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His Destined Path Chapter 3125

Chapter 3125

The giant fish stopped, which also meant that the loud noise generated by his twisting and turning also stopped and fell.

The entire lake, suddenly, became abnormally quiet in a steep moment, and the three of them could even hear each other’s breathing and heartbeats in the energy circle than.


Suddenly, at that very moment, there was a violent explosion from the top of the giant fish, blood and flesh instantly shot up several meters into the sky, and along with them, a figure also violently burst out from it at the same moment.

“Brother Three Thousand, it’s Brother Three Thousand.” Almost at the same time, Xia Wei excitedly tugged at the arm of the pangolin and shouted.

The pangolin was in pain, but at this moment, it couldn’t care less, its face was full of smiles.

That’s right, it was Han Qianqian!

At this moment, Han Qianqian was holding a black longsword, a sword shot straight out of the sky, and then stood slightly in mid-air with a heroic posture, just like a god.

“Incredible, simply incredible. The skin of that giant fish is like steel, and its body is as huge as a mountain, the flesh under the skin is naturally thick and thick, how …… did he manage to penetrate through the fish’s body and out?” The old man also barely slowed down from his stunned state.

“I have long said, that he is Han three thousand, now, are you convinced?” The pangolin clenched its fist in excitement and let out a vicious breath of anger.

Let you say I’m bragging, now, the truth is right in front of you!

The two men did not say anything, but it was clear that the smiles on their faces and the awe in their eyes were the best answer.

What else could one do but to be convinced?

The old man smiled, smiled leisurely, if just now it was an abyss of ten thousand feet right before their eyes, now, with the appearance of Han Qianqian, it was as if they were walking on level ground again.

“Brother Qianqian, go for it!” Xia Wei was also excited and waved her hand at Han Qianqian.

When he heard Xia Wei’s shout, Han Qianqian glanced back at her and wanted to smile to show her that she was fine, but when he looked up, he saw a crowd of black-clad people behind the three of them, who were getting closer and closer.

Han Qianqian immediately frowned, it was obvious that those coming were not good people.

“Do me one more favour!” Han Qianqian did not dare to think too much, and with a word of thanks towards the little black stick, the little black stick instantly transformed directly into a large axe with a movement in his hand.

The light of the axe was cold and quite domineering.

Han Qianqian’s axe rose and aimed at the huge monster fish’s body, slashing down violently, then rising again ……

In just a few rounds, the huge monster fish was instantly chopped into several pieces by the huge axe.

“The next second, Han Qianqian’s hand moved, a true energy directly covered the giant fish, followed by a storage ring opened, the mountain-like giant fish was Han Qianqian factor into the storage cut-off.

The only thing left on the ground besides the broken ice was the blood and flesh.

After collecting a few more dead ghost fish, Han Qianqian, who had completely cleaned up the battlefield, flew in front of the three piercing beetles and took a look at them: “Luckily, you made it in time.”

With these words, Han Qianqian gently re-draped a piece of energy in front of the three, and the energy circle that was close to breaking was completely repaired.

“Brother Three Thousand, are you alright?” Xia Wei said with delight and concern.

Han Qianqian nodded and looked at the black-clad crowd not far behind him, smiling bitterly, “I should be fine now, but I don’t know if I’ll be fine later.”

The mountain beetle looked back, “It seems that, as you expected, that gang did send quite a few people.”

Xia Wei spoke urgently, “Then let’s get out of here, otherwise we’ll be in danger when they catch up with us.”

It was not just dangerous, it was a desperate situation, if that group of people approached, not to mention their cultivation level, just the number of people was bound to be a fierce battle.

If they were anywhere else, it would be even more of a battle, but in this snowy land, it would be even more exhausting. At the same time, how the three of them should be protected was also a huge headache.

Therefore, once they were surrounded, there was no possibility of fighting.

“What do we do?” The Mountain Penetrator looked at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything and raised his eyes to look around, but for a moment he frowned.

“Something’s wrong?” Han Qianqian suddenly muttered.