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His Destined Path Chapter 3145

Chapter 3145

Xia Wei looked at the two brothers who were going in opposite directions, full of sighs, how sweet it was once, how bitter it was now to go their separate ways.

With a long sigh, Xia Wei glanced at the old man and followed Han Qianqian, walking quickly towards the front.

Before walking a few steps, Han Qianqian glanced slightly at Xia Wei, who muttered and lowered her head, “Brother Qianqian.”

Han Qianqian smiled and was just about to speak, but Xia Wei had already interrupted and said, “Actually, brother Qianqian, you don’t need to explain.”

“I can understand your thoughts, the Seal of the Earth within you may come back out at any time, and it is indeed responsible for everyone to grab the time to leave here.”

“However, you shouldn’t be too angry with Brother Pierce, although he did act impulsively, his starting point was good, and he only wanted to save people.”

After saying that, Xia Wei looked at Han Qianqian.

“I believe that Brother Three-thousand would also want to save, he just had no choice to do so.”

“You’re wrong.” Han Qianqian shook his head, “I didn’t want to save her.”

“Huh?” Hearing this, Xia Wei froze.

“It’s strange isn’t it?” Han Qianqian laughed.

Xia Wei didn’t say anything, but it was the old man who chuckled, “Three thousand should not trust that woman, right?”

“Old senior is right.” Han Qianqian nodded, people with some experience naturally saw things differently from others, and as the old senior lived deep in the mountains, this vigilance was even stronger than others.

“But she’s just a woman, even if she has bad intentions, that shouldn’t be too much of a threat, right?” Xia Wei said.

A woman, from the looks of it, would indeed not be too much of a threat, and this, Han Qianqian agreed.

But what if it was the other kind?!

“Have you looked around carefully?” Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

Xia Wei nodded, this was something she had certainly paid attention to.

However, it was also because she had paid special attention to it that she didn’t see anything wrong with it.

When Han Qianqian saw that she didn’t understand, he smiled gently, stopped slightly and looked at the ground.

Xia Wei followed his gaze and looked down, but she only saw that the ground was covered in sand and soil, but there was nothing surprising about it.

Han Qianqian glanced at Xia Wei: “Try this sandy soil.”

Although Xia Wei was puzzled, she squatted down and gently grabbed some of the sand with her jade hand, holding it in her hand and feeling it slightly.

A moment later, Xia Wei had her answer, “It’s quite soft.”

“Then isn’t that right?” Han Qianqian said gently.

Xia Wei was stunned, what was right?

But in the next second, when she looked at the old man she found that even he smiled faintly, and she seemed to suddenly understand something: “Brother Three Thousand you mean ……”

“There’s someone in the sand?”

Han Qianqian said leisurely, “Outside this city gate, there are rolling hills, but only the area around the city gate is relatively flat, so it forms a ring.”

“If you want to ambush someone, is this the best terrain?”

The ditch-like mountainous terrain was indeed the best place to set up an ambush, and it was no surprise that throughout the ages, anyone who was sane enough to encounter such terrain would know it was good.

“The sides are naturally walled, so it is indeed the best place for an ambush.” Xia Wei nodded, “However, when we were flying in the air, there were no people around.”

But as the words fell, without Han Qianqian needing to say a word more, Xia Wei had already reflected that she finally understood why Han Qianqian wanted to try out how these sands were by herself.

So, those ambushes were hidden in the sand?

Seeing that Xia Wei basically understood, Han Qianqian smiled.

“However, those people are hiding in the sand high up, so they can make a move once we enter the deep ditch, so why bother making a woman a trap.” Xia Wei wondered.

The old man chuckled, “And what if it’s not just someone in the sand high up?”

“Tigers and lions are also very powerful, but when they hunt, they often get very close before they move, that is, they have to be completely sure of their prey.”

Hearing this, Xia Wei’s eyes widened, which meant that there was an ambush around that woman as well?

Once they got close to the woman, there would be an opportunity around the woman, and at the same time, countless ambushers from high places would attack from the outside, so inside and outside, it would be the same as being wrapped up in a dumpling, and it would be difficult to fly?

Thinking of this, Xia Wei hurriedly and worriedly turned around ……