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His Destined Path Chapter 3225

Hearing these words, Jade Faced Shura was so furious that the air coming out of his nose seemed to be able to blow the dust on the ground, and his whole lung was about to explode.

How could he not be angry at such a blow, which had not only failed to restore the face he deserved, but had also destroyed all the face he had left?

He could not afford to lose face on either side, especially when the Seventh Princess and Pei’s family were also here, and so was the Ghostly Dignitary.

Glancing back at the crowd behind him, despite the misery, it was good to see that there were still quite a few left.

“f*ck, squeal for me if you’re alive.” Jade Faced Cultivator yelled out.

At once, many of the people still alive inside the 10,000-strong procession hurriedly stood up from among the rubble in a panic.

“This son is deceiving people too much, so rampant, it’s hard to relieve the hatred in your heart without killing him, isn’t it?”

The group of monsters looked at each other, to say that fear was naturally there, but to say that anger was by no means less. At this moment, with the leader willing to raise his arms, of course they were happy to do so.


“Good, brothers of Demon Cloud Ghost City, listen to my command.”


“Since this son is quite evil and can block our spells like this, all of you will charge along with me and directly fill your bodies with demonic qi and beat the son of a b*tch.” Jade Faced Cultivator shouted coldly.

You have Zhang Liang’s plan, I have my own ladder. Since the spell was somehow exploited by this son, what Jade Faced Cultivator naturally had to do was to adjust his strategy in time and attack with pure force with true energy, not giving Han Qianqian another chance to do what he did just now.

This was a swift adjustment that a battle-hardened expert should make.

“Listen to Jade Faced Xiu Luo, he is right, when I was in the underground world, I had a man who was killed by me, but he also relied on this method to fight that Han’s dog thief for a few rounds.” At this moment, the ghost daddy lying in the deep pit also forced his teeth to grit, and although he could not move his body, his voice was surprisingly loud.

With a leader and an order from their boss, the monsters, who had briefly adjusted, regained their footing and shouted angrily in unison, “Yes.”

“Charge.” Jade Faced Shura shouted loudly, and with a flip of the jade ruler in his hand, he actually transformed into a lance.

At that moment, he was like a lance general, leading the way with a mighty sword, killing Han Qianqian straight away.

Behind him, amidst the exploding ruins, the monsters also broke through the smoke in the ruins one by one, and steadied themselves on the follow-up in unison.

“Jade Faced Shura is worthy of being Jade Faced Shura.” Next to the Seventh Princess, after the man had recovered from his shock, a smile finally appeared on his face at this time because of the renewed charge launched by Jade Faced Shura.

“Although that boy surnamed Han did surprise us by being able to defuse our deadly strike in such a peculiar manner, he was always facing one of the family head’s favourite generals, Jade Faced Shura.”

“Timely adjustment of strategy while stabilising the army, worthy of the style of a great general.”

“It’s only a pity that the boy is still too young and arrogant.” The man said, helplessly smiling bitterly: “If he had been a little more low-key and a little more intelligent, then the bet just now would have been designed to be fought for just one round. At this point, no matter what, he is still a member of the Ying family, he has been able to save his life and has been rewarded by you, Seventh Princess.”

At this point, the man’s words were not without a hint of regret.

From his initial disdain and mockery to his present regret for him, the man did not even know that his emotions and opinions had slowly changed.

The Seventh Princess nodded and said nothing more, but her eyes were indeed full of regret as she looked over to the side where the fight had already resumed.

“Seventh Princess, there is no need to be sad, you have proven to have a unique vision, you can actually see a hero with a glance and see that this boy has quite some potential. I believe that even if this matter does not come to fruition, if the family head knew about it, he would certainly look at you in a different light.” The man bowed his head and said softly in a comforting voice.

At these words, the Seventh Princess laughed coldly, “He will look at me differently?”

She gave a helpless, bitter laugh, and although she didn’t go on to say anything specific, it was clear that everything was already in words, “As his daughter, I know him better than you do.”

“Ai, I can only blame this boy for having a shallow life, it’s also helpless.” The man also knew what the Seventh Princess had said and sighed helplessly.

“Shallow fate?” The Seventh Princess looked up disappointedly at the fighting Han Qianqian, and could not help but feel unusually lost in his heart, but suddenly, his eyes flickered with a sharp light ……

Because at this time ……