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His Destined Path Chapter 3127

Chapter 3127

“What’s that?” The envoy frowned slightly as he gazed at the one man and the cloud in the sky and froze a little for a moment.

Pei Shiyuan and the others also noticed the situation in mid-air, and were obviously frozen to the point of confusion as well.

Having thought of all the possibilities, they could not have imagined that someone would come to their doorstep at this time, and what was even more unexpected was that this guy had not only come by himself, but also brought a big f*cking cloud with him.

What’s wrong with that?

“Master Eleven, that’s the kid, that’s the kid.” Almost at the same time, the man in black, a much healthier man jumped out at this time, pointing his finger at a person and a cloud in mid-air emotionally and shouting loudly and sharply.

Hearing this, Pei Shiyuan’s eyebrows rose sharply: “Mangniu, can you be mistaken?”

“Eleventh Master, even if that boy were to turn into ashes, Mang Niu would never be wrong, he is the human boy I met that day.” Who else could that excited person be but him, Mang Niu?

Hearing Mang Niu’s confirmation, Pei Shiyuan’s eyes were astonished: “D*mn, this kid really has some f*cking balls, we’re chasing him, but he’s good, he even dares to come to us?”

The envoy’s fierce eyes shrank slightly, and he had to admit that even he had not expected this kid, Han Qianqian, to operate in the opposite direction and come to him across the sky.

“All of you, contract your defensive line and take this kid down for me.” Pei Shiyuan shouted coldly, and was about to personally lead the team to charge head-on on the spot.

After all, this brat had not let himself suffer a lot in front of the envoy with this operation, so today, the new revenge and the old hatred would be avenged together.

However, just as he was about to move, he was directly stopped by the envoy, who bellowed coldly, “What’s your hurry?”

“That kid dares to come rashly, how could he be defenceless? What is the difference between you and that King of Youming if you take the risk to meet the enemy?”

When he heard this, Pei Shiyuan felt reluctant, but when he looked at Pei Lan, he saw that even he shook his head at him, and after a moment’s reflection, he seemed to feel that he had been reckless.

No matter how much of a loser he was, he was the one who had killed the King of Youming.

Therefore, he must have some strange tricks up his sleeve, and he should take extra precautions in normal times, not to mention the fact that Han Qianqian was attacking on his own initiative at this moment.

The envoy was right, there must be a conspiracy.

“Pa*s the order down, all troops stand by, the rest of the warriors, follow me to catch this little thief.” With these words, Pei Shiyuan shouted fiercely and flew straight towards the sky.

“Yes.” All shouted in unison.

Behind him were several elites, including Mang Niu and Pei Lan, who followed him, a line of nine men in a tapered formation, with Pei Shiyuan at the head, blocking the air.

All the troops below him also took up positions at the same time, looking intently into the air.

Pei Shiyuan’s body just stabilised and he shouted, “Kid, if there’s a way out of heaven, you can’t leave, but there’s no way out of hell. ……”

“Bust your mother, go away!”

Halfway through his words, Pei Shiyuan felt that Han Qianqian, who was some distance away from him, did not stop to confront him as he thought, but suddenly accelerated towards him.

A shadow remained in place, but the next second a black shadow had already pa*sed him and was running behind him directly under his eyes.

“f*ck.” Pei Shiyuan was so angry that he clenched his fist in a fist, his whole being depressed to the extreme.

In front of all the generals, in front of the envoy, he had wanted to come up to show off his power and give him a good shock, but he did not expect that the other side would not only not follow the rules, but also pa*s right by him.

This is unbearable!

“Stop him!” Pei Shiyuan shouted angrily and immediately turned around, chasing after him in the first place.

The eight men behind him also quickly contracted from the cone, quickly surrounding Han Qianqian while eight attacks were also launched in the meantime.

Han Qianqian had no intention of fighting at all, dragging the cloud behind him to quickly dodge and just run away.

“Hmph, quite fast.” Pei Shiyuan laughed coldly, and in the next second, a fierce light spread across his eyes, “But do you think I’m just a vegetarian?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Pei Shiyuan’s body also shot out with a fierce light, and then turned into a stream of light to chase after Han Qianqian.

“After him!” On the ground, Pei Jin did not dare to be reckless and hurriedly greeted the remaining men of the 27th Department and quickly chased them in the direction of the two.

The special envoy faintly looked at the two people approaching rapidly in mid-air and the eight people barely following behind him, and for a moment his fierce eyes shrank slightly.

In the next second, by the time his figure appeared, he was already hundreds of kilometres ahead of the pursuing group of twenty-seven Ministry men.

Its movement was like a space jump.

And at this time, Han Qianqian, was speeding up to escape when he suddenly skimmed to see a black shadow also suddenly appear beside him ……