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His Destined Path Chapter 3209


Ten thousand axes were like rain, and ten thousand rains were like axes again, striking down in the air in blackness.


I don’t know who yelled out in depression, and immediately afterwards, ten thousand axes fell to the ground.


The ground exploded like ten thousand missiles hitting the ground.

Countless ground monsters, too, with this explosion, came straight into a full-blown explosion.

Flames, debris and broken arms flew everywhere.

The ground shook, the sky burst into flames and houses were destroyed and reduced to pieces.

At the same time, the ghost at the heart of the blast, despite carrying a falling axe by himself, was still surrounded by a whistling rain of axes that drove an incomparably powerful aura and wind around him.

The black air was blowing around him, and his face was grimacing as a result.

But his heart, which was not blown, was also grimacing at that moment.

For when he looked back, his own neat and tidy army of ten thousand soldiers was actually being blown into almost a thousand holes at this moment.

Even the very centre of the Demon Cloud Ghost City at this point was just heading towards being reduced to a field of rubble.

He had seen too many super spells, of which there were countless that destroyed heaven and earth.

This was the norm.

But those were all just single-armed spells, so it was understandable that they were stronger than that.

But what Han Qianqian was looking at was a f*cking ma*s attack spell.

Anyone who is a monk knows that although group attack spells cover a large area, they also consume a lot of true energy and their power is not too great because they are scattered.

But Han Qianqian this move …… is simply outrageous f*cking knocking on the door, outrageous f*cking to home.

The line is a group attack technique, but the damage that blows up is f*cking more ferocious than many single ones you’ve seen.

What the hell is this?

And almost at the same time, Han Qianqian and others a few hundred meters away, the caravan has also long stopped, when see this axe rain in the middle of the city landed, not only a bunch of attendants face dumbfounded, even that bead curtain within the seventh princess, also completely lost the decorum, the whole person directly from the carriage stood up, half bowed, incredulous look at the field of people.

“Didn’t you …… say …… that he had already, had already exploded his own firstborn? Then, who is that person again?” She pointed her finger at Han Qianqian and muttered.

If it was before, that person would have found an excuse to reply, after all, before saying this he had already found an excuse for the demonic Qi in his breath.

But at this moment, he had no energy to reply, and his eyes were fixed on Han Qianqian on the field.

He couldn’t understand, he really couldn’t immediately.

How could that human boy in the distance in front of him be able to create such a huge commotion, and how could he be able to fight against an army of 10,000 people of the Ghost Djinn alone for so long.

He thought about it a lot and was unable to guess the reason because he had only thought of one thing less.

How could he, in his position, be able to guess Han Qianqian?

But it was clear that the shock Han Qianqian had brought them was only just beginning.

As the explosion at this end had just started, the flying sword of light transformed by the little black stick over there also managed to break out from the other end, and as it successfully escorted the piercing beetle and the others through the ground, the little black stick also rushed back.

If earlier, Han Qianqian’s place had been a hell of sorrow, now it was a hellish prison of howling.

Cries, shouts, sounds of pain, mutilated limbs, broken arms, even heads, were flying like foam as the swords of flying light joined them.

While Han San San’s ten million axes were just raining down, with his sword in his right hand and his axe in his left, he was already fiercely slashing towards the Ghostly Dweller.

His unique stance and speed was so fast that even the Seventh Princess, who was watching the battle from outside, could not help but be dazzled, unable to tell which of Han Sanqian’s figures was imaginary and which was real.

But what was even more terrifying was the Ghost Djinn at this moment.

What others could only feel was Han Qianqian’s speed, Han Qianqian’s stance, but what the Ghost Zun felt was, in addition to that, something else that gave him a headache.


Even if he had been given 10,000 guesses, the Ghost Venerable would never have expected that Han Qianqian, an incredibly skinny human, possessed a strength that was unbelievably great.

Every time he resisted, it was as if he was fending off a huge mountain pressing down on him, and his tiger’s mouth was even faintly sore from holding up the black magic weapon.


Almost at the moment he wavered, Han Qianqian’s foot had already hit him in the chest, retreating several steps before he could stabilize himself, and then a long sword had already been placed at his throat at the same time ……