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His Destined Path Chapter 3130

Chapter 3130

One second, two seconds ……

Xia Wei doesn’t remember.

She only remembered that those few seconds had been hundreds of reincarnations for her.

But when she thought that this time had pa*sed very slowly, when she opened her eyes to look at the place where the two people were blasting at each other only then did she suddenly realize that, as it turned out, time could be even slower.

Dang…dang ……

Everything around her seemed to have disappeared, turning abnormally quiet, leaving only the sound of heartbeats echoing in her ears.

Xia Wei’s beautiful eyes were extremely wide and her breathing stopped abruptly because at this moment she saw a horrifying image that she would never forget in her lifetime.

Between the two fist blasts, one large and one small collided tightly.

Although Han Qianqian’s arm was indeed as thin as a bamboo pole in comparison, the muscles were tightly crumbling and his posture was fierce, while Pei Shiyuan’s arm was like a tree, but it was obvious that his whole arm was already in an abnormal posture, and a strange bulge appeared directly on the thick muscles of his arm.

Almost like Xia Wei, Pei Shiyuan’s eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Han Qianqian, but compared to Xia Wei’s pure shock, his eyes were also mixed with a variety of emotions such as resignation and disbelief.

Han Qianqian shook his head with a helpless, bitter smile, “The power is indeed good, but it’s not nearly as meaningful.”

After saying this, Han Qianqian faintly withdrew his hand.


As soon as Han Qianqian withdrew his hand, without the strength of the squeeze, another crisp sound rang out, at this time, Xia Wei was also stunned to find that Pei Shiyuan’s immense arm was also like a hard aubergine after frost, in response to the sound directly half folded down, wobbling and moving slightly.

“Broken …… broken?” Xia Wei can’t believe even straight wipe eyes.

That fierce and incomparable, seemingly very strong arm, unexpectedly in the midst of the confrontation with Han Qianqian, was completely broken.

This couldn’t be said to be inconceivable, but simply …… completely impossible ah.

“Hiss!” Not only Xia Wei, but even the old man beside him could not help but suck in a cold breath at this moment.

Although a normal person, do not know the cultivation of kung fu, but, just the most superficial collision should also look like an egg to hit the stone, but how to think that such a one-sided situation, but really “one-sided” ah.

This is too unbelievable, right?