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His Destined Path Chapter 3248

A fluttering gentleman, as gentle as jade.

These eight big words came to Han Qianqian’s mind almost as soon as he saw this Lord of Cailuo City.

This was not the slightest exaggeration, and Han Qianqian even thought that these eight words were not enough to describe his looks and temperament.

This did not look like the city lord of a devil’s land, but more like the son of an immortal luan palace.

But what made Han Qianqian really frown was the fragrance on this man’s body. Even though he was just pa*sing by Han Qianqian, the gust of peculiar fragrance carried by the wind was still particularly strong.

The actual scent itself was extremely light, with a mixture of about four scents, light and richly layered, making it quite pleasant to smell.

Among these four fragrances, there was one fragrance that was exceptionally familiar to Han Qianqian.

But for a moment, Han Qianqian could not tell what was familiar about this fragrance, he could only say that it was strange.

After all, the scent of a demon was obviously not something Han Qianqian, who had never been involved in this place before, could describe as familiar, but just as Han Qianqian was stirring his brain to remember what was familiar, a cold hum suddenly brought him back to reality.

“It’s you again, you brat?”

At the sound, he looked up, and Han Qianqian’s face was full of black lines.

At this moment, a group of people behind the city lord were also staying close to the high platform, while Han Qianqian was facing the one who was the leader of the group in the tavern.

“This is not a place for you to come, so get lost.” He shouted in a low voice.

Han Qianqian was a little helpless, but when he looked back, he saw that the city lord was looking over indifferently, although his eyes were faint, without any emotion, and even a little plaintive, the courtesy officer beside him ran down with a few steps and said to the leading official, “What is it? What’s all the noise?”

“Oh, Chief Officer Chen, a small matter, just meeting a fart.” The leading sergeant smiled nervously.

Chief Chen raised his eyes and swept a glance at Han Qianqian, nodding, “Take good care of it, and do not oppress the civilians.”

Only then did the city lord nod his head, and after giving Han Qianqian a polite smile, he looked ahead: “Gentlemen, I don’t think we need to say much about the Demon Cloud Ghost City, this city is bullying all the people and endangering one side.

“But the evil bandits were so powerful that we could hardly shake their foundation despite our small victories.

“However, the gods are invisible, so we have no chance to thank them, but it would be inappropriate to disrespect such a great achievement.

“Gentlemen, raise your gla*ses with me.”

With those words, a group of people rose and raised their gla*ses of wine.

“Take it.” The leading sergeant, with an unhappy face, took a cup of wine from the side at that moment and handed it to Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian himself was reluctant to go inside the tavern, and now this fellow was standing here and did not have any main table, so obviously there was no wine to drink and no cup to raise, so the leading sergeant naturally did not want this boy to mess up the big ceremony at this point.

The wine was stuffed with gla*ses, and Han Qianqian could only slightly raise his gla*s, but inwardly he laughed bitterly, this wine was still a toast to himself in the end, but how could it be more difficult to fight than a punishment.

“To the gods.”

The City Lord shouted, then drank it all in front of everyone.

He did so, and so did the people underneath him, and the round of toasts was quickly completed.

The wine was very strong, and Han Qianqian, a Chinese, was not used to drinking it for a while, so he choked and was about to take a second sip when an accident happened.

“You’re drinking your mother.” With a furious shout, almost before Han Qianqian could reflect, a black shadow had already appeared violently.

Immediately afterwards, a large hand slapped Han Qianqian’s hand directly, and the wine cup in Han Qianqian’s hand flew out directly due to the strong force.


A crisp sound was heard throughout the whole scene, and the lively atmosphere ended, with most of the people instantly looking at the sound.

Han Qianqian raised his head slightly, somewhat annoyed, and looked at the person who had done this, the leading sergeant.

At this time, his eyes were rounded with anger, staring viciously at Han Qianqian, as if he wanted to swallow Han Qianqian alive. …….