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His Destined Path Chapter 3147



Like a devil’s claw, it fiercely stretched out from the midst of hell. With a diameter of two meters around the body of the pangolin, there were dozens of hands all over, dense and intimidating.

They resemble human claws, but they are incomparably black, dry as wood, yet far larger than human claws.

In the blink of an eye, before the pangolin could react, those large hands had already grabbed his bare feet.

The pangolin’s feet sank several centimetres deeper into the sand, and with the strength of the hands, the ground exploded and a dozen figures flew out of the sand.

The red sand flew, and in a flash it was like a bloody mist in the air.

At the same time, countless black figures were revealed on both sides of the mound.

The figures were two metres tall, but with black faces, dog-like features and long, uncoordinated hands, they looked extremely disgusting.

The pangolin was also clearly shocked, but almost instantly the disgusting dog men were like spiders, with long arms and legs, and rushed down with great speed.

Together with the gang that came out from under the pangolin’s feet, they surrounded the pangolin directly.

The poor pangolin didn’t even understand what was going on, but his feet were still in the mud and he already had numerous fingers on his neck.

Like their perverted and disgustingly long hands and feet, their fingers were unusually long, about three times the size of a normal human, with black fingers ending in shiny silver nails that were as sharp as razor blades.

They just rested directly on the neck of the pangolin, leaving the pangolin in no position to move even a little.

“Brother Three-thousand, there really is an ambush.”

Although Xia Wei never doubted Han Qianqian’s words, when it actually opened to the appearance of dozens of terrifying dogmen, Xia Wei was still inevitably taken aback.

Han Qianqian stared ahead indifferently, not surprised.

In a way, it was even a little below Han Qianqian’s expectations.

“b*tch, what the f*ck do you mean? I saved you with good intentions, and yet you treat me like this?”

Over there, after the mountain beetle had understood the situation, he could not help but feel angry and cursed the woman next to him in a cold voice.

The woman next to him did not say anything, but helplessly lowered her head and slowly took off the scars and blood on her body.

A long, slender nail gently rested on the pangolin’s chin, and before the pangolin’s head could be lifted by the nail, a slap was slapped solidly on the pangolin’s face.

Even though the pangolin’s skin was thick enough, his face was instantly red and swollen in the face of such a powerful slap, and his five long nails made thick claw marks on his face, blood flowing slowly along the marks.

“What the f*ck are you shouting about here?” In the middle of the crowd, a man who was clearly much larger than the other dogmen stood in front of the pangolin.

A pair of dog eyes were red with a yellow tinge.

The pangolin’s teeth were clenched and he did not say a word, but his eyes were full of anger.

But this anger was not at the woman next to him, nor at the dog who had struck him, but at himself.

He hated himself for not listening to Han Qianqian, for being so stupid as to argue with him, and now everything was clear.

It was so ironic, it was so ungrateful to himself.

Even if he was captured at this moment, he was not afraid of dying, only that he would never have the chance to say sorry to Han Qianqian again.

“What? Very unconvinced?”

Looking at the Mountain Piercing Armor like this, the leading dog man smiled disdainfully.

The Dog Man spat on his face with a mouthful of spittle the next moment.

The dog man wiped the spittle off his face and looked at Piercing Mountain Armour, his eyes full of anger: “f*ck, you b*****d.”

With those words, he raised his hand and slapped down again.

“Wait!” A soft bark.

The dog man turned around, at this moment, the sound of footsteps came from the entrance of the city, three figures slowly walked out ……