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His Destined Path Chapter 3119

Chapter 3119

A drop of blood instantly falls on the stick.

There does not seem to be any reflection. It was as if the drop of blood was on something ordinary, not penetrating, not being absorbed, even extending downwards slightly as the stick tilted.

According to reason, Han Qianqian should have been disappointed.

But he wasn’t, and he was even faintly excited.

Han Qianqian knew full well how corrosive his own blood was, but what was surprising was that this unattractive little thing had not been damaged in the slightest by the poisoned blood.

Another drop of blood fell, followed by two drops, three drops, four drops ……

even, more and more.

When the entire end of the small black stick had been completely covered with Han Qianqian’s blood, at this time, Han Qianqian was still trying to pour blood onto the small black stick in a continuous stream.

Then, his eyes were like torches staring at the little black stick with a deadly gaze.

One minute, two minutes, even ten minutes ……

Almost just when Han Qianqian thought he had misunderstood the devil dragon’s meaning and was ready to give up, suddenly, the blood that had been on top of the stick slowly began to take on an unbelievable transformation.

It slowly began to seep into the body of the small black stick, then disappeared and disappeared little by little, and eventually, all the blood on the stick was completely melted into it.

“That’s really it!”

Han Qianqian instantly came to life, and his entire being could not help but perk up and shout softly.

As the saying goes, one is divided into two, then into ten thousand, but ten thousand but back to one, and the one back to the original, isn’t it about the Great Dao of the world, starting from zero, then dividing into ten thousand, and eventually returning ten thousand to zero to become one again?

The devil dragon has said that this product is not a thing, not a person, not a weapon, and everything is not aligned towards an ultimate one meaning again?



In addition, Han Qianqian and this little black stick had fought with each other before, all kinds of strange devouring and copying their own magic energy.

It was really like a huge black hole, learning and using whatever you gave it.

So, since that was the case, Han Qianqian had the simplest idea.

Zero it out again and start over.

Earlier, it was the green juice, now, it was Han Qianqian’s blood.

If that was the case, the green juice was the giant fish attacking itself, so it had always attacked itself, and even though it had the Pan Gu Axe in its possession, it feared but still did not give up.

It is like a blank slate that has been stamped with the mark of murder from the time of its birth.

So, if it was not green juice but its own blood, then it should be re-marked by Han Qianqian.

It was a guess, and a risk.

But ahead, Han Qianqian seemed to have got it all right, not only did things go as he had expected, but most importantly, the material of the little black stick had been corrupted by Han Qianqian’s poisoned blood.

The next, and most important part, was the key to whether the whole operation would be dead or alive by the time it came to an end.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian stared intently at the little black stick that had swallowed the blood, quietly waiting for its reaction.

If it won, naturally everything would be fine, if it lost, it had sucked in its own blood which was far more powerful than the green liquid, and it was also destined that the creature would become even more powerful.

It was extremely likely that something uncontrollable would happen.

After all, this item was some so-called heavenly divine weapon that one had never even heard of.

There was no telling what kind of skills this fellow would have.

Suddenly, just at that moment, the little black stick suddenly settled down, as if it had been drained of its green juice by Han Qianqian earlier, and lost everything.

Was this the end of everything?

Han Qianqian was a little lost and a little resigned.

But in the next second, a blood-red stream of light suddenly flashed between its entire body, and although it pa*sed in the blink of an eye, in the next second, the creature slowly flew up from Han Qianqian’s palm.

Han Qianqian stared at it with some caution as it also flew to a distance of nearly half a meter in front of Han Qianqian, and then seemed to be staring at Han Qianqian in the air.

Han Qianqian could not help but swallow slightly, not knowing whether this fellow was a friend or foe, and not knowing whether he was tying a dead or live knot.

Just then, the little black stick moved ……