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His Destined Path Chapter 3228

“You would …… be so kind?” Jade Faced Xiu Luo froze, obviously not expecting Han Qian Qian to want to tell him, and, moreover, to take the initiative to ask.

He subconsciously naturally wouldn’t accept, obviously, he knew very well that this guy didn’t probably just want to flirt with himself from the beginning to the end.

But what he did not expect was that although Han Qianqian did not put away his smile, his head nodded in a very sincere manner, “I am always kind-hearted when it comes to people who are about to die, so if you want to know the answer, I can be merciful and tell you.”

Hearing these words, the jade-faced cultivator suddenly gritted his teeth and nodded, “Fine, then I will tell you, the reason is simple, that is, your weapon and mine are not on the same level at all, so do you understand?”

“Not in the same cla*s? Impossible!” This Jade Ruler is my supreme weapon, it has been with me for many years, and many precious and famous weapons have been destroyed under it.

“How could you possibly be of a higher grade than it with a mere axe?”

The higher the grade of a divine weapon, the brighter it is in appearance, and even though some divine weapons are special and not easily noticeable on the outside, they often contain an exceptionally strong inner breath.

But Han Qianqian’s axe, not to say that Jade Faced Cultivator was intentionally careless, he had really carefully identified it from its appearance and inner breath.

The result was obvious: the exterior was ordinary, and even the interior did not have the slightest energy fluctuation.

But as fate would have it, it was this object, which was worthless in his eyes, that had broken his jade ruler with a domineering face.

He suddenly looked at Han Qianqian in a somewhat strange manner, and when he thought about the transformation of the attack of ten thousand people just now, he was really exceptionally curious: “What exactly are you?”

“You have a bit too many questions, it’s not appropriate to ask two at once, is it?” Han Qianqian didn’t rush to answer and looked at Jade Faced Cultivator with amusement.

Jade Faced Cultivator swallowed, and despite not speaking, the subtle expression still but still showed that at this moment he was inwardly impatient and desperate for Han Qianqian’s two answers.

“Okay, to answer you first, my name is Han Qianqian, a native of Earth, or to be precise, a person from the Azure World as you call it.”

“A person from the Azure World? Impossible, impossible. The Azure World is the lowest world, even if there are some good losers there who can excel, yet, to enter the Eight Worlds is almost like dreaming.” If it wasn’t for the great seriousness in Han Qianqian’s eyes, Jade Faced Cultivator would have thought that Han Qianqian was merely toying with him.

“Yes, after all, there is a Xuan Yuan world in between.” Han Qianqian laughed, “But that’s nothing unusual.”

“What you mean is that I have roamed the demon race for many years, neither you and other experts of the Central Plains nor the elites of the demon race could make things difficult for me, yet I finally lost at the hands of the lowest creature from the Azure World?” Jade Faced Xiu Luo could not help but sneer coldly as he thought of this.

However, he was not laughing at Han Qianqian, but at himself.

Wasn’t this enough of a self-deprecation? Wasn’t this ironic enough?

“Although I hate your words, I don’t deny that I was born as an earthling and died as an earthly ghost.” Han Qianqian coldly however said.

“Hahahahahaha, hahahahaha.” Jade Faced Cultivator laughed loudly in the sky, but despite his wild laughter, the heartache in each was clear only to him.

And seeing Jade Faced Shura laughing so loudly, the Seventh Princess and her attendants on the ground could not help but wonder a little what was wrong with him.

“Well, although I have always despised you, and although I despised you even more when I knew you were from the Azure World, I, Jade Face Shura, must admit that I am convinced that I have lost today’s battle.”

With those words, he closed his eyes and waited for the final death to come, while saying, “One last question, please answer me.”

“This is a simple question, do you know the name of the axe?”

“The Pan Gu Axe!”