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His Destined Path Chapter 3326

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, then, slightly withdrawing his right hand, he fiercely pulled down his veil.

When the handsome face was completely uncovered, the surrounding area, which had been heavily surrounded by soldiers, suddenly fell back a full half a metre, and the eyes of many soldiers turned from vigilance to fear.

Not many people in the new city knew Han Qianqian’s face, which was understandable.

However, it was impossible for most of the soldiers in the City Lord’s Palace to be unfamiliar with this fierce man who had made a big splash in the tournament today and had even caused a wild chase throughout the city.

Therefore, when they saw that the man standing in front of them and being attacked by them was the Skyfall Fierce Man, how could they not be afraid?

But in contrast to the soldiers, the middle-aged man and the woman did not take half a step backwards, and even took a few steps forward towards Han Qianqian.

There was not the slightest fear on their faces at this moment, but, surprisingly, a sense of delight.

“Is it really you, Han Qianqian?”

“Holy sh*t, we’re not dreaming?”

The middle-aged man and the demure woman were dumbfounded, wanting to reach out and touch Han Qianqian, but not daring to for a moment, they could only look at him and mutter to themselves.

Han Qianqian was not the least bit shy, and directly grabbed the two men’s hands, placing them directly on the left and right side of his face with a soft smile, “Do you think it’s real or not?”

Feeling the warmth of Han Qianqian’s hands and face, how could the two of them not know that this was not a dream, but a real fact that was happening right in front of their eyes?

“Holy sh*t, that day when those two old thieves, Lu Wushen and Ao Shi, and even a bunch of dogs from the Pill God Pavilion, actually failed to kill you?” The middle-aged man spoke with excitement and unbelievable difficulty.

Han Qianqian smiled and nodded.

“Hahahahaha, Emotional Ji, what the f*ck did I tell you, did you see that, sh*t, facts speak louder than words.” The middle-aged man shouted again as he excitedly pulled the demonic woman next to him.

The demonic woman had a slight smile on her face, and with her seductive face, her smile was incomparably warm: “Fine, fine, you’re right.”

“That day when we parted from the Valley of the Stuck Immortals, we really thought it was goodbye forever, and then we heard vaguely that you were still alive, but honestly, it was all hearsay and we didn’t take it seriously at all, but we didn’t expect ……” the charming woman gently shook her head and smiled bitterly. “It seems that there are some things, there is really no wind, no waves.”

“We also had to thank the three of you for helping out in the Sleepy Immortal Valley that day, otherwise, hearsay would really be hearsay.” Han Qianqian smiled.

“Oh, what help could we be, under the banner of saving you, in the end we still had to rely on you to save us down, let’s not mention it.” The middle-aged man chuckled softly.

“In any case, since you dared to risk your lives to save Han Qianqian that day, Han Qianqian has remembered you since then, and if we meet in the future, I will be grateful.”

“It is a happy occasion for us to meet today, but we are on different sides, so all Han Qianqian can do is to give his life in exchange for the love he received that day.”

With these words, Han Qianqian glanced at the two men, “Do it, Han Qianqian will not resist in any way.”

That’s right, the middle-aged man was no other than the Palace Master of the so-called Heavenly Demon Palace, Devil Beitian, and the demonic woman was the Palace Master of the Hundred Demon Hall, Emotion Ji.

Han Qianqian had recognised the two of them as soon as he saw them after coming out, hence the reason for this.

“No wonder you surrendered straight away without fighting as soon as you saw us, we both thought there was something fishy about it, but we didn’t expect this.” Mo Bei Tian shook his head with a bitter smile.

Emotional Ji also didn’t say anything, just shook her head helplessly and laughed bitterly.

“Good, since Han Qianqian you have said this, I won’t say any more, where are the generals of the Heavenly Demon Palace?”


In the ranks of the crowd, many of the Heavenly Demon Palace disciples directly raised their arms and shouted.

“Disciples of His Highness the Hundred Demon Palace!” Emotion Ji also shouted in a cold voice.


Another group of elites raised their arms and shouted.

“Listen to my command and put to death!” Devil North Heaven raised his hand in a shout.

“Kill!” Emotional Ji followed close behind, her show arm raised.

Behind them, nearly a thousand disciples held long swords in their hands, ready to strike.

But suddenly ……