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His Destined Path Chapter 3317

“What’s wrong? None of them are moving?”

With a single word, the four majestic experts were all choked up in their throats.

Given their status, if any of them stood there, they would have to be bowed to and obeyed by others, not to mention that the four of them were gathered together today, not to mention their intimidating power.

But today, not only have these four lost their momentum, but more importantly, they have f*cking collapsed internally.

They actually didn’t dare to return Han Qianqian’s scorn in the slightest, they just looked at each other one by one, all hoping that each other would strike first.

“Four pieces of sh*t.” Han Qianqian shook his head disdainfully.

Hearing this shameful scolding, the four men’s hearts shot up with nameless fire, but because of this, the four men were able to suppress their anger even more.

What kind of person would dare to curse them like that?

No one!

But it was precisely because no one was there that they were all the more wary of this.

After all, if there was no one capable, would he dare to do so?

“Are we still going to fight or not, if not, we’ll leave.” With those words, Han Qianqian moved his hand and directly helped the distant Ruyu Gongzi up.

The four of them looked at me and me at you, still not daring to make a rash move.

However, the white-faced Jade Demon simply did not know that just after he had finished looking, the other three however looked at each other one more time before nodding to each other.

Almost as soon as the White-faced Jade Demon was completely alerted to Han Qianqian’s side, the three of them joined hands and gave a slight push behind his back, and the unsuspecting White-faced Jade Demon rushed directly towards Han Qianqian due to inertia.

The white-faced Jade Demon was so depressed in his heart that he cursed M. At the same time, seeing that he had already entered Han Qianqian, he could only hastily and forcefully use his energy to charge directly towards Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian gathered his mood, and his entire body became incomparably serious, and the black and gold Qi within his body also surged wildly.

When he fought such an expert, Han Qianqian had no intention of holding back, and since he was on someone else’s turf, he could only fight quickly.

Of course, there was an advantage to doing so, that was to show his own aura and deter the enemy’s might.

With this in mind, the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel burst out directly from his body and attacked with a fierce direct thrust from left to right.

With two loud thumps, the Heavenly Fire and the Moon Wheel exploded directly in front of the White-faced Jade Demon like two pillars of light, and just as the White-faced Jade Demon was forcing up his energy to defend himself while continuing to attack forward, he suddenly noticed that Han Qianqian had disappeared.


Han Qianqian, who had been aided by the Tai Xu Divine Steps, was like a ghostly light, and seemed to be in the midst of a spatial jump, leaving only a few residual shadows around him before reappearing behind the White-Faced Jade Demon.


“What the hell kind of speed is this?”

“sh*t, a person can be that fast?”

Not to mention the White-faced Jade Demon who was at the heart of the attack, even the three Black Mountain Demon Princesses who were watching the battle from the sidelines could not help but be dumbfounded at the sight of the scene.

The two pillars were fierce, the body was ghostly, was this …… the real skill of the Gods descending from the sky?

When he felt the coldness behind him, the white-faced Jade Demon, as a top expert, was not too quick to react, and hastily turned back to resist, but Han Qianqian had already set up his stance.

“Seventy-two divine swords!”

Brush brush brush!

What was fatal was that the two pillars of light behind him also suddenly came back and attacked directly.

The white-faced Jade Demon was sweating profusely, and while he was tired of dealing with Han Qianqian head-on, he had to push his whole body’s energy to put a barrier on his back to keep his front and back safe.

It was a mess, simply a mess to the extreme.

The white-faced jade devil himself is extremely famous, and recently he has been in seclusion for several years, so it was not easy for him to achieve great success, and he came out of seclusion to show his skills, but he did not know that he was so unlucky, and his first battle had such a result.

I don’t know if he’s got the power, but he’s pretty f*cking depressed anyway.


Finally, after struggling to fend off Han Qianqian’s several swords, the white-faced Jade Demon finally breathed a long sigh of relief because it was obvious that Han Qianqian had finally stopped his sword attack and was just standing there looking at himself indifferently.

sh*t, no more tricks, right?

You’re f*cking out of tricks, right ……

No …… no, you …… what the f*ck are you doing?

I …… holy sh*t ……

At this time, the white-faced jade devil was dumbfounded and looked at Han Qianqian in front of him in a daze, are you still f*cking playing?