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His Destined Path Chapter 3245

“Don’t eat, don’t eat.”

The leader of the group, a group of twelve or thirteen men, was dressed in armour and armed with weapons, and the man in the lead was unusually tall and powerful looking, and with his mid-air shout, the whole tavern, which had been quite boisterous, suddenly turned into a din.

Everyone looked up at the leader, their eyes full of confusion as to what was going on.

“Master, master.” At this moment, the shopkeeper hurriedly ran out with his junior, respectfully coming to the group of guards and saying with a smile, “What is going on here? Is there something wrong with the shop that has displeased you? Why don’t you treat yourself to a seat upstairs? Today’s food and drinks are on me.”

The soldier laughed, patted the shopkeeper’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Rumpelstiltskin, we’re not here to get you into trouble.”

With those words, he raised his eyes to all of them, and with a mid-air stored, he once again shouted, “I have come to tell you good news.”

“The Lord of the City has decreed that a great blessing has arrived. Now that the Demon Cloud Ghost City has been broken by the Gods of Heaven, in gratitude for the grace of Heaven, five thousand tables have been set up in the city’s sacrificial grounds.

As the words fell, the quiet crowd became noisier than ever.

In fact, since Han Qianqian and the others had entered the city, they could hear people talking loudly or whispering everywhere.

It was almost the hottest thing in the city at the moment, but not one of them.

The Devil’s Cloud Ghost City is a very dangerous place to live in, and for those who pa*s by, the delay in their journey is naturally hateful, but for the people of the city itself, having such a vicious neighbour has been a source of hatred for a long time.

This is one of the points.

The second, and most important, point is the extent of the legend.

Even though many people had seen many people from the Devil’s Cloud Ghost City either dismantle their armour and come here, or flee to this place, the two words of fear, Devil’s Cloud Ghost City and the Land of Red Earth, had long been deeply engraved on everyone’s heart.

Now, it was such a horrible place, not one that everyone imagined could not be pulled down, let alone one that everyone imagined had to go through a thousand hardships, but one that was accomplished in a way that almost everyone did not even dare to think about.

A city was swept away in one night.

This was nothing short of a miracle, and to say that it was a legend was naturally no exaggeration at all.

“sh*t, what did I say, just now I said that after such a big happy event this time, the Cailuo City Lord would definitely give a big feast to the group, how about that, let me be right.”

“Haha, bull, bull, but such a big event is really worth celebrating, for us, we can finally go north again without having to take a long detour, and for Cailuo City, from now on, there will be no more throat ailments, so we can breathe smoothly, and maybe, we can even become a big fat person.”

As the words fell, the people around them roared with laughter, and the few guards also stared at each other and laughed, clearly these words were very pleasing to the ears.

After all, the time had indeed come for Cailou City to make a fortune of its own, having been in hiding for many years.

The leader shouted, “Then what are you waiting for, all of you hurry up and follow me to the feast.”

With these words, the group of people also headed out in a joyful manner.

Old Frustration and the others were naturally no exception, but when they lifted their legs, they saw Han Qianqian still sitting there: “Young man, what are you waiting for?

Han Qianqian shook his head, “I won’t go, you guys go ahead.”

In fact, Han Qianqian had been looking around since he entered the city, but he couldn’t find any trace of the piercing armour and the others, so Han Qianqian was already in a bad mood, and now that he couldn’t find anyone in the tavern, he was even more demoralised.

At this moment, he had no mood to attend any celebration feast.

“D*mn, you, to be able to eat at the Lord of Cailuo City’s banquet in the light of the gods, do you know that this is a blessing that you can’t cultivate in many lifetimes?”

“The Lord of Cailuo City is young and talented, many people want to visit him, but they can’t even ask for it, not to mention having the opportunity to eat with him at the same table.

“Hehe, this is said again thanks to that divine being, otherwise, not to mention this kid, even you and I would not have this qualification at all.”

A group of people pa*sing by saw this and shook their heads and sighed in curses, while at that moment, the leader had already rushed over in anger ……