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His Destined Path Chapter 3133

Chapter 3133

What the f*ck are you doing?

Pei Shiyuan’s mind was filled with these seven words at this moment.

He horribly discovered that at this time, after learning that he had been directly surrounded by eight channels of Dharma energy, Han Qianqian the b*****d not only did not think about how to solve the danger, or defend or escape, but ……

The actual fact is that the person is not only thinking about how to solve the danger or defend or escape, but instead, he is directly bursting up with a fist on his body, just like he did just now, directly wanting to fight himself hard.

Is this guy crazy? Is he sick?

Does he know what the consequences of doing so are?

In his heart, he cursed furiously, but at this moment, Pei Shiyuan had to admit that he had wimped out!

“You dead b*tch, do you know that you can’t fight anymore, so you still want to drag me along?” Pei Shiyuan was so angry that he cursed, but he was not afraid at all.

With his own strength, even though he had lost just now, it did not mean that there was any difference between him and himself.

Besides, there were still eight more attacks coming from behind him, so even if he could only hold on for a few seconds, it would be enough to bring him to his death.

“I’ve suffered a loss on you, I’ll have to get it all back.”

With these words, Pei Shiyuan shouted furiously, and the power of his left hand fist was also steeply pushed to the extreme, even the wind of his fist was rubbing out strong flames in the air at this moment.

Han Qianqian smiled coldly and continued to smash his fist.

“I’m not afraid of you, am I?” Over there, Pei Shiyuan also shouted loudly.


The two fists collided once again, carrying two immense and incomparable forces that exploded with a bang!

In an instant, fire and light exploded between their fists, and energy moved wildly.

The eight channels of Dharma energy were also getting closer and closer to Han Qianqian’s back at this time, getting closer and closer ……

“Brush brush brush!”

A fire-red light, a blue purple lightning suddenly as two wild dragons generally fly out from between the body of Han three thousand, the air each a soar, turn also fierce pounce on the attacking eight people.

“That …… what about brother three thousand?” Xia Wei saw Han Qianqian’s counterattack, dazzling between the eyes and overbearing.

But there was also another worrying fact too, as he used the last bit of time to counterattack, he had completely and utterly lost the chance to dodge the eight attacks.

But suddenly, at that moment, Xia Wei’s three men suddenly felt a hollow feeling beneath their feet, and their entire bodies lost their focus and plunged straight down.

Fortunately, the piercing beetle and Xia Wei were able to react in time, so they hurriedly picked up the old man and barely managed to re-stabilise themselves, but at the same time, they saw that the white cloud that was holding the two of them had already turned into a stream of light and flew towards Han Qianqian.

Eight channels of Dharma energy arrived behind Han Qianqian at the same time, and at that moment they also exploded violently.

The world was instantly transformed into a bright white sun, and the white light bursting out even made it impossible for people to open their eyes.

“Brother Qianqian!” Xia Wei shouted sharply.

Behind them, the eight men even forgot to fend off the Heavenly Fire and Moon Wheel that had already set off earlier, and looked closely at the very centre of the explosion.

In the distance, the black-clothed army also followed and stopped, raising their eyes and looking over, the black-clothed envoy was slightly in mid-air, and at this moment he was also looking gently towards this side.

Then, he slowly lowered his head, but saw that the ground was also shaking and trembling because of the explosive air currents between the air.

Such a bombardment, can not be said to be fierce, under such a firepower, there can be a perfect egg?

He lifted his head in satisfaction and smiled faintly.

At this moment, Pei Shiyuan, who was at the centre of the explosion, was almost blinded by the white light of the explosion, even though his fist was clashing with Han Qianqian, but after he slightly turned his head away and adjusted a little, his eyes were full of bloodthirsty pa*sion.

As expected, he did not lose in this confrontation, he and Han Qianqian were on a par.

But equal is superficial, but what about the reality? Han Qianqian had already been directly hit by eight of his own men, so what qualifications did he have to fight against himself?

It was almost as he had expected, all he needed to do next was to exert himself slightly, and this guy would fly backwards, and his prestige and popularity would be at its peak at that moment.

The next thing you need is a little bit of force and you’ll be flying backwards.

How …… how could this happen?