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His Destined Path Chapter 3192

Chapter 3192

The bench is entwined with black and grey all over, exquisite and full of evil.

There are two carrying sticks in front of and behind the chair, however, there is no one around the carrying sticks at this time.

The five men looked at each other, feeling both a little horror and a little novelty.

“Distinguished guests, three hours have arrived, and my slave has come to fetch you.”

As the words fell, a wisp of red silk fell from the sky, spinning slightly, carrying as if surrounded by flower petals, just like a certain fairy descending from the earth.

The next moment, the red silk fell on top of a chair, and when it fell completely, a woman appeared on the bench.

She sat with her legs crossed, her legs long and white, her trousers not trousers, her skirt not skirt, but up to the base of her thighs, which was really hot.

She is dressed in red, and her youthfulness is so hot that, with her white skin as white as snow, she looks like a heavenly fairy.

Her face is cold, but her features are exquisite, and a pair of fox eyes punctuate this iceberg-like beauty with infinite temptation. If you want Han Qianqian to describe her looks ……

If you want Han Qianqian to describe her looks,, then a fighter among juniors is definitely the most suitable for her.

No matter, temperament, face value, she fits the ceiling of this.

“Hong Luan!” Seeing this woman, Little Spring Flower almost subconsciously exclaimed softly.

“Hong Luan?” Xia Wei frowned gently.

Little Spring Flower smiled, but the smile was so cold and dismissive: “The number one beauty of the Devil Cloud Ghost City.”

Hearing this explanation, Xia Wei did not doubt it, her looks were indeed worthy of being said to be the number one in this city.

However, Xia Wei did not have any good feeling towards this woman, she was too demonic, even so much so that women felt an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

“Quite pretty.”

For the pangolin, looking at things is on a different level, or rather, there is no level at all, only the surface.

“Oh, the prettier the woman, the more dangerous she is, haven’t you heard?” The old man chuckled softly.

The mountain beetle despised, not taking it to heart in the slightest: “You are denigrating beautiful women, if you say so, she may be beautiful but she is no more beautiful than our Xia Wei. But I don’t see how dangerous Xia Wei is, do I?”

After saying that, this person also put his eyes on Xia Wei’s body, trying to get an answer from Xia Wei.

Xia Wei was at a loss for words, although the pangolin was complimenting her, she did not think that the pangolin was right about the rest.

“There are many different kinds of beauty, Miss Xia Wei is a fairy living spirit, but that woman is a hundred charm, naturally they are not comparable.” The old man laughed bitterly.

“Quackery, it’s all quackery.” The pangolin said in defiance.

“Crooked or not, what does it matter to you again? Is it here to invite you? How about you go?” Han Qianqian chuckled softly.

“I ……” The b*****d was instantly blocked straight away, hardened and unable to answer.

Beauty is naturally a blessing, but it also depends on the environment.

In this hellish world, beauty naturally cannot be a blessing instead it is often a curse, such as the case of the little spring flowers.

There are people here who want you, but there is no morality, no law to restrain them, so naturally what is left is all kinds of taking by force.

What else could this be if it is not full of misfortune?

If you want to survive well in such a situation, even Xiao Chunhua has some means that are difficult for others to match, let alone the woman in front of you.

To say that she was a snake and a scorpion would not be an exaggeration.

Xiao Chunhua glanced at Han Qianqian and added in a soft voice, “She’s not simple, be careful.”

Han Qianqian nodded and raised his eyes to look at the woman, “Then I’ll be grateful.”

With those words, he got up and walked towards the bench.

The woman smiled, rose slightly, gave up her seat, bent over at the bench, and smiled, “Just call me Hong Luan.”

With those words, she tried to help Han Qianqian to the seat.

Han Qianqian raised her hand slightly, not making the slightest contact with her, and got up to walk towards the seat: “No need to help, I’m not that old yet.”

In one sentence, he made a reasonable excuse and at the same time eliminated any contact with her.

Hong Luan was indeed a little surprised, but in a flash she returned to her original appearance and smiled gently, “Then let’s go.”

Han Qianqian nodded and flicked his gaze towards the piercing beast, obviously telling him to be safe.

If anything went wrong, this underground world was basically a fish out of water for the pierced beetle, and was naturally the most suitable, or at least had room to escape briefly.

Hong Luan smiled and with a slight wave of one hand, the bench with Han Qianqian took off slowly as she flew towards the outside.

When they reached the top, the two men and the chair also turned into a point of light and completely disappeared into the darkness ……