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His Destined Path Chapter 3349

Having been in the jianghu for many years, her sensitivity and experience naturally far exceeded that of ordinary people, and even though the sound of these footsteps had been relatively light, Emotional Ji was clear that the number of people on the other side was at least a thousand or more.

Emotional Ji fiercely got up and directly helped the unconscious Xia Wei up, rushing to Han Qianqian and said, “That …… then, why don’t we hurry and leave?”

“Leave? Where are we going?” Han Qianqian laughed, “Cailu City is someone else’s territory, so wherever we go to hide, we will be found sooner or later.”

“I’ve been raising pigs for three days, it’s time to get some exercise, or I’ll become a pig myself.”

With those words, Han Qianqian stood up, patted the weeds on his clothes, followed by a few faint steps, and walked to the door.

And almost at the same time, those footsteps came closer and closer, and along with their full arrival, someone was heard to shout, “Surround this place immediately.”

After that, there was another cacophony of footsteps.

Han Qianqian glanced at Emotional Ji, who was holding Xia Wei, and although she did not speak, her calm smile was rea*suring Emotional Ji that she did not need to be so nervous.

Emotional Ji nodded and helped Xia Wei to stand at the side of the temple.


With a loud bang, the gate outside the temple courtyard, which had wasted countless hours over the years, finally couldn’t withstand the gravity and turned into a few pieces of broken wood and blasted to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, a large group of men rushed in quickly, armed with weapons and clad in armour, and instantly filled the entire small courtyard in front of the temple, surrounding Han Qianqian and the others almost to the point of being overwhelmed.


And almost at the same time, a burst of applause rang out, and a path automatically gave way in the middle of the soldiers as a young man slowly walked in with eight experts.

“I really didn’t expect that Duke Han would find a place like this, wonderful indeed.” The voice rang out, the leader was none other than Zhu Yanshuo, and the eight people behind him, apart from the four experts, there were four other people Han Qianqian did not know. When he saw Han Qianqian, Zhu Yanshuo smiled gently, “Brother Han, we meet again.”

Han Qianqian responded with a smile, “Lord Zhu is the Lord of Cailuo City, so it is easy to find Han?”

Zhu Yanshuo smiled bitterly, “Brother Han has flattered you. Brother Han is a heaven-sent divine being, and his strength is exceptional, so he is truly someone whom I admire in my heart.”

“Zhu thought that you and I should be friends, and not in this situation of incompatibility, but I can’t help it ……”

Speaking of this, Zhu Yanshuo looked like he was shaking his head in pity.

After all, City Lord Zhu has already started that whole, your sister is my sister, your friend is my friend thing.”

Zhu Yanshuo was stunned, and obviously, he understood that Han Qianqian was referring to the matter of his sister and his friend Xia Wei switching faces.

This was also the fundamental reason why Zhu Yanshuo was completely motivated to kill.

With a cold laugh, Zhu Yanshuo opened his mouth, “Sometimes, it may not be a good thing for people to be too smart, to play dumb and get by, in order to enjoy all the glory and wealth.”

Obviously, for Zhu Yanshuo, if Han Qianqian had not bothered with these things at all, and had honestly married his sister and become his son-in-law, he would not have been in such a situation, and would have even enjoyed all the glory and wealth.

But this guy, who had no door in hell, had to barge in.

“Back then, I could hold you, a godly man, very high, and today, I can also make you fall as hard as you can from above. Your heights are all just steps for us to climb upwards.”

“I know that you are very unconvinced now, Han Qianqian. After all, in your perception, since you can strut around and break my four great masters and come and go from my city lord’s residence at will, naturally, you don’t put us in your eyes at all, do you?”

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The more you watch Zhu Yanshuo speak, the more grim he gets, but Han Qianqian just keeps his smile on his face.

Han Qianqian had never put the people of Caili City out of his eyes, otherwise he would have never prepared so much in the past three days.

“Oh, don’t be anxious, after waiting for three days, isn’t this all for the sake of giving you a big gift today?” With those words, he gently clapped his hands.

At once, there was a movement at the back of the crowd, and Ye Shijun, surrounded by senior executives of the two Fu Ye families, slowly walked over from the back ……