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His Destined Path Chapter 3150

Chapter 3150

“I don’t think you can kill him.” Han Qianqian said indifferently.

“Who are you to say I can’t kill him.” The lead dog man knew that even he and his remaining brothers together were no match for Han Qianqian, not to mention him, but fortunately, he still had leverage in his hands, “He’s in my hands.”

“In your hands, you can’t kill him either.” Han Qianqian ignored his threat and said in a cold voice.

“I know you’re fast, but I don’t believe you can rush to my rescue before I do.” The lead dog man coldly forced his voice to feign shock.

With those words, he hurriedly mentioned slightly in his hand, and in a flash, the incomparably sharp nails were like knives leaving silky blood marks on the pangolin’s neck, seeing that they were about to go into the flesh!

“Is that so?” Han Qianqian smiled coldly.

Seeing Han Qianqian’s icy smile, the dog man clearly froze.

But almost at the moment he froze, he only felt Han Qianqian’s figure seemingly move and seemingly not move, but he didn’t even have time to tell the difference before a sword had already stabbed into his throat, giving him the truest answer.

It was painful, excruciatingly painful, and blood continued to gush down his throat towards the sword’s mouth.

He was unable to use his nails to kill the pangolin, but his body subconsciously tried to raise his hand to cover the wound between his neck, but just as soon as he raised it, the whole man was already powerless to finish his last breath, and then his neck lolled and he lost his breath.


At the same time, an explosion of Qi burst out from Han Qianqian’s body, hardening the surrounding dogs and shaking them all back.


Seeing such a scene, the dozens of dog men who had been guarding two layers inside and out were instantly shocked, and after hurriedly retreating evenly, and then looking at the leader whose sword had become a corpse, they simply looked at each other and scattered in the direction of the city gate.

“I told you, if you don’t hand over your men in five seconds, you will all die.” Han Qianqian looked coldly at the fleeing crowd of dogmen, and with a slight movement in his hand, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel flew out at once.


Without even having the time to scream, the dozens of dog people were extinguished in an instant.

“Ah!” The woman had long been scared silly, and only after seeing that she was the only one left at that moment, did she reflect and scream miserably, about to run out.

“f*ck.” The pangolin’s teeth gritted as his hands fiercely formed claws, directly chasing towards the woman.

Obviously, in this woman, the pangolin had simply suffered a lot, if not for being tricked by her, why would she have come this far?

If she hadn’t been tricked, why would she be here?

Don’t even think about it.

With a flip, he flew in front of the woman and lifted her up by the neck with his clawed hand: “D*mn you, I saw you and was kind enough to save you, but you returned the favour.”

The woman’s face turned red as she was choked, her hands struggling desperately between her neck and her legs kicking in the air, her beautiful eyes staring intently at the pangolin, with fear of death and a plea for mercy ……

“Go to hell, b*tch.” Without the slightest hint of pity, the Mountain Piercer’s hands moved violently and he was about to crush the woman’s throat.

But just as soon as the force was applied, a black shadow flashed and a hand rested on the pangolin’s hand.

The pangolin froze: “Three thousand?”

“Let her go.” Han Qianqian said indifferently.

“Let her go?” As soon as he heard this, Piercing Mountain Armour wondered if he had heard wrong, but even if he hadn’t, he wasn’t willing to let go of this snake woman who had caused conflict between him and Han Qianqian and made him cry with stupidity at the same time: “No, if I don’t kill this b*tch today, I can’t get rid of the anger in my heart.”

“Killing her will take away your anger?” Han Qianqian patted the hand of the piercing beast, “Let her down, she was also forced to do so.”

“The one who designed to mess with you was someone else.”

“But ……,” said the wearer with resignation.

“Didn’t you say you’d listen to me?” Han Qianqian looked at him quietly, his eyes very sincere.

Then, Han Qianqian slightly came up to the piercing armor’s ear and said quietly, “If we want to leave here alive, this woman cannot be killed.”

Hearing these words, the piercing vest, who had been quite reluctant, looked up with a shocked expression at Han Qianqian.

Although Han Qianqian was outwardly cloudy, it was only then that the piercing vest was shocked to discover that Han Qianqian’s eyes were covered with sad clouds.

What’s wrong with this?