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His Destined Path Chapter 3217

As soon as they heard the word “unless” and looked at the bad smile on Han Qianqian’s face, Jade Faced Xiu Luo and the Ghostly Dignity knew that Han Qianqian had no good intentions at all.

“Seventh Princess, don’t pay any attention to him, he’s just a lowly clan member, a rascal, he likes to gamble or not.” Jade Faced Cultivator said sharply.

The ghost daddy also nodded his head and said, “Yes, what is there to gamble with him, he is just a dying man, let him die and go down and have a good gamble with the King of Hell.”

“Unless what?” The Seventh Princess still ignored their discouragement, and never even took her eyes off Han Qianqian for a moment.

“Seventh Princess, this ……”

Jade Faced Cultivator and Ghost Dignitary were helpless, but seeing that Seventh Princess was not looking at them at all, they knew that her mind was already made up, so they could only double back their eyes and glare at Han Qianqian.

“This is just like when she used to be at home and saw people fighting dogs and thus became slightly interested. You, too, are just that dog, so you’d better put away your unwarranted thoughts, or don’t blame me for being rude.” Jade Faced Shura bellowed coldly.

“If she’s as interested in me as she is in dogfighting, then what are you if I’m a dogfighting dog?” Han Qianqian laughed coldly.

With a single word, Jade Faced Cultivator’s arrogance was directly blocked to death, and he held his tongue for half a day without holding in a fart.

“You b*tch, you’re really sharp-tongued.” Jade Faced Shura was disliked, so how could Ghost Dignity miss this opportunity to show off in front of the Seventh Princess?

Especially since Fang had just been directly broken in front of the Seventh Princess for being immortal, the shame was simply too great.

This is his own pie, but also his own thigh ah, therefore, at this time, he more than anyone else want to find the scene, emotions have long ago no longer the previous calm, want to turn extremely irritable.

Han Qianqian did not say anything, but only looked at the Seventh Princess.

Obviously, the Seventh Princess also quickly understood Han Qianqian’s so-called unless: “You want them to apologize to you?”

Han Qianqian nodded: “When talking about a deal, shouldn’t it be peaceful and calm? Shouldn’t it be peaceful and quiet, fair and just?”

“D*mn it, surnamed Han, I’m warning you, don’t get on your nose and ask us to apologise to you, what kind of a person are you?”

“The two of us are both respectable people in the Demon Race, just you want us to apologise? You’re talking nonsense.”

When they heard Han Qianqian’s request, both Jade Faced Xiu Luo and Ghost Dao were furious to the extreme, with a sense of anger that we weren’t looking for trouble from you, but you were looking for trouble from us.

Han Qianqian was even sure that if it weren’t for the Seventh Princess, these two would have rushed over to bite and tear at him.

But that was good, wasn’t that the effect Han Qianqian was looking for?

“That’s right.” Han Qianqian smiled and nodded, “In that case, then, Seventh Princess should retire.”

Seeing that Han Qianqian was still sensible, the two men’s anger subsided a little, and when they returned their eyes to ask the Seventh Princess to leave first, they saw that the Seventh Princess was already looking back at the two men.

The two of them had an extremely bad feeling about this.

Sure enough, the next second, the Seventh Princess slowly opened her mouth, “What are you waiting for?”

“Seventh Princess, what are you talking about? You want the two of us to apologise to him? Let alone the fact that he is now a bird in our cage and we can control his life and death at any time, let’s just talk about our seniority, we are also considered seniors of the devil race, he is just a Chinese human being who is the lowest of the low, who is qualified to ask us to apologize to him.” Jade Faced Shura said in disbelief and depression.

The Demon King also nodded, “Yes, Seventh Princess, even people of the demon race have always been bowing and scraping when they see us, let alone this guy.”

“Are you deaf to my words? Or do you not want to listen?” The Seventh Princess said in a cold voice.

Seeing the Seventh Princess’s displeasure, the two of them could only look at each other helplessly, then they turned to Han Qianqian behind them and said sullenly, “Just now, we were a bit reckless.”

With those words, the two of them turned their heads to the side, unwilling to give Han Qianqian a second glance.

“Now, you should be satisfied, right?” The ghost daddy said in a depressed and cold voice.

“Wait a minute.” Just then, Han Qianqian opened his mouth again, and when the two looked back at him with their eyes, they saw the bad smile on his face and became even more depressed for a while ……