid that he would have died tens of thousands of times already.

It was just that in the Eight Worlds, where there were so many experts, these base manipulations were already insignificant in front of true power, so they were not often used.

“A group of dragons cannot be without a leader, and ten thousand armies cannot be without a general, so let’s do it.” The devil dragon laughed.

Han Qianqian nodded, and with a grip of the jade sword in his hand, he aimed a sword chop at the pair of touch without any mercy.


Abruptly, the huge silkworm chrysalis suddenly let out a miserable and incomparable roar.

“It is now, run!” The devil dragon roared.

Han Qianqian was not sloppy either, looking back around and seeing several holes, he chose one at random and was about to pull his legs out and run.

“Wait a minute.” The Devil Dragon suddenly called out to Han Qianqian: “Take these two tentacles with you.”


“The essence of the Dragon of the Earth, a great tonic, will be of great use, take them with you.”

Han Qianqian said, “Since the demon dragon said it would be useful, it would be useful, so he picked up the tentacles that were still moving on the ground and threw them into the special spatial ring for treasures.

As he ran, Han Qianqian looked back at the original place, but he was horrified.

Countless ground worms were running around like mad, they were frantically twisting and crawling, and the tentacles on the chrysalis-like monster were waving in the air in confusion.

It was a hellish scene.

Regardless of all that, Han Qianqian entered the cave and ran down the hole, and behind him, he could still hear the howls in the cave. However, the good thing is that these sounds got smaller and smaller as Han Qianqian ran forward, until finally …… they were almost inaudible.

Han Qianqian stopped in exhaustion, and at this moment at least he was able to catch a few breaths.

At least for the moment, it is out of danger.

“Don’t rest, your whole body is covered with wounds, when that monster stabilizes its position, it will certainly chase according to blood, and even if it doesn’t chase, if you don’t hurry back to heal, then you will have to die.” The devil dragon said softly.

Han Qianqian nodded and looked back at his own body, which had long been riddled with holes and was barely different from a bloody man. And looking back behind him, because he had run all the way here, although there was no blood on the ground, the black marks left by the poisoned blood that had shed or at least corroded the soil had made his tracks more obvious and exposed.

After shaking his head helplessly, Han Qianqian made some mud and covered his feet, then tore off his clothes and barely covered the wound, followed by another layer of mud to ensure that the blood did not drip down, before Han Qianqian got up and walked further ahead with the hole.

Time pa*sed, and Han Qianqian did not know how far he had walked down the hole, but he only remembered that his whole body was almost completely blackened by the poisoned blood that had eroded the sand and soil wrapped around his clothes, turning him not only from a bloody man into a “black man”, but also into a white man.

This black and white is obviously black on the body and white on the face ……

The reason for the white face is also very simple: too much blood loss.

Han Qianqian even felt his whole body shivering and shivering at this moment, and the image in front of his eyes began to become abnormally blurred, and his whole head was even dizzy and he wanted to sleep.

Gritting his teeth, Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and stepped up his pace, but before he could take a few steps, he suddenly stopped and his eyes glared.

It wasn’t because he was powerless at this moment, but because at this moment, Han Qianqian sensed that something was wrong.

In this hole in the ground, a strange sound suddenly rang out and was rapidly approaching towards himself at this moment ……


So fast, it’s f*cking coming after me?