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His Destined Path Chapter 3143

Chapter 3143

The sound was strange.

It was like it was filled with some kind of metal, but not quite.

It also sounded like it was filled with something soft and hard, but when you listened carefully it wasn’t quite the same.

At this point, Han Qianqian finally stopped slightly in his tracks.

“Help me, help me.” When that woman saw Han Qianqian and the others stop, her eyes instantly glowed with light and she continued impatiently, “Really, as long as you four are willing to save me, I …… will give you all these things.”

After saying that, she tugged hard on her wooden box again to get it closer to her.

Han Qianqian smiled gently and turned back around but his face had returned to calm.

She was about twenty-eight or twenty-nine, quite mature at the time, with delicate looks, and although her skin was not quite fair, her wheat-coloured skin gave her a wild, wild beauty.

She was wearing a dress, but the exterior was torn and her arms were completely exposed, even her shoulders, which made her dress look as if she was wearing a T-shirt at the moment.

Her belly was flat and even vaguely muscular, revealing a beautiful waistline, and the lower half of her trousers were quite torn, revealing her well-proportioned and slender legs.

This woman, not to mention in this sh*tty place, would definitely be considered a great beauty even in the world of the Eight Directions, where there are many beautiful women.

What man would not be moved by her?

Especially when she is looking at you with a pitiful look underneath her wild appearance.

I am afraid that most men would have fallen in love with her on the spot.

At least, the man next to her was already looking straight at her.

It was just that Han Qianqian, who had long been used to seeing all kinds of big beauties, plus the fact that his heart guarded one person, was not only not attracted to her at all, but was even more wary of sizing her up.

“Tell me about it.” Han Qianqian looked at her, but the corner of his eyes quietly looked around.

“Say ……” The woman froze, but immediately reflected in the next second and said, “I originally wanted to get through this red earth land with my brother and extremely a group of friends to go to the central city of the demon race to do some trading, but little did I know that after coming in Soon after we entered, we were suddenly attacked by a group of bad people.”

“The group burst out of the mud, and my brother and his friends were too late to react, so they were soon killed and injured.”

“My brother, for my own safety, joined a few friends in a desperate effort to get me out of the encirclement, while they ……” said the woman, in tears, clearly remembering a sad past.

“So I fled all the way here with what my elder brother had given me, but I was so exhausted from the journey, and with the injuries I had sustained from the previous sneak attack, I ……”

“Please, have mercy and save me, will you?”

Saying that, she hurriedly pulled the box straight open.

At once, as soon as the box opened, inside the golden glitter of all kinds of gold weapons will seize the eye attack, and in the side of the gold weapons, but also scattered with a variety of valuable pills, mountain rare and exotic food, look at the person is on the spot double-eyed light.

At least at this moment, if it wasn’t for the invisible power Han Qianqian was using to suppress him, I’m afraid he would have already unconsciously walked over.

“As long as you are willing to help me, I will give these things to you, can I?”

Han Qianqian was about to speak when the Mountain Piercing Armor, which was restrained by the invisible power, hurriedly urged, “sh*t, say yes, we are on our way anyway, look at the various treasures contained in that box ……”

Before he could finish his words, Han Qianqian was already looking at him indifferently, and the b*****d immediately did not dare to continue, and could only shut his mouth and choose to shut his voice.

However, this b*****d’s P*ssiness obviously didn’t end there, just as Han Qianqian looked back at the woman, he muttered again, “According to me, old Han, you’re just overly worried.”

“That’s just a woman, even if she has any bad intentions, we can’t be afraid of her? Hmph, when the time comes, I’m afraid that she won’t be able to steal the chicken, but will instead be eaten by Grandpa Penetrator …… her millet,” Penetrator seemed to have remembered something wonderful, and an indescribable smile even surfaced on his face.

But at this time, Han Qianqian suddenly turned back, simply ignoring the woman and heading towards the city gate, leaving only a cold word: “Go!”

The three men in the pierced mountain vest were suddenly at a loss for words, what did they mean?